Reference from Ms. Rovatti

clappingThis is a copy of a testimonial from one of my clients.  I am happy to provide the contact information so that you can contact Ms. Rovatti for a personal reference.

Marion Anderson 604 938 3885

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Depreciation Report Requirement by BC Government

depreciation_reportStrata Property Act: On December 14, 2011, new requirements came into effect for Depreciation Reports.

All realtors, all the good ones anyway are advising their clients about the merit of buying a property in a strata where there has been a Depreciation Report commissioned.  It used to be that when you bought in a strata you were only concerned about your unit, or strata lot.

Now, with the Depreciation Report, you can see the bigger picture on how the strata has been managed, and what is happening to the other end of the complex.  It is up to the strata council to determine what to do with the report, regarding implementing the report’s findings…another reason to get involved and become an active member of the strata council.

Strata corporations need to obtain depreciation reports every three years
unless they hold an annual ¾ vote to waive the requirement or have four, or
fewer, strata lots.

I think that having a Depreciation Report is an advantage when selling your property.  When the strata is annually voting down commissioning the strata Depreciation Report, it raises a red flag to the buyer.

Click this link for a full  Overview from the BC Government Website.

VIDEO: ride up and down on the Kadenwood Gondola, Whistler, BC

VIDEO of a trip up and down on the Kadenwood Gondola.

I took this video myself and whilst it proves didn’t attend film school, I think it will give you an idea of the ride up and down to Kadenwood from Creekside.

This eight person cabin is just one of the spacious cabins on the Kadenwood Gondola which services the luxury homes in Kadenwood, Whistler, BC. The station is beside the Whistler Creekside Gondola…right next to Dusty’s…now that is convenience!



VIDEO: Location showing how close Painted Cliff is to Cruiser Run on Blackcomb Mtn

Painted CliffThis video will show you just how close the complex of Painted Cliff is to Cruiser run on Blackcomb Mountain.  The ski-in is also the ski-out so therefore, it is on the flat.  You sort of go from skiing on Cruiser and then 5 steps in and you are on a paved, serviced path, so it is very easy for children to navigate this ski-in ski-out.  It is the ease of this ski-in ski-out that really makes Painted Cliff, at 4891 Painted Cliff Road, Whistler, BC,   the preferred choice of many who are looking for a true ski-in ski-out townhouse.

VIDEO: Location of First Tracks Lodge to Whistler Creekside Gondola

First Tracks Lodge


VIDEOHave a look at my amateur video showing how close the First Tracks Lodge is to the Whistler Creekside Gondola.  The Gondola is at the base of Whistler Mountain at Whistler Creekside…hence the name.