March 2021 Whistler Real Estate Market Update

The market update for the Whistler real estate market reported in March 2021 relies on the data provided by the awesome people at the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. I really do mean, awesome. The support that member realtors receive really does help us provide a superior service to our clients. I did miss the production deadline for the February update, as life got in the way.

The biggest change from February to March was that the buyers who were planning to purchase a townhome, came to the realization that was not going to happen. Inventory for townhomes in January were at a record low. Therefore those buyers turned their attention to detached houses or condominiums, depending on their budget.

Will the Market Crash?

The Bank of Canada won’t comment on where they think the real estate market is heading. Therefore, if they don’t know, ask yourself how can your realtor know? The best I can say to you is this…where else are you going to put your money at this time?
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