Does The Strata Have Influence Over A Bare Land Strata Lot?

First of all, let’s answer the question, what is a bare land strata? On the registered bare land strata plan, there will be no buildings shown within the lot lines. In addition, the strata plan, will have the words bare land strata on the plan. Sounds simple, and it is, but remember that to find out you always check the registered strata plan. For example, Kadenwood, Sunridge, Horstman Estates and houses in the Snowridge Crescent development are all bare land stratas. The houses in the Ridge and the Heights at Taluswood, are not. Below is Phase 1 of the Kadenwood strata plan. No buildings shown on this registered bare land strata plan.

image shows a bare land strata

What Influence Does the Strata Have Over My Property?

The buyer purchases a bare land strata lot, and builds a house within the building and zoning guidelines. The owner is responsible for the insurance of the land and building. The strata council has no influence over your lot, or building, as long as the rules have been adhered to. When the strata council is formed a monthly strata fee is collected. This money covers at least the maintenance of the common property road, including snow removal, in addition to lighting and common property landscaping. This type of set-up has worked very well in Whistler real estate.

Difference Between Bare Land and Building Strata Plans

The following definition is courtesy of the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC.

“The Strata Property Act permits either building strata plans or bare land strata plans. The floors, walls and ceilings of the unit define the boundaries of strata lots in a building strata plan, which is the most common form of strata plan. Unless something different is shown on the strata plan, the boundary of a building strata lot is midway between the surface of the structural portion of the wall, floor, or ceiling that faces the strata lot and the surface of the structural portion of the wall, floor or ceiling that faces the other strata lot, the common property or the other parcel of land. In other words, an owner’s strata lot extends to the center of the structural portion of walls, floors and ceilings.

“In a bare land strata development, the boundaries of the strata lot are defined on the horizontal plane by reference to survey markers. In other words, the strata lot is the land. A bare land strata lot appears similar to a lot in a typical single family subdivision; however, the bare land strata lot is part of a strata corporation whereas the lot in a non-strata subdivision is not legally connected to any other lot.”

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