Big Timber Court, Kadenwood Ski-in/Ski-Out Trail

This video on the ski-in/ski-out trail to and from Big Timber Court is the last in this series of Kadenwood videos. No particular reason that it is last, as Big Timber Court was in the first phase of the Kadenwood development. To understand all that this neighbourhood offers, please visit the Kadenwood page on this site.

The Small Enclave Called Big Timber Court

Big Timber Court is a favourite of mine for the following reasons:

  • Only five strata lots;
  • Three strata lots are completely out of sight from anyone travelling up Kadenwood Drive;
  • Unobstructed views as Big Timber Court is on the southern edge of Kadenwood;
  • Three homes are already built, and the other two are lots, yet to be developed;
  • Easy walk to the ski-in trail leading to the Lower Peak to Creek run on Whistler Mountain.

Kadenwood is a wonderful location in Whistler. I spent a lot of time up there last year, and got to appreciate again what a stunning location it is. Anyone who is seeking privacy, solitude or a ski-in/ski-out access to a world class mountain, surely must be considering this area.

Please have a look at the Kadenwood page on this site to understand the area, and if you have time, check out the Ski-in/Ski-out Luxury House Locations page. This page provides a comparison chart to compare the areas where detached houses are available for those looking to easily access Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain.

If you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me. I know I can help you find your Whistler home, whether it is listed or not.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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Kadenwood Drive Ski-in Ski-out Trail Whistler’s Long and Winding Road

kadenwood drive photo

Due to the length and the winding nature of Kadenwood Drive, there are a few options for ski-in ski-out trails. Kadenwood Drive in the neighbourhood of Kadenwood is a continuation of the road which leads up from Bayshores. At the entrance to Kadenwood, the neighbourhood, or bareland strata development begins. That is where our Kadenwood Drive starts. If you are looking for a wealth of information on Kadenwood, please check out the Kadenwood page on this site.


If you have watched any of my videos you will have heard me say that listing agents tout all houses in Kadenwood as being ski-in ski-out. My response to this has been, yes, but some are more ski-in ski-out than others, and the houses on Kadenwood Drive are a perfect example of this.

The video, one in a series that covers all the locations in Kadenwood, showcases the houses which look north over Alta Lake. These homes are fortunate to also view the lights of Whistler. This is a wonderful and interesting view. In addition, these homes have a trail that runs along the back of the houses. This trail is featured in the video.

History of Kadenwood

Kadenwood Drive was one of the first phases of Kadenwood to be developed and as such, a lot of these homes were built by developers. Beautiful homes built to the size allocated by the council of the day in the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Twenty years, and several municipal councils later, much has changed, and not only in the size of the allowable build.

If you are interested in Kadenwood, please give me a call. In the meantime, make sure to check out the Kadenwood page on this site.

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Ski-in Ski-out Trail to the Houses on High Point Drive

Video thumbnail for youtube video high point drive

The houses on High Point Drive have a couple of options for ski-in ski-out trails. One of these trails is featured in my video below. In other words, I feature the trail that better serves the houses which are closer to the Kadenwood Gondola. This is not because of an easy download on colder mornings, but due to the quality of the trails leading to and from High Point Drive. In essence, this location is ideal for all levels of skiers or boarders, especially beginners.

From the video you will see that the trails leading into and out of High Point Drive are of a nice gradient and are wide. In summary, a house on High Point Drive has an excellent ski-in ski-out access.

Luxury Houses on High Point Drive

There are no more vacant lots on High Point Drive. In other words, if you are loved the ski-in ski-out trail for this location, then we need to discuss your options. That is to say, we may need to find you a house which is not listed for sale. Consequently, we would need to talk.

Your Ski-in Ski-out Options within Kadenwood

By understanding your options within Kadenwood, you will come to appreciate that there are many choices for ski-in ski-out access. However, all the ski trails have a different gradient and width, and certainly should be a component when you are deciding upon a house in this location. Have a look at the Kadenwood page on this site.

Another area which may suit your needs is the ski-in ski-out location of Summit Lane which is on the slopes of Blackcomb Mountain. Summit Lane is in the Benchlands of Whistler and as such is within walking distance to Whistler Village. Please call me if you are interested in exploring Summit Lane, and you are not working with a Whistler realtor.

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