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Ski-in/Ski-out Luxury Homes in Kadenwood, Whistler, BC

The latest development of ski-in/ski-out luxury homes in Kadenwood, Whistler, BC is now complete. All phases of land were sold, and 80% of the lots have been developed resulting in a a neighbourhood of magnificent luxury ski homes. Kadenwood was strategically positioned 1,000 feet above the Whistler valley floor, there is nothing higher up Whistler Mountain…or on Blackcomb Mountain either. This wide open location provided most lots the opportunity to build estate homes with staggering views to the north and the south.

All the houses in Kadenwood are at least 4,000 sq. ft. and now, at the end of the final phase of development, some of these magnificent homes are over 10,000 sq. ft.

Kadenwood is only a 15 minute drive from Whistler Village. When you are up in Kadenwood you feel as though you are hours away from the hustle of the village, it really is a location above the rest. Another benefit is that when we are being rained upon down in the valley, the snow is falling in Kadenwood.


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About Kadenwood – Videos

I am developing a series of videos Kadenwood. For more videos check out my YouTube Channel, https://www.youtube.com/whistlerskiinskiout. Click on the heading below for my blog post which accompanies each video.

Kadenwood Ski Access Trails 

Kadenwood Strata – well run strata with vision

Street View of Kadenwood Drive – 5 minute drive


Street View of Kadenwood Neighbourhood – 10 minute tour

Kadenwood Gondola – a 5 minute ride to peace 

Site Plan of Kadenwood

This image shows you the basic layout of Kadenwood. When this plan was developed the house sizes shown dictated what the total build was expected to be. Over the course of the last ten years, the Resort Municipality’s council of the day, adapted those rules to give leniency on the basement of the house. Meaning that the foundation size should not be totally included in the plan’s allocated build. The result of this ruling is that the houses which were built 15 years ago look small compared to the huge houses that are being built in 2019…and those “small” houses are 5,000 sq. ft.

Kadenwood map showing ski-in ski-out locations

Kadenwood is a luxury home neighbourhood located with access to the Peak to Creek run on Whistler Mountain. The development is as high up the mountain as any developer was allowed to build. There is no development higher up, although the Taluswood development on the north side of the Dave Murray Downhill looks like a close second. Kadenwood claims to be 1,000 ft above the valley floor. The valley floor is 2,198 ft above sea level. So, Kadenwood is 3,198 ft above sea level.

There are 60 lots in Kadenwood. I have the current Kadenwood site plan with lot numbers, civic address map and Kadenwood strata plan posted on this page (see table of contents). The majority of the lots have a spectacular view. The size of the lots range from 1/3 acre to 1 1/2 acres with buildable square footage ranging from 4,000 sq ft to 7,500 sq ft., although many are larger than 7,500 sq. ft. due to the basement area (below street grade) not being part of the final build size. The building envelope on each lot has been determined. Table of Contents.

Active Listings of Luxury Homes and Land in Kadenwood

Google Map of Kadenwood

Map showing some of the active listings noted above:

Please note, this Google Map is outdated, the satellite passed over when just a few Kadenwood homes had been built. However, it gives an excellent view of the ski-in ski-out trails. Cross reference this map with the Kadenwood site map in the table of contents.Table of contents.

Kadenwood Gondola

The base of the Kadenwood gondola is located beside the Whistler Creek Gondola which is outside First Tracks Lodge. The Kadenwood gondola operates when the lifts on Whistler and/or Blackcomb Mountains operate. Initially the Kadenwood gondola was to operate every day of the year. However, from what I understand, the insurance cost to run the gondola was too high, and if the gondola was added into the Whistler Blackcomb policy the cost would be more affordable. The Kadenwood gondola is designed to service only the owners and guests in Kadenwood, and you are obliged to show a pass to ride the gondola. I doubt that you will have any complaints about the operational hours during ski season and summer. I would wager that not many owners in Kadenwood come to Whistler in the off-season.

The travel time on the Kadenwood gondola is 5 minutes, one way. The gondola can carry 160 people/hour in 4 very nice cabins. Each cabin seats 8 people.Table of Contents.

Kadenwood Site & Civic Address Map

Kadenwood Civic Addresses

Click this link for Kadenwood site plan with lot numbers showing the buildable allowance on each lot.  The Kadenwood site plan with Resort Municipality is on this link Kadenwood Civic Addresses.  Best to cross reference between both of these site plans.Table of Contents.

Map of Whistler Creekside

Map of Creekside Village, Whistler.
Map of Creekside Village, Whistler.

Table of Contents.

Photo Gallery of Kadenwood

Table of Contents.

Photo Gallery of Kadenwood Houses

Revenue and Nightly Rates of Kadenwood Homes

Each lot, therefore each home in Kadenwood is zoned for tourist accommodation, which means the property is zoned to rent out on a nightly basis.  Whistler Platinum advertises a few houses in Kadenwood for nightly rental.  The good news is that they also advertise their nightly rates. When you look at the Whistler Platinum site it is easy to calculate how much revenue could be earned. Click the Whistler Platinum and then at the bottom of their page under Homes and Chalets, click the Kadenwood property of interest, and then you will have access to the nightly rental calendar with the rates.Table of Contents.

