August 2021 Whistler Real Estate Market Update: Video

The August 2021 update for the Whistler Real Estate market video update features sales and listings. The number of sales last month compared to the number of listings available for sale resulted in a record sales to active listings ratio. At 54% Whistler has never been in a stronger sellers market than it was last month. Before August 2021 the last time the sales to active listing ratio was over 50% was in March 2021 and before that, October 2016.

August 2021 Sales to Active Listings By Segment

Have a look at the image of the Sales to Active Listings by segment graph below. You can see what has happened in the detached house, the townhome and the condo market in Whistler. The interpretation is that demand has out-stripped the supply which has driven each segment into a strong seller’s market.

Market Forecast 2021

Where does all of this end? I don’t know the answer to that. However, I do know that Buyers are purchasing what is available in all segments. Possibly having realized that what they want is not available, and with every comparable sale, their dream property becomes more expensive. Every time a sale happens the next listing comes to market at a price far greater than the last sale. The result can be detrimental to the mortgage you were approved for and your goal of owning in Whistler.

For more information on Whistler Real Estate sale and listings check out the Market Update page on this site.

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