Ski-in Luxury Homes Horstman Estates, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

Ski-in luxury homes Horstman Estates, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC, represent the ultimate of owning a luxury house in a world-class ski resort. The location in the Benchlands is private and also convenient to access the Merlin’s Run on Blackcomb Mountain. It is a no-brainer to walk to and from the upper village, where the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is situated. Not a hard decision to venture further to Whistler Village without a second thought of whether you should walk or not.

The development has a wide ski-in trail from Blackcomb Mountain, which all levels of skier or snowboarder could come down. However, there is no direct ski-out access to the slopes from Horstman Estates (unless you climb up the ski-in access trail) so it cannot be called a ski-in/ski-out location. In summary, Horstman Estates is a great ski-in location and should always be considered when you are thinking of buying at this level in Whistler.

The convenient yet private setting, make this location attractive to those who are seeking a ski-in or ski-out home…read this page and decide for yourself. The current owners of these multi-million dollar mansions must be on to something…which is why I have included this location.


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About Ski-in Luxury Homes, Horstman Estates, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

The heading to this section should be called “Having it all at Horstman Estates” where there are several ski-in luxury homes in Horstman Estates, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

This is the location which is ideal for those who want to have easy access to and from the slopes, but also want to be able to walk or bike, to and from the village, with ease. This location is all about privacy and convenience.

There are only a handful of other homes in the Benchlands, located at the north end of Blackcomb Way, so the supply and demand rules apply to any home in Horstman Estates.

The homes have all been built to face west, getting the afternoon and evening sunlight. There is one main entrance, and although the strata plan shows that the developer was astute to add several points of access to Painted Cliff Road, none of these access points are in place. This means that if you are on the upper side of Horstman Lane you are walking to the main entrance to catch the bus or to start your walk to Whistler Village.

If you are on the lower side, you may be fortunate enough to have a back gate leading on to Painted Cliff Road…however, this is not a simple access point, and it does look as though no-one on the lower side of Horstman Lane has made this happen. I would say this bodes well to the home-owners desire to keep Horstman Estates as private a location as possible.  Table of Contents.

Active Listings of Horstman Estates Houses

I would not describe sales in Horstman Estates as rare, but there are only 33 lots, so if a house is listed on the market every 3 years…is that rare? This is the listing of luxury houses in Horstman Estates posted by all Whistler Brokerages.

  • no active listing

Click the link to view Active Listings of Whistler Ski-in/Ski-out Luxury Houses  and other ski-in/ski-out locations featured on this site. All listings are posted by all Whistler Brokerages. What this means for you, is that you don’t need to trawl around the listing realtors to see the house, you can call any Buyer’s Agent and they will be happy to represent you…that includes me. marion@whistlerskiinskiout.com

If you would like a market update on the Whistler Real Estate Market, and in particular, ski-in/ski-out luxury ski homes inWhistler, please click the following link Whistler Real Estate Market UpdateTable of Contents.

Civic Address Map of Ski-in Luxury Homes in Horstman Estates, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

This map of Horstman Estates shows the civic address of each property. This image may be clearer and will be able to be printed off from the following link: Horstman civic address map courtesy of the Resort Municipality of Whistler siteTable of Contents.

Development Site Plan

Site plan of Horstman Estates showing the layout of the development, and the assigned building envelope on each lot.

Horstman lots 1-5 and 26-33
Horstman Estates strata lots 1-5 and 26-33 showing building envelope.
Horstman lots 6-26
Horstman Estate strata lots 6 – 25 showing building envelope.

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Google Map of Ski-in Luxury Homes in Horstman Estates, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

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Photo Gallery of Horstman Estates

I would love to show the exterior photos of the grand homes in Horstman Estates. However, Horstman Estates is a private road, so no Google street view available. Below are a few photos of Horstman Estate Homes which have photos on the internet.

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Rentals in Horstman Estates

Horstman Estates is a residential neighbourhood. It is not zoned for nightly rental. If you wanted to rent out your house on a month-to-month basis, you can do that. There are a select number of rental management companies which market luxury homes for example, Whistler Premier. Some owners on Horstman Lane rent out through Whistler Platinum. If you click the link for Whistler Platinum you will be able to see the nightly rental rates. I would be happy to connect you with the best ones. Table of Contents.

