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Luxury Ski Homes on Nordic Drive, Whistler, BC

“There are several luxury ski homes on Nordic Drive, Whistler, BC which would be classified magnificent homes. However, there are only a handful which would be classified as being in a ski-in and or ski-out location. These listings are difficult to spot unless you know the actual location of the house…best to call me with your questions.

“Whistler Road and Wolverine Crescent branch off Nordic Drive. Sometimes a property is listed on one of these streets which would certainly be worthwhile considering. In addition there is a ski-home trail from Taluswood down to Woverine Crescent. Access to the slopes is through Snowridge Crescent.

“At Nature’s Door is at the very top of Nordic Drive, and it offers fractional ownership of 3 and 4 bedroom luxury half-duplexes. The monthly fee is high, but if you use the property regularly the point of diminishing return is not too far into the year. In 2018 there is a full half-duplex for sale, and should you appreciate and understand the value of Fairmont Service you may be interested in this property. Check out the active listing below.” – Marion

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About Nordic Drive Houses

At the top end of Nordic Drive, about 1,000 ft above the Valley floor, there are 5 huge, multi-million dollar houses, and 1 vacant lot. This location offers these homes magnificent views to the south and the Tantalus Range. Each house has an unrestricted view. The houses are either on bare-land strata or just bare-land, with no strata involved.  Table of Contents.

Active Listings

  • no active listings.

Click the following link to view Whistler Ski-in/Ski-out Listings posted by all Whistler Brokerages. Table of Contents.

Civic Address Map

This civic map of the top end of Nordic Drive shows you the 5 houses and 1 vacant lot. This image was taken from the civic address map courtesy of the Resort Municipality of Whistler website.  Table of Contents.

Google Map of Luxury Ski Homes on Nordic Drive, Whistler, BC

Please note, I have used Fairmont’s At Nature’s Door, 2300 Nordic Drive, as a reference point on this Google Map. Table of Contents.

Residential Zoning

The houses on Nordic Drive are typically zoned for residential purposes. That means they are not zoned for nightly rental. This includes At Nature’s Door, a Fairmont run property at 2300 Nordic Drive, Whistler, BC. However, you can rent a residential house out on a month to month rental. Any property on Nordic Drive which is zoned for nightly rental will be noted on the active listing page for that property.  Table of Contents.

Sales of Luxury Ski Homes on Nordic Drive

The house sales on Nordic Drive is too varied to publish on this site. The reason for that is that some locations are more ski-in/ski-out than others. If I post the sales then you won’t know which are ski-in/ski-out and which are not. In addition, not all homes are what we would call luxury homes. My objective is not to confuse you, so if you have any questions, and you are not working with a real estate agent, please call me to discuss. I am here to help you.

If you are interested in looking at Luxury House Sales in Whistler, please click that link.

Ski-in/Ski-out Access

You would be best to look at Google maps and cross reference this with the civic map of the top end of Nordic Drive to see the ski-in/ski-out location. Or, just call me. Google maps is an excellent resource for viewing ski-in/ski-out trails. Table of Contents.

Transit to/from Nordic Drive

There is no bus service up to Taluswood, so you will be depending on your car, or taxi. Taluswood is too high up Whistler Mountain to walk down the mountain or down Nordic Drive to catch the bus. You might do it once, but you  wouldn’t do it regularly. The bus service does run along Eva Lake Road in the Nordic neighbourhood, but it really is too far to walk to from Taluswood.  I have clients who say they could ride a bike up Nordic Drive to Taluswood, and I expect they could…but unless you have recently trained for the Gran Fondo, I would just take a cab or drive. Table of Contents.

Questions About Buying Property in Whistler?

If you are not working with a real estate agent, please contact me at your convenience. Read the Buying Process page for a step by step guide to buying in Nordic, cliI am here to help you.  Table of Contents.

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