Sales of Luxury Homes in Kadenwood

All sales, posted by all Whistler brokerages on Whistler Listing System:

AddressBed/BathHouse size sq. ft. Land Size sq. ft.Date SoldSold PriceListing Broker
2952 High Point Drive 7/6.55,45018,40603-20207,615,000E&V
2939 High Point Drive5/6.55,36015,71502-20206,980,000E&V
2927 Heritage Peaks Trail5/5.54,64515,81209-20196,600,000E&V
2909 Kadenwood Drive6/5.55,10014,20004-20186,500,000E&V
2931 Big Timber Court6/75,00021,95904-20187,575,000Thorn
2970 High Point Drive7/8.56,60020,03802-20189,500,000Thorn
2957 Kadenwood Drive5/4.54,00018,84102-20186,500,000WREC
2927 Ancient Cedars Lane4/5.56,08520,989 11-20177,075,000Thorn
2935 Big Timber Court6/7.57,50021,33808-201710,000,000Thorn
2927 Ancient Cedars Lane4/5.56,08520,989 02-20177,250,000Thorn
2933 Kadenwood Drive5/75,40029,407 11-20165,750,000Sutton
2923 Heritage Peaks Trail5/75,60018,20911-20165,140,785Thorn
2963 High Point Drive5/75,00015,823 07-20166,383,500WREC
2951 High Point Drive5.5/6.55,00020,343 05-20166,800,000WREC
2939 High Point Drive5/6.55,60015,17504-20164,395,000WREC
2927 Heritage Peaks Trail5/64,64615,791 02-20164,750,000Thorn
2952 High Point Drive7/6.55,00018,406 02-20166,200,000Thorn
2972 Kadenwood Drive4/5.55,00015,93009-20143,600,000WREC
2952 High Point Drive7/75,00018,40606-20146,000,000Thorn
2935 Big Timber Court4/65,00021,31311-20135,000,000WREC
2963 High Point Drive5/75,00015,82311-20124,280,000Thorn
2941 Kadenwood Drive4/3.54,00036,16805-20113,600,000RE/MAX
2931 Big Timber Court6/6.55,00021,95911-20105,250,000Thorn
2945 Kadenwood Drive6/7.55,00035,00003-20074,300,000S to S
2951 High Point Drive4/6.55,00020,343 12-20064,900,000WREC
2939 High Point Drive4/65,00015,71512-20064,285,000WREC
2947 High Point Drive5/6.55,00020,12812-20064,870,750WREC
2972 Kadenwood Drive4/5.55,00015,89812-20064,225,000WREC
2931 Big Timber Court6/6.55,00021,95912-20055,600,000S to S
2945 Kadenwood Drive6/7.55,00034,67402-20022,100,000WREC
2931 Big Timber Court6/6.55,00021,95901-20021,600,000WREC

To view the sales in the other ski-in ski-out locations in Whistler, click the following link to view all the ski-in ski-out house sales in Whistler including Kadenwood.

Table of Contents.

Ski-in Ski-out Access To and From Kadenwood

This is a google map of Kadenwood and I have walked these trails to ensure the direction. I also wrote a blog about the Kadenwood ski-in/ski-out trails which may be of interest to you.

Kadenwood map showing ski-in ski-out locations

This is the map which the strata has prepared for all the home owners in Kadenwood. it is essential so thIt really depends where you are in the Kadenwood development whether you are able to ski directly to and from your property. There is a large parking area up at the Kadenwood Gondola station, which requires the car to have a permit to park there. That parking area was developed so that Kadenwood owners could drive to the Gondola and leave the car there during the day, while they enjoy the slopes. I have written a blog post, Ski-in Ski-out Trails in Kadenwood   which should give you an overview.  Of course, you can contact me, Marion Anderson, 604 938 3885 with your questions.Table of Contents.

Strata Fees in Kadenwood

The strata fees in Kadenwood are $800 – 1,300/month in 2018. With 60 lots that is approximately $60,000/year. The majority of this fee goes towards the operation and maintenance of the Kadenwood Gondola, and the Gondola station. It will also cover the operation and maintenance of the ski-in ski-out trails, which is why the Kadenwood strata has their own PistenBully groomer. The strata fees also cover snow removal and any landscaping in the park areas. There is no garbage facility in Kadenwood. Table of Contents.

Strata Parking in Kadenwood

Kadenwood is like most developments in Whistler, your guests need to park on your property. The streets are narrow in Kadenwood, because they are strata roads not municipal roads. This means that there is not room for cars to be parked on the side of the Kadenwood roads, which would lead to a string of cars blocking one lane of traffic. Besides, this parking policy makes the neighbourhood look low-density, which it is. Kadenwood has a predatory parking program, which means that the local towing company can come by and remove any vehicle not legally parked. The towing company cannot enter your property, as that would be trespassing. Unfortunately, most strata areas have this “service”.

There is a large parking lot beside their gondola station, however this is dedicated to the owners in Kadenwood, and you need to have an owner decal to prove you are eligible to park there. No parking is allowed overnight in this gondola parking lot, as it would prevent any snow clearing which would have to be done before the lift opens early in the morning. Table of Contents.

Strata Plan of Kadenwood

Registered strata plan of Kadenwood LMS 4695 showing phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4 of the Kadenwood development.Table of Contents.

Tourist Accommodation Zoning

RTA11 for Residential/Tourist Accommodation explains the zoning for Kadenwood, this information was taken from the zoning and parking bylaw document on the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) website.Table of Contents.

Transit To and From Kadenwood

There is no bus service up to Kadenwood. The road up to Kadenwood starts in the neighbourhood of Bayshores which is south of Whistler Creekside. The road is wide and easy to drive, and has a low speed limit. In winter there is a wall of snow on either side of this mountain road, which makes the road a beautiful drive. I have mentioned the Kadenwood Gondola service (see table of contents) which leaves Whistler’s terrific taxi service for getting you home.  It would probably cost around $25 for a taxi from Whistler Village to Kadenwood…so, in summary there is no problem with transit in Kadenwood, as long as you are in a car/taxi.Table of Contents.

Questions About Buying in Kadenwood?

Considering a purchase in Kadenwood? If you are not working with a realtor, I can help you. That’s what I am here for. In the meantime, have a look at the Buying Process page for a step by step guide to buying Whistler real estate.  Table of Contents.

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