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Now, just to be clear, when I mention investment in Whistler, I mean Whistler real estate. Whenever I get an email from someone wanting to invest in Whistler, I always lift the phone and ask them,”…what does investment mean to you?” Investment can mean something different to each buyer. The answer to this question will save both the buyer and myself lots of time. It usually minimizes the pain for the buyer, as he will soon know what he is dealing with so he can make his decision, either way.

Having sold real estate in Whistler since 2005, I have realized one fact…the majority of people who end up buying in Whistler do so for lifestyle. Usually, the buyers have been coming to Whistler for a few years. In fact the longer they have been coming to Whistler the more likely the chance they will buy.  For these buyers, if the property turns out to be a great investment it is through capital growth over time. In addition, these buyers may buy for lifestyle but want to option to rent out the property on occasion. This is not the type of buyer I am writing this post about.

This post is directed to the type of buyer who has money to invest in either Whistler, Sun Peaks, Radium, or Vancouver, and he does not care where the investment is. There is no emotion involved here. Everything must look in order on paper. This is the person I am writing this post for. So, if you are that person, please keep reading.

Types of Investment in Whistler

There are three types of non-commercial real estate investments in Whistler:

  • Phase 1-nightly rental;
  • Phase 2-hotel condo nightly rentals;
  • Residential-monthly rentals for staff housing.

Typically the attraction to an investment property, is that you put the minimum deposit down. Then the rental revenue, whether it is from nightly or monthly payments will cover the mortgage. In addition, there is so much revenue (really dreaming big now) that it covers the property taxes, strata fees and Tourism Whistler (TW) fees. For details on TW fees please see the FAQ page on this site,

In summary, none of these options will give you the opportunity to put a minimum deposit down, and then have the property pay for itself.

For those who are not hard core investors and have purchased for lifestyle, I doubt many have been disappointed with the capital gain seen since 2015. Granted, the growth slowed in 2019. One way to measure the growth over the years in Whistler is on the Home Price Index (HPI) graph provided by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV). This graph can be found on the Market Update page on this site.

I can certainly help you decipher the graph and guide you as to which property will provide the better rate of return. However, I cannot work miracles. Call me (604) 938 3885, I am here to help you.
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