Heritage Peaks Trail Ski-in Ski-out Trail

The ski-in ski-out trail which leads to Heritage Peaks Trail in Kadenwood is featured in the video below. At first viewing the ski-in ski-out trail may look very similar to the route shown in the Trails End Lane video. However, there is a section which is very different and as such it was important to give Heritage Peaks Trail buyers their own video. There are six videos in the Kadenwood ski-in ski-out series. In addition, there are other videos about the neighbourhood, the strata, and the road up to Kadenwood. Please check out the Kadenwood page on this site for wonderful information and videos.

Location of Heritage Peaks Trail

Heritage Peaks Trail is a quiet location within the Kadenwood development. Anyone driving into the area of Heritage Peak Trail is because they live in this location. You would not pass through Heritage Peaks Trail to reach another area within Kadenwood. Buying in this location is because of the views, or for the great access to the ski-in ski-out trail.

In my opinion, the proximity to the ski-in ski-out trail would be a very good reason to buy in this location. However, that is based on everyone being as keen on skiing as I am. The other option for family and friends who are beginners, or a bit timid on the slopes, would involve the car. That means that you would be driving to the Kadenwood Gondola Station for download. In that area there is a gentler slope for beginners, leading to the Lower Peak to Creek run. From there is it off down to Creekside Gondola for Upload. It all depends how ski-in ski-out you want the location to be.

Market Update

There are two pages on this site, I would attract your attention to. The first is Active Listings. This page is for those who are truly dedicated to finding a ski-in ski-out property in Whistler. The next page is Market Update page where you can see the monthly market update video report and corresponding statistics. Those statistics are courtesy of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, of which all Whistler realtors are members.

If you need more information on Kadenwood, or any other ski-in ski-out location in Whistler, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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