Sales of Luxury Ski Homes in Horstman Estates

Sales of houses in Horstman Estates since January 2014, posted by all Whistler brokerages:

AddressBed/BathHouse Size (sq. ft.) Land Size (sq. ft.) Sold PriceDate SoldListing Broker
4937 Horstman Lane4.5/4.54,10211,8195,795,0002020WREC
4941 Horstman Lane7/5.54,70012,8954,950,0002019E&V
4961 Horstman Lane5/75,0909,0159,000,0002019WREC
4945 Horstman Lane4/3.54,64416,4153,888,0002017WREC
4958 Horstman Lane7/65,42817,136 6,500,0002017Thorn
4949 Horstman Lane3/3.53,99715,6413,700,0002017Sutton
4934 Horstman Lane5/5.54,4954,500,0002015WREC
4953 Horstman Lane7.5/5.54,90814,9543,000,0002013Thorn
4934 Horstman Lane5/4.54,49517,8004,000,0002010Thorn
4917 Horstman Lane4.5/34,20011,4853,100,0002010WREC
4957 Horstman Lane4.5/64,01111,4634,000,0002010Thorn
4922 Horstman Lane4.5/3.52,5357,6253,800,0002008Sutton
4937 Horstman Lane4/4.54,1354,400,0002007WREC
4926 Horstman Lane4/4.53,0008,0703,557,0002007S to S
4918 Horstman Lane5/42,6502,610,0002006Sutton
4965 Horstman Lane4.5/33,0008,1262,400,0002004RE/MAX
4926 Horstman Lane4.5/4.53,0008,0703,300,0002004RE/MAX
4942 Horstman Lane4.5/5.54,06011,6144,209,3782001WREC
4942 Horstman Lane4.5/5.54,06011,6141,900,0002000WREC
4934 Horstman Lane4/4.54,49517,8003,350,0002000RE/MAX
4926 Horstman Lane4.5/4.53,0008,0701,465,0001999WREC
4958 Horstman Lane6/4.55,4002,700,0001999WREC
4918 Horstman Lane5/42,6501,375,0001999WREC
4917 Horstman Lane4.5/34,2001,300,0001999WREC
4941 Horstman Lane5/3.54,4511,325,0001998WREC
4953 Horstman Lane7/55,5002,750,0001998RE/MAX

To view the sales of luxury homes in the other ski-in/ski-out locations in Whistler, view this Luxury Homes Sales Statistics. View the following link if you are interested in a Whistler Market Update.  Table of Contents.

Ski-in Access to Horstman Estates

Horstman ski in access from Blackcomb Mtn
Horstman Ski-in access from Blackcomb Mountain, an overly wide trail so it is easy for all levels to get home.

Horstman Estates has a ski-in trail off Lower Cruiser on Blackcomb Mountain which leads into the designated access to Horstman Estates (see photo above). While there may look like more access points, the terrain has not been specifically cleared for the purpose.

There is no direct access to the slopes from this location, however you do have three main options for accessing the slopes:

  1. Complimentary bus shuttle which runs every 15 mins in winter, and the bus stop is at the entrance to Horstman Estates. This bus shuttle will take you up to the top of Painted Cliff Road where there is a ski-out trail to Merlin’s run.
  2. The same shuttle also goes down to the bus terminus on Blackcomb Way, at the Pan Pacific Lodge, where you can easily have access to both Whistler Mountain Gondola, Whistler Mountain Fitzsimmons quad chair, and the Blackcomb Mountain Excalibur Gondola.
  3. Walk down to the ski access path just above the Greystone Lodge…not a long walk for an adult, but too long for young children. My recommendation would be to get the children on the bus. Table of contents.

Strata Minutes, Fees and Parking in Horstman Estates

I am not permitted to post the strata minutes on this site, as they are not deemed public information. The listing agent is not obliged to order the strata minutes until there is an accepted offer.

Strata Fees

There is a nominal strata fee to cover the cost of snow removal, road insurance, road repair, and minimal landscaping. The strata covers the communal road and clears it of snow. Each owner is responsible the snow removal on their private driveway. This is a bare land strata, the strata is only responsible for the items covered by the strata fee. It is not responsible for anything on your own land.

Strata Parking

Parking is not encouraged on either Horstman Lane or Horstman Place, each house has been built with a number of parking spots which is meant to accommodate you and your visitors. Table of Contents.

Strata plan of Horstman Estates

This is a bare-land strata. Click to view the Registered strata plan VAS2482.  Table of Contents.

Transit to Horstman Estates

Horstman Estates is just off Painted Cliff Road. This is a quiet road as most people who buy in this location park the car the minute they arrive, and use the complimentary bus service. There is a free, village bus service which has a route through the Benchlands running past the entrance to Horstman Estates on the way up Painted Cliff Road, and again on its way down to the village. This service runs about 8 times an hour in winter and just slightly less the rest of the year.  Click this link www.bctransit/whistler and look for route 5, the Whistler Upper Village/Benchlands shuttle.Table of Contents.

Questions About Buying a Luxury Ski-in Home in Horstman Estates?

I am here to help you. Please contact me if you are not already working with a real estate agent.  I recently represented a buyer who purchased on Horstman Lane. In the meantime have a look at the Buying Process page. This is a step by step guide to buying  Whistler real estate. Table of Contents.

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