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The Lookout, 2500 Taluswood Place, Whistler, B.C.

The Lookout, 2500 Taluswood Place on Whistler Mountain, Whistler, BC, is a row of  five duplex buildings which were built to the highest standards back in 2002. Certainly considered luxury property, the location of the Lookout is the best when compared to the Heights and the Ridge which make up the trio of ski-in/ski-out property in Taluswood.

The Taluswood properties usually sell for less than similar townhouses in the Benchlands, as more buyers prefer close proximity to Whistler Village. Either way, consider the location before you rule it out. This development should be on your list to consider if you are looking for a luxury property.


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About The Lookout

The Lookout is set high up in the alpine landscape with a true ski-in/ski-out location. Because this is a row of properties, each should have a good view, but some are better than others. Vaulted ceilings in living room and high-end wood finish, make this a luxury townhouse. You only one neighbour through the building’s dividing wall, which is as small an area as possible. With as few neighbours as possible, these townhouses are very attractive to those looking for something extra special .

The is a very quiet, almost remote location. There is no bus service to Taluswood, so you will be depending on your car, or taxi, and it is too high up to walk down the mountain or down Nordic Drive. When it comes to views, you might get a beautiful vista to the south, but you may also find yourself surrounded with fir trees and no view. There are a lot of positives about the Taluswood location. It is ideal if you want to get away from the noise and bustle of the Village and people in general. If you want to be in a relaxing, environment where you cannot hear the traffic, and you want an upscale townhouse, then one of these would be a great choice.

The Lookout was the last Taluswood development to be built, and many people feel that it is the best of the three (Heights, Ridge and Lookout). Like the Heights, the townhouses have a high-end finish. Table of Contents.

Active Listings in The Lookout

  • no active listings

To view what is on the market in a Whistler ski-in/ski-out property already featured on this website, please click  Active Ski-in/Ski-out Listings. Please note, these are postings by all Whistler real estate brokerages. You can see more listings at WhistlerListings.com   Table of Contents.

Building Details of The Lookout

Built in 2002, the Lookout is comprised of a row of five luxury duplexes, or ten half-duplexes, each with a magnificent view to the south-west. There are two layouts: a 3 or 4 bedroom floor plan. Each property is zoned for nightly rental.  Each townhouse has a double car garage, and private hot tub. Table of Contents.

Building Floor Plans of The Lookout

Lookout Floor Plans of townhouses with 3 and 4 bedrooms and architectural drawings shows the levels of the buildings. These plans came from the developer’s package. Table of Contents.

Building Site Plan of The Lookout

Lookout siteplan with ski trails

I know this is an awful image. However, this is the only plan I could find  plan I could find which shows the row of duplex buildings. Please note this was taken from the developer’s initial plan which shows six buildings. Only 5 buildings were built. Table of Contents.

Google Map Location of The Lookout, 2500 Taluswood Place on Whistler Mountain, Whistler, BC

Showing location of Lookout on Whistler Mountain and proximity of the ski-lifts at Whistler Creekside:
Please note, the location of the Lookout is incorrect on the above map. I have sent an edit request to Google. The location is the row of 5 duplexes to the right of the current marker. Table of Contents.

Photo Gallery of The Lookout

Table of Contents.

Revenue and Nightly Rates in The Lookout

The Lookout is predominantly a winter rental. I don’t get the sense that a lot of people rent out their Lookout property. There is no reason why anyone would rent in this location in the Summer. The location so far away from the Village or the Valley Trail that unless you own up in Taluswood, it really doesn’t seem to be an attraction for summer vacationers. The Fitzsimmons Creek townhouses are within an easy walking distance to the village are of a similar quality and size, and Montebello is another 3 bedroom rental option. You will make your revenue here during the ski season…as long as you don’t decide that you want to stay at your property when everyone else does.

You can use any rental management company you wish, or you can self-manage your half-duplex. The internet has a lot of great information on nightly rates. Check out Whistler Premier and Whistler Platinum for nightly rental rates. If you want to use a rental portal, check out www.AlluraDirect.com and the other nightly, rental by owner sites.Table of Contents.

Sales in The Lookout since January, 2014

Recent sales in the Lookout  posted by all Whistler brokerages listed below. If you would like to view the sales in the Lookout since 2013, please click on the link for townhouse sales statistics.

If you would like an update on the Whistler real estate market, please click that link.

UnitBed/BathSold PriceDate Sold

Table of Contents.

Ski-in/Ski-out Access to and from The Lookout

Depending on where you live in Taluswood, will determine how close you are to the ski-in/ski out trails.  When you have a look at the Google Map (see table of contents) you should be able to view the ski-in/ski-out trails. The trail off Whistler Mountain services the Lookout and comes in at the first house when you enter the Lookout. This access trail runs parallel to the row of Lookout half-duplexes. The ski-out to the Dave Murray Downhill run is also at the entrance to the Lookout, at the first home. This ski-out trail ends up beside Fairmont’s At Nature’s Door complex. From there is is across the road to the timing flats and off you go! Table of Contents.

Strata Fees in The Lookout

These will include:

  • snow removal
  • landscaping
  • garbage removal from the Lookout garbage station
  • chimney sweeping
  • insurance

Strata Highlights of The Lookout

  • new roof in 2017

Parking in The Lookout

Each half duplex has a double car garage, with additional room to park outside the garage on the pad. There are a few visitor parking spots. Parking is prohibited on the roadway in the Lookout as this is a fire lane. Table of Contents.

Strata Plan of The Lookout

The registered strata plan is the plan which was registered as part of the Disclosure Statement.   Registered strata plan LMS4697Table of Contents..

Transit Bus Service to The Lookout

There is no bus service up to Taluswood, so you will be depending on your car, or taxi. Taluswood is too high up Whistler Mountain to walk down the mountain or down Nordic Drive to catch the bus…you just wouldn’t do it regularly. The bus service does run along Eva Lake Road in the Nordic neighbourhood, but it really is too far to walk to from Taluswood.  I have clients who say they could ride a bike up Nordic Drive to Taluswood, and I expect they could…but unless you have recently trained for the Grande Fondo, I would just take a cab or drive.Table of Contents.

Questions About Buying or Selling in The Lookout?

If you are not already working with a real estate agent, and you have questions about buying in the Lookout at Taluswood, Whistler, please contact me. You may want to see the steps that need to be taken to purchase in the Lookout. Please click Buying Process for step by step detail. Table of Contents.

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Sutton Group – West Coast Realty
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