Land for Sale at 3818 Sunridge Place

image showing the boundaries of this lot

The photograph above tells the story of land for sale at Sunridge Place, Whistler. However, it doesn’t tell that real estate for sale, walking distance to Whistler Village is rare. Due to the gradient of the land, there is potential for a larger build than one would expect on a 12,000 sq. ft. lot. The listing realtor has quoted a 5,000 sq. ft. build. From the photo gallery below, you can tell that the neighbourhood of Sunridge is something quite special. For more information on this location, please click through to the Sunridge Plateau page on this site.

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Mountain House with Lap Pool At 3824 Sunridge Drive

Few houses in Whistler have the space for a 54 ft. indoor pool, the length of which can actually give you a good workout. 3824 Sunridge Drive offers you that option. There are several other houses for sale in Sunridge right now, but none with a lap pool. 3827 Sunridge Drive has an oversized dip pool, more for family fun than doing laps.

When you own a mountain home like 3824 Sunridge Drive you get to enjoy the ski resort lifestyle that Whistler offers. Off Lower Olympic Run on Whistler Mountain there is a traverse that leads to the north end of Sunridge. From there, a ski-in trail to Sunridge Drive. This house is two houses over from that ski-home access. More on the ski access below.

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Ski-in To Estate Home At 3827 Sunridge Drive

3827 Sunridge Drive Front exterior

The ski-in trail off Whistler Mountain stops next door to this estate home at 3827 Sunridge Drive. Although the listing realtor has used the term “estate home”, I want to be clear, the house is not on an estate lot. Sunridge Plateau has large lots, but nothing near an acre. Should you be looking for a magnificent home in the mountains, then this one is calling your name. If you are looking for an estate lot, there are some, but none which are ski-in ski-out.

Looking at the photo gallery below, it is easy to see that this house was built in a style which one would call traditional. Back in 2002 when this was built, this architectural style was very much in vogue. The use of heavy stone masonry, huge cedar timbers and lots and lots of wood work. Even the kitchen was built to last a lifetime. If you drive around Sunridge you can spot the houses from that era, when quality was king. In summary, Sunridge is a development of very expensive, high quality houses, and as such is an area worth considering.

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Does The Strata Have Influence Over A Bare Land Strata Lot?

First of all, let’s answer the question, what is a bare land strata? On the registered bare land strata plan, there will be no buildings shown within the lot lines. In addition, the strata plan, will have the words bare land strata on the plan. Sounds simple, and it is, but remember that to find out you always check the registered strata plan. For example, Kadenwood, Sunridge, Horstman Estates and houses in the Snowridge Crescent development are all bare land stratas. The houses in the Ridge and the Heights at Taluswood, are not. Below is Phase 1 of the Kadenwood strata plan. No buildings shown on this registered bare land strata plan.

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Sunridge House For Sale Walking Distance to Whistler Village

Slightly separated dining room with amazing mountain views

One way to describe 3855 Sunridge Court is as a timeless, luxury house for sale which is walking distance to Whistler Village. It may not sound it, but this is a rare property indeed. There is a handful of real estate in Whistler which can be described as a luxury, detached home within easy walking distance to the village. All this without crossing the highway. Actually, most of the properties which fit that description are in Sunridge. I chose that description rather than raving on about the magnificent mountain views from every room in the house. When buyers are considering the purchase of a luxury home in Whistler, they are typically expecting a mountain view, although this mountain view is remarkable. In addition, there is an expectation that the property looks as though it is worth the $8.9M price tag. There is no one who would look at these photos and not see what a stunning house this is. My job is to tell you what you don’t see. So let’s talk about location to the village.

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Under $1000/sq. ft. House Is Priced For A Renovation At 3807 Sunridge Place

Walls of windows allow an abundance of light

Are you ready to renovate in order to get what you want? Still looking for a detached house at a really good price? Then please call me about 3807 Sunridge Place. This is an opportunity for someone looking for a house which is within 15 minutes walking distance to Whistler village. This 6,000 sq. ft. home has lots of potential. Ski-in off Lower Olympic run on Whistler Mountain and end up in Sunridge Place. There are several benefits to this property.

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Ski-in To Contemporary and Luxury Living Close To Whistler Village

3800 Sunridge Place floor to ceiling windows which open on to the deck giving a greater space to entertain

Ski-in to 3800 Sunridge Place, a perfect example of the best of Whistler real estate’s contemporary and luxury mountain living. It is also close to Whistler Village. Located at the end of the ski-in trail off Lower Olympic run on Whistler Mountain. 3800 Sunridge Place offers an enviable location which is a private, yet convenient.

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Street View Of Sunridge, Whistler

View of mountains from sunridge whistler

I decided it was time to make a street view of Sunridge video as Google has not flown over Whistler since 2002. The Google Map makes it look like there is still a lot of land available for development. I assure you that Sunridge is almost fully developed. Hopefully, by watching this video you will get a sense of the development. It is a long video, so put the kettle on and get comfy!

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Sunridge Plateau Ski-in Ski-out Access

This video about Whistler’s Sunridge Plateau ski-in ski-out access is essential for anyone considering this neighbourhood. Google has not sent a satellite over Whistler for almost 20 years. Therefore, when you look at my Google Map of Sunridge, it looks underdeveloped. I assure you it is almost fully developed. Keep reading this page for information on a ski-in ski-out lot for sale in Sunridge as of the time of writing this post.

Which Areas in Sunridge Plateau have Ski-in Ski-out Access to Whistler Mountain?

If you are reading this blog prior to watching the video, I will get straight to the point. The only area in Sunridge or Sunridge Plateau as it is also called, is at the very top of the development. On the last stretch just before the road comes to an end there are a few private driveways which veer off Sunridge Drive. These properties are above the traverse that comes off the Olympic Run on Whistler Mountain. This means that those fortunate residents are high enough up to be able to ski or board down toward that traverse. By schussing along they can make their way from their house, back on to Whistler Mountain’s Olympic Run. From there, it is a short schuss down to the Whistler Village Gondola, the Blackcomb Gondola and the Fitzsimmons Chair.

Google Map of Ski Access Trails of Sunridge

In the above video I refer to the Google Map of Sunridge which show the ski-in trails off Whistler Mountain. These trails end at the north end of Sunridge and also at the south end of Sunridge. There are no ski-out trails for those houses on Sunridge Drive or in Sunridge Place because they are too low down to catch the traverse off Whistler Mountain, I mention in my video. Here is a link to the Google Map Ski Access trails into Sunridge, or click on the full screen icon at the right hand side of the grey bar.

Ski-in Ski-Out Vacant Land For Sale in Sunridge

Are looking for a ski-in ski-out, brand new, detached house, which is walking distance to Whistler Village? This may be an opportunity for you. There is a vacant lot at the top of Sunridge. Although it is not listed, I understand that the owner may still be interested in selling. The vacant land was previously listed for $6.9M. Please call me if you are not working with a realtor.
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