Ski-in Ski-Out Luxury Homes on Sunridge Plateau, Whistler. BC

“Ski-in ski-out luxury homes on Sunridge Plateau, Whistler, BC, have always been in great demand. I believe the reason for this is due to the proximity to Whistler Village. Having sold real estate in Whistler for over 13 years, buyers are looking for two things: ski-in ski-out location, and walk to Whistler Village. Yes, cost/ sq. ft. and value are important, but when you are paying millions of dollars for a luxury house, you really are looking for location.

Unfortunately, not all the houses can be called ski-in ski-out luxury Homes on Sunridge Plateau, Whistler. BC. The reason for this is due to the width of the development. At the very top, and on the north and south side of Sunridge Plateau there  are ski-home trails which come off Lower Olympic Run on Whistler Mountain.

Sunridge Plateau has a great view to the West looking over at Sproatt Mountain and Rainbow Mountain. From the entrance of Sunridge Plateau in the residential neighbourhood of Brio, it is a quick walk, bike or drive to Whistler Village. Access to over 42kms of the Valley Trail network is just across Hwy 99. The location of Sunridge Plateau offers privacy and convenience with lots of daylight as there are few trees blocking the natural light. It is a great choice, and one that every luxury home buyer should consider.”- Marion

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About Sunridge Plateau Houses

Sunridge Plateau is an exclusive neighbourhood of muti-million dollar mansions built above Brio. The appeal of Brio is its close proximity to Whistler Village. It is a relatively short distance, so it appeals to those who like the convenience of being close to the action. The appeal of Sunridge is also its close proximity to the village, but it is more of walk-to and drive-home location.

Sunridge Plateau extends quite far up the mountain, and I would say it starts 400 feet above the valley, and continues up another 300 feet. This means that the views to the west, over the Whistler Golf Course and across to Sproat and Rainbow Mountains are pretty special views. The value of the afternoon sunshine is also a wonderful benefit of this location.

The location is a ski-in neighbourhood which is a very nice feature. Please refer to the table of contents and the click the ski access for a video of the ski-access which could be deemed as ski-in ski-out access.

If you want a luxury home with views, which is located close to the village then Sunridge Plateau is worth considering. This development is in a very private location, and the development is very spread-out. This gives the true impression of a low-density development.

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Active listings of Sunridge Plateau houses

For a market update on the current state of the real estate market in Whistler, please click on the following link Whistler Real Estate Market Update.

Click the following link to view active listings of luxury houses in Sunridge Plateau posted by all Whistler Brokerages.

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Click on this link to view the ski-in ski-out luxury house listings. This link will give you an overview of what is currently on the market. For more listings, please go to This is the site which is the cornerstone for all Whistler Real Estate Agents and their listings. Return to table of contents.

Civic address map of Sunridge Plateau showing street addresses:

Sunridge Civic Address showing street numbers
Sunridge Plateau street map.

This civic map of Sunridge Plateau shows the civic address of each property.   Return to table of contents.

Development site plan

The following shows the lot numbers on the registered strata plan. Please click on the following link for a clearer image and to print off the Sunridge Plateau Site/Strata Plan

Sunridge Strata plan lot numbers

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Google map of Ski-in Ski-out Luxury Homes on Sunridge Plateau, Whistler, BC,

Sunridge Plateau is almost fully built so this Google Map is out of date. However, this map should still give you a sense about the location of the property in Whistler. Return to table of contents.

Photo gallery of Sunridge Plateau and the Millionaire Homes

I have attached the million dollar view shots of Sunridge Plateau. In addition, there are photographs of the exterior of houses in Sunridge Plateau to show you quality of build of your future neighbours!

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Sunridge Plateau is zoned as a residential neighbourhood. You are permitted to rent out your property on a month-to-month basis, but not nightly. There are a few rental management companies who specialize in renting luxury properties, and I can put you in contact with them. Return to table of contents.

