Buying Whistler Real Estate as a Non-Resident of Canada

Every year or so I receive the latest news for non-residents buying in Whistler. It also covers selling a Whistler property. This information is supplied by Don Nisho, of Manning Elliott, Vancouver. It is a must read for any non-resident as the information is valuable to set the tone of what to expect. There is not much to this post, as the information is all linked to the Manning Elliott documents. I have taken the liberty to cross of what does not apply in Whistler. Wait ’til you see the taxes that non-residents pay to buy in Vancouver versus Whistler, yikes!

Non-Residents Buying Nightly Rental Property

Tax Considerations for Non-Resident Individuals Investing in Canadian Rental Real Estate (Rented Nightly). Please click on that link for more details. In essence, it pertains to a non-resident buyer who purchases a property zoned for nightly rental and uses it for nightly rental.

Non-Residents Buying Whistler Real Estate and Renting it Month to Month

The correct term for this document is Canadian Tax for Non-Residents Investing in Canadian Real Estate (Monthly Rental). Please click on that link for the relevant details. The document pertains to those buying a property which is rented out to tenants monthly.

Non-Residents Who Buy A Property Zoned for Nightly Rental But Do Not Rent It Out

This also pertains to residential properties. For example, a non-resident buying a residential propertyTax Considerations for Non-Resident Individuals Investing in Canadian Real Estate (Never Rented). It pertains to a non-resident who buys a Whistler property, which is zoned for nightly rental. However, the buyers decide that they will not rent out the property.

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

Click the following link for more information on the Market Update for Whistler real estate. Statistics courtesy of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!

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