Mountain Biking is Good for Ski-in Ski-out Real Estate

Mountain Biking affect on real estate values in Whistler

I am often asked about Mountain Biking’s affect on real estate values in Whistler. When I started in real estate, a veteran agent said “Marion, real estate is a numbers game. The more people come to Whistler, the higher the chance of them buying.” I was later to find out that he was a mathematician turned realtor. However, his words stuck with me as I sat in the RE/MAX office ready to help any one who walked through the door. When the parking lot at Marketplace was chock-a-block with cars and people, I was pretty much guaranteed an inquiry. It is the same when determining the effect of mountain biking on Whistler. The more popular the sport becomes, the more media is written about the sport, and then there is the TV coverage of riders racing down Whistler Mountain.

By now, I really should not be surprised at the effort the people at Whistler Blackcomb, now Vail Resorts, are putting into attracting summer visitors to our tourist town. If you are looking to buy real estate in Whistler, it really is important to continue to follow, or to quickly catch-up with what is happening with the  proposed Renaissance Project. The replacement of the Wizard Chair and Solar Coaster chair with a ten person gondola is scheduled for spring 2018.

In this article, courtesy of Pique Newsmagazine, the expansion of mountain bike trails on Whistler Mountain at Creekside is reported. Last summer the Creekside Gondola opened for summer uploading for mountain bikers. That must have worked well, because now they are going to build 14 kilometers of new trails just for mountain bikers.

What does the expansion of mountain bike trails mean to owners of ski-in ski-out real estate in Whistler.

Well, it can only mean that the summer revenue which has been sparse, will continue to pick up.  The location of accommodation which is a quick bike ride to the lifts for uploading in Whistler Village, Base of Blackcomb, or Whistler Creekside must surely have the appeal for those who want and can afford the nightly rates. However, bike storage has to be of concern to the guest.

Suspension Bridge coming to the Peak

Did I mention, we are getting a suspension bridge on Whistler Mountain at the Peak? Best read the article, or you may think I am making this stuff up! Please read the complete Pique article on the expansion of the Whistler Mountain bike trails.

If you have any questions about the value of your Whistler ski-in ski-out real estate, please contact me. I am here to help you. I have a page on this site entitled, Investment, which may be of interest to you.

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