Sales of luxury ski homes

Sales of houses in Sunridge Plateau since January 2014, posted by all Whistler brokerages:

NumberStreet NameBedroomsBathroomsOriginal PriceDate SoldSold PriceDays on MktlListing Broker
3832Sunridge Drive5.54.55,995,0002017-075,500,000139WREC
3822Sunridge Drive5.576,499,0002016-116,000,000145WREC
3807Sunridge Place
3851Sunridge Court44.54,499,0002016-083,950,000279Thorn
3828Sunridge Drive676,250,0002015-015,600,000111Thorn
3808Sunridge Place 44.51,775,0002014-061,632,500307Thorn
3816Sunridge Place584,9900002013-023,399,000434Thorn
3803Sunridge Place696,100,0002012-084,400,0001147Thorn
3805Sunridge Place554,890,0002012-013,550,000172Thorn
3823Sunridge Drive54.52,250,0002011-112,000,00033Thorn
3815Sunridge Place56.55,999,0002011-104,475,0008Thorn
3808Sunridge Place44.52,349,0002007-071,819,000RE/MAX
3821Sunridge Drive44.52,490,0002007-062,100,000S to S
3851Sunridge Court4.54.55,900,0002007-035,300,000WREC
3805Sunridge Place556,350,0002006-125,250,000S to S
3823Sunridge Drive43.52,530,0002005-082,530,000WREC
3823Sunridge Drive43.52,490,0002005-082,530,000WREC
3817Sunridge Drive56.54,750,0002005-064,000,000S to S
3815Sunridge Place56.56,900,0002005-055,400,000S to S
3828Sunridge Drive675,700,0002003-055,150,000RE/MAX
3826Sunridge Drive5.595,950,0002003-025,000,000WREC
3825Sunridge Drive33.52,195,0002002-042,050,000RE/MAX
3851Sunridge Court44.5946,0001999-04915,000RE/MAX
3802Sunridge Place66.5650,0001999-01642,500RE/MAX
3828Sunridge Drive67925,0001999-01925,000RE/MAX

To compare the Sunridge Plateau real estate sales with other ski-in ski-out luxury home developments in Whistler, please click on this Luxury Home Sales Statistics link.

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Ski-in access to Sunridge Plateau

Sunridge Plateau Ski in access

There are two designated access points from the ski-slopes into Sunridge Plateau, one at Sunridge Place and Sunridge Drive. It also looks as though those properties at the very top of Sunridge Plateau have a ski-access right to and from their back door. There is dubious ski-out access to Whistler Mountain from most of the Sunridge Plateau properties. Watch my video below and you decide. Be careful, some listing agents claim that all the luxury homes in this neighbourhood are ski-in ski-out…that is incorrect.

My video shows you the access at Sunridge Drive, Sunridge Plateau which leads to the Village run on Whistler Mountain.

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Strata fees

This is a bare-land strata. There is a nominal strata fee to cover the cost of snow removal, road repair and landscaping. Return to table of contents.

Strata minutes

I am not permitted to post the strata minutes on this site, as they are not deemed public information. The listing agent is not obliged to order the strata minutes until there is an accepted offer. Return to table of contents.

Strata parking

There is not a lot of excess room for cars in this bare-land strata development. The road is very narrow so towing is in effect. Make sure the property you are looking at has adequate parking for your needs. Return to table of contents.

Strata plan of Sunridge Plateau

This is a bare land strata. Ownership is Freehold. This plan shows the layout of the strata.Sunridge Strata plan lot numbers

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Transit to Sunridge Plateau

One of the main attractions for any Buyer when considering Sunridge Plateau, is close location to Whistler Village. The bus service runs along Highway 99 but doesn’t go anywhere near Sunridge Plateau. I doubt a taxi would cost more than $10 to take a car-load to the slopes…or back from dining in the village. Return to table of contents.

Questions about Buying in Sunridge Plateau

If you have any questions about buying in Sunridge Plateau, please contact me and I will tell you everything I know about the area. In addition, I will also tell you how Sunridge Plateau compares to other ski-in ski-out locations in Whistler. Happy to help you if you are not already working with a real estate agent.  Return to table of contents.
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