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FAQ Buyers Ask About Whistler Real Estate

The FAQ are some of the frequently asked questions buyers ask when considering the purchase of Whistler ski-in ski-out real estate. Most topics are linked to blog posts and pages on this site, except when it is a direct link to another website.

Legal & Accounting FAQ

Is there Dual Agency in Whistler?

In June 2018, The Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) banned Dual Agency in Whistler. What does this mean for you, the Buyer? Well, it means that the listing agent can only represent the Seller, and a different agent will represent you, the Buyer. Read about Representation and how it affects you in the purchase of Whistler real estate.

Can Non-Residents Buy Whistler Real Estate?

Yes. Read more about the 4 tax considerations for non-resident that must be examined:
1. Rental real estate which is rented nightly
2. Rental real estate which is rented monthly
3. Real estate producing business income
4. Real estate which is never rented.

What are the Nightly Rental Zonings in Whistler?

The zoning for nightly rentals in Whistler fall under the Phase 1 and Tourist Accommodation zoning, in essence you can rent out your property nightly. Phase 2 is also nightly rental zoning, but owner usage is more limited. This is best explained in the blog “What is the difference between Phase 1, Phase 2 and TA Zoning?”

Buying Whistler Real Estate FAQ

Where can I view all the Whistler ski-in ski-out listings for sale?

The active ski-in/ski-out listings from all Whistler brokerages are posted on niche site WhistlerSkiinSkiout.com. Easy to cut through the clutter and view what detached houses, townhomes, and condos are listed for sale.

Buying Whistler Real Estate FAQ
What is the Buying Process Whistler Real Estate. Is there a Buyer’s Guide?
What is Property Transfer Tax and how is it calculated?
What is the difference between an Exclusive and Sleeve Listing?
What is the Location of ski-in/ski-out luxury detached houses?
What is the Location of ski-in/ski-out luxury townhouses/half-duplexes?
What is the Location of ski-in/ski-out townhomes?
What is the Location of ski-in/ski-out condo apartments?
Link to the WhistlerListings.com Website to view all Whistler real estate listings.

General Whistler FAQ

What’s the best way to stay informed on Whistler Happenings?

The Pique Newsmagazine is published each Thursday and if filled with local newsworthy stories and realtor ads. Usually there is one article of interest which is worth reading, however, if you don’t read it you will be out of the loop of what is happing in the Resort. Therefore, every week most locals faithfully read the Pique. It is a great way to stay informed.

How do I stay up to date with Whistler Council Items?

The most convenient way is to sign up for the weekly Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) newsletter. It is a great way to stay current on what is happening at the council level.

FAQ Summary

I add to this page regularly. However, if you have a question about real estate, please contact me directly and I will do my best to answer your question. In the meantime, if you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!