Glacier Drive Video Shows the Distance to Whistler Village

The route and distance from Whistler Village up Glacier Drive to Base 2 is shown on the video below. The drive starts at the entrance to Whistler Village off Highway 99. From there I travel along Village Gate Boulevard to Blackcomb Way and then up Glacier Drive. For those who are considering the purchase of some of the best ski-in ski-out property in Whistler, then you are looking at property with a Glacier Drive address. Pinnacle Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Cedar Hollow and Summit Lane are all accessed via Glacier Drive.

Location to Whistler Village

Whenever I am showing property to buyers, and it doesn’t matter if it is ski-in/ski-out, or not they always ask about proximity to Whistler Village. The reason for this is that Whistler Village is a magnet for those wondering what to do with their day, which makes a lot of sense if the weather is not conducive to the activity that was planned. This is especially true of the winter season when the weather can be stormy.

Access to Village

I don’t recommend walking on Glacier Drive at any time of the year. Unfortunately, it does not have a sidewalk, and it is lined on either side with concrete blocks. Therefore, the snow plow clears the snow off the road up to the edge of, and over the blocks. In addition, the road is very twisty and vehicles hug the side of the road. Therefore, in winter Glacier Drive is for travelling by car or bus but not for walking. When the snow melts I have seen people walking down behind the concrete blocks, but by that time, the snow is melting off the slopes so it is safer to walk down the ski-runs.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, please call me. You may not end up with a ski-in/ski-out property, but it is a great place to start looking.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!

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