June 2021 Whistler Real Estate Market Update

The June 2021 Whistler real estate market update did not see much change from the previous months, which is no surprise. However, the interesting statistic for May was the 18% increase in new listings, yet only 4% increase in sales. The lack of pace with sales keeping up with new listings is of interest, and if you want to explore these statistics further, please click through to the Market Update page on this site.

June 2021 Forecast

In the June 2021 video, I commented on the decrease in townhome sales, and speculated as to the reason. For the last 12 months the frenzied market, and low interest rates have resulted in multiple offer situations. However, that situation is not showing any signs of easing. Unfortunately, even if there is only one other competing bid, the buyer is forced to increase their budget if they want to own a piece of Whistler.


There are three segments in the type of market: 1) detached houses; 2) townhomes; and 3) condominiums. Although there is a a far greater breakdown of statistics on the Market Update page, the following image gives us a snapshot of the market. For more details check out the Market Update page on this site.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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