SNOWRIDGE Crescent-Whistler Mtn.

Luxury Ski Homes on Snowridge Crescent

“The best part of owning in this neighbourhood has to be the easy ski-in ski-out access off the Dave Murray Downhill. You literally walk across a bridge connecting Snowridge Crescent to the Dave Murray Downhill and point your skis or board in the direction of the Whistler Creekside Gondola.

Buying a multi-million dollar home on Snowridge Crescent is for the dedicated snow-sport family. It is also a private yet convenient location. Private in the sense that there is one road into the development, and that is a strata road, so it is narrow with no parking allowed on the Crescent.

The strata plan for this enclave was registered back in 1988, with lots around the 7,500 sq. ft. It is a cozy development with the focus on the convenient location to Whistler Creekside, and the front row to Whistler Mountain.” – Marion.

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About Snowridge Crescent Houses

This is one of the older neighbourhoods in Whistler. There are only 22 houses in this high-end enclave, and every house is basically ski-in ski-out on Whistler Mountain. Some of the houses are closer to the entrance to the Dave Murray Downhill than others.  There is no doubt that if you are looking for a ski-in ski -out house, in a convenient location, then this neighbourhood must be top of your list.

When Snowridge Crescent was formed there were not nearly the restrictions that were put on later developments.  This means that there is a lovely variety of houses, some renovated, some relatively new, some in original condition.  It is a very quiet neighbourhood and it has a path close-by leading to Creekside. This means you can easily walk down the side of the mountain to Whistler Creekside, and take advantage of the restaurants, bars, shops and grocery store.  The Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler Ski School, and ski shops are also in this area. Return to table of contents.

Active listings of Snowridge houses

Click the following link to view active listings of luxury houses in Whistler posted by all Whistler Brokerages.

  • 6 bed/6 bath, 4,220 sq. ft. $4,990,000. Renovation. 2587 Snowridge Crescent. Listed by Thornhill Real Estate Group.

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Civic address map showing Snowridge Crescent


This civic map of Snowridge Crescent shows the civic address of each property.  Return to table of contents.

Development site plan of Snowridge


This image was part of the developer’s package back in 1988. It shows the location of each house to the bridge over Whistler Creek leading to the Dave Murray Downhill. This image shows the layout of the development, and corresponding lot numbers. Return to table of contents.

Google map of Snowridge Crescent:

Please note, that the marker on the above Google map indicates SL1 on Snowridge Crescent. It is the start of the bare-land strata. This is the simplest way to show you the location of the development. Return to table of contents.

Map of Whistler Creekside

Map of Creekside Village, Whistler.
Map of Creekside Village, Whistler.

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The best I can do for you is to refer you to a local licensed mortgage professional who will assist you. Return to table of contents.

Non-resident of Canada*

It is very simple to buy a property in Whistler when you are a non-resident. I have copied pg 7 of the Buyer’s Guide (see table of contents above) which was supplied by a local law firm, Race & Co., so you can read the section on non-residents. Another excellent resource and more in-depth information is provided onLam Lo Nishio’s website.  They are a chartered accountancy firm in Vancouver. My advice is to open a bank account in Canada as soon as you start thinking about buying a property.  Also, have a lawyer notarize your identification, well in advance of purchasing…I will walk you through this when we connect. Return to table of contents.

Photo gallery of location of Snowridge Crescent on Whistler Mountain and the luxury houses on Snowridge Crescent

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Sales of luxury ski homes

Sales of houses on Snowridge Crescent since recorded on the Whistler Listing System, and posted by all Whistler brokerages:

NumberStreet NameBedroomsBathroomsOriginal PriceDate SoldSold PriceDays on MktListing Broker
2574Snowridge Crescent556,495,0002018-016,350,00038Thorn
2590Snowridge Crescent666,780,0002017-116,500,000155Thorn
2580Snowridge Crescent54.54,490,0002017-033,895,00071Thorn
2578Snowridge Crescent5.54.54,280,0002016-053,250,000149WREC
2572Snowridge Crescent43.54,999,0002015-044,750,000186Thorn
2562Snowridge Crescent64.52,150,0002014-031,765,000111WREC
2589Snowridge Crescent42.51,745,0002013-111,600,00026WREC
2580Snowridge Crescent553,050,0002012-042,600,000163SOTHEBYS
2590Snowridge Crescent65.51,999,0002012-031,850,00049RE/MAX
2586Snowridge Crescent532,195,0002012-032,067,30063RE/MAX
2587Snowridge Crescent442,600,0002012-032,150,000206WREC
2560Snowridge Crescent643,690,0002011-082,500,000461RE/MAX
2593Snowridge Crescent54.52,750,0002010-052,350,000SWCR
2593Snowridge Crescent54.52,750,0002007-082,400,000RE/MAX
2586Snowridge Crescent532,999,0002006-072,600,000S to S
2564Snowridge Crescent566,350,0002005-106,150,000S to S
2574Snowridge Crescent4.553,900,0002001-123,250,000WREC
2585Snowridge Crescent3.53.51,999,0002001-041,600,000RE/MAX
2574Snowridge Crescent4.551,200,0002000-091,200,000WREC
2570Snowridge Crescent541,999,0001999-041,900,000WREC
2593Snowridge Crescent54.51,350,0001999-041,230,000RE/MAX
2590Snowridge Crescent43.51,099,0001999-041,060,000WREC
2568Snowridge Crescent3.53.5788,0001999-01768,000RE/MAX
2586Snowridge Crescent52.51,295,0001998-02990,000WREC

To view the sales for luxury ski homes in other parts of Whistler, click on this link to Luxury Home Sales Statistics page on this site.  For an understanding of the Whistler real estate and in particular ski-in ski-out real estate click the following link for Market Update.

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Ski-in ski-out access

This enclave of houses has a short bridge connecting these homes to the Dave Murray Downhill on Whistler Mountain. Walk over the bridge and you are on the slopes! This route is also a great way for owners to access the village at Creekside at all times of the year.  There is a path which leads down, past Legends and then you are minutes from the grocery store, liquor store, and other shops, restaurants and bars. Return to table of contents.

Strata fees

This is a bare land strata. Which means that the strata council, which is self-managed, looks after the road and the bridge crossing over to the Dave Murray Downhill. There is a nominal strata fee to cover the cost of snow removal and minimal landscaping. Return to table of contents.

Strata minutes

This is a self-managed, bare land strata. This means that there is no professional strata company managing this strata. The owners in the strata manage the strata themselves, and why not! I have sold a couple of properties in this enclave and the strata President has always been prompt to respond to my inquiries.

I am not permitted to post the strata minutes on this site, as they are not deemed public information. The listing agent is not obliged to order the strata minutes until there is an accepted offer. Return to table of contents.

Strata parking

There is not a lot of excess room for cars in this bare-land strata development. However, the large area in the strata seems to serve as a communal parking lot for the owners. Return to table of contents.

Strata plan

Registered strata plan VAS2049. Return to table of contents.

Transit to Snowridge Crescent

The website for the bus service changes every season so check out  The bus stop is close-by on Eva Lake Road, or down by Legends if you decide to walk down the path (Spring through Fall) to Whistler Creekside. The bus will take you to/from Whistler Village. It is route 1 and 2 on the link.  There is not a bus which will take you up into Snowridge, but you really don’t need one as you can walk to the bus stop, or take a taxi. Return to table of contents.



I am here to help you…that is why I created this web-site, so please contact me, Marion Anderson. Return to table of contents.
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