Sleeve and Exclusive Listings of Whistler Real Estate

What is the difference between a sleeve listing and an exclusive listing? These two terms get bandied around quite a bit, and usually with a lot of authority. Let’s explore the difference.

Which Came First the Sleeve Listing or the Exclusive Listing?

There are some owners who want to sell their property; however, they may not want the hassle of preparing the property to list on the MLS. In addition, some property owners just don’t want neighbours, family or friends to know their business. Therefore, telling their realtor to bring an offer covers these bases. The moment the owner mentions this to their realtor, the realtor will refer to this property as his sleeve listing. At this stage no documentation has been signed, it is all verbal. Therefore, the sleeve listing comes before the exclusive listing.

When Does a Sleeve Listing Become an Exclusive Listing?

The BC Government banned dual agency in June 2018; this ban included Whistler. In fact, within the majority of BC, the agent with knowledge of the sleeve listing has two options. Firstly, he can try and find a buyer who is willing to be unrepresented. This is a complex route and one not many experienced agents would now attempt. Secondly, he can contact his trustworthy colleague and inform her of his sleeve listing. This would be done with the hopes or the knowledge that the colleague has buyers who are seriously looking to purchase. Let’s look further at this second option.

Exclusive Listings From the Buyer’s Perspective

Pursuing an exclusive listing arises because a buyer narrows down the location of where they want to own in Whistler. When a client makes this decision, the buyer and their Whistler realtor should take a bow, as it is not easy to get to this stage. By focusing on a ski-in/out niche, I am more than halfway there with my clients. This is where my relationship with other realtors come into play. By representing a ski-in ski-out niche, it is pretty much understood by my colleagues that there is a good chance at all times, I have someone looking for a ski-in ski-out property. In addition, I am constantly asking other agents if they know of any sleeve listings in the ski-in ski-out areas/developments in Whistler.

The Next Step

When I have a client looking for a property that is not listed, a Buyer’s Agency Agreement is the next step to search for a sleeve listing. Please note – another way to refer to a sleeve listing is by calling it an unlisted property. This form covers the purpose of the agreement and the agent’s compensation. More importantly, it is an essential document as it proves that the buyer is seriously looking to purchase Whistler real estate. As a buyer’s agent, I have more clout by telling a realtor that my client has already signed a Buyer’s Agency Agreement and they will cover my compensation. In other words, it speaks volumes about the credibility of the buyer.

Final Step

At this point the buyer’s agent prepares the offer. In the meantime, the other agent has contacted the seller who owns the sleeve listing and tells them that in order to bring in this offer, an Exclusive Listing Agreement (ELA) will need to be signed. Once the ELA has been signed, the Sleeve listing is now an Exclusive Listing and there is a contractual agreement between the owner of the property and the agent who will be representing them.

If you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, and you have any questions, please contact me.

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Kadenwood Drive Ski-in Ski-out Trail Whistler’s Long and Winding Road

kadenwood drive photo

Due to the length and the winding nature of Kadenwood Drive, there are a few options for ski-in ski-out trails. Kadenwood Drive in the neighbourhood of Kadenwood is a continuation of the road which leads up from Bayshores. At the entrance to Kadenwood, the neighbourhood, or bareland strata development begins. That is where our Kadenwood Drive starts. If you are looking for a wealth of information on Kadenwood, please check out the Kadenwood page on this site.


If you have watched any of my videos you will have heard me say that listing agents tout all houses in Kadenwood as being ski-in ski-out. My response to this has been, yes, but some are more ski-in ski-out than others, and the houses on Kadenwood Drive are a perfect example of this.

The video, one in a series that covers all the locations in Kadenwood, showcases the houses which look north over Alta Lake. These homes are fortunate to also view the lights of Whistler. This is a wonderful and interesting view. In addition, these homes have a trail that runs along the back of the houses. This trail is featured in the video.

History of Kadenwood

Kadenwood Drive was one of the first phases of Kadenwood to be developed and as such, a lot of these homes were built by developers. Beautiful homes built to the size allocated by the council of the day in the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Twenty years, and several municipal councils later, much has changed, and not only in the size of the allowable build.

If you are interested in Kadenwood, please give me a call. In the meantime, make sure to check out the Kadenwood page on this site.
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Marion Anderson PREC*

*Personal Real Estate Corporation
Sutton Group – West Coast Realty
#203, 1080 Millar Creek Road, Whistler, BC, V8E 0S7


Under $1000/sq. ft. House Is Priced For A Renovation At 3807 Sunridge Place

Walls of windows allow an abundance of light

Are you ready to renovate in order to get what you want? Still looking for a detached house at a really good price? Then please call me about 3807 Sunridge Place. This is an opportunity for someone looking for a house which is within 15 minutes walking distance to Whistler village. This 6,000 sq. ft. home has lots of potential. Ski-in off Lower Olympic run on Whistler Mountain and end up in Sunridge Place. There are several benefits to this property.

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Buying Whistler Real Estate as a Non-Resident of Canada

view of the streets of kadenwood showing the parking lot and lots of trees

Every year or so I receive the latest news for non-residents buying in Whistler. It also covers selling a Whistler property. This information is supplied by Don Nisho, of Manning Elliott, Vancouver. It is a must read for any non-resident as the information is valuable to set the tone of what to expect. There is not much to this post, as the information is all linked to the Manning Elliott documents. I have taken the liberty to cross of what does not apply in Whistler. Wait ’til you see the taxes that non-residents pay to buy in Vancouver versus Whistler, yikes!

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Map of Ski-In/Ski-Out Luxury Townhomes Close to Whistler Village

At some point in your search, I expect you will consider ski-in ski-out luxury townhomes close to Whistler Village. This is a natural part of searching for a slopeside property in Whistler. However, it can be a disappointing process. The top developments have built the townhouses with no neighbour above or below, plus a garage to store equipment. In essence, these two factors significantly narrow the search. When you add in the third criteria of walk to Whistler Village, we are down to three developments.

Having sold real estate in Whistler since 2005, I understand that three developments are good odds of finding you a property. However, you may need to view other developments just to be sure of your options. That too, can be part of the buying process.

My role is to help you understand your options. Then, we can hone in, on the development that suits you best. I can help you become less disillusioned with your options, because you will fully understand that you cannot own what is not for sale.

Map of Ski-in Ski-out Luxury Townhomes Close Whistler Village

Map showing the location of Luxury townhouses ski in ski out close to whistler village
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