Trail’s End Lane Ski-in Ski-Out Trail

Video shows you access to Trails End Lane from the ski-in ski-out trail leading into the top of Kadenwood past the houses on Trail’s End Lane then off to Creekside. Kadenwood is positioned as all houses being ski-in ski-out, however, some are more ski-in ski-out than others. This video will help you understand the ski-in ski-out accessibility for the houses on Trail’s End Lane. If you are considering Kadenwood, Whistler, then you should watch all the videos on the Kadenwood page of this site.

Ski Home To Trail

From the video of me skiing this trail, you should notice the width and gradient off the trail. The trails leading in from Lower Peak to Creek on Whistler Mountain are suitable for any level of skier or boarder. With practice, the skier will get up enough speed to get to the top of Kadenwood. From there, the trail is a converted road, so it is a smooth run down to the Piston Bully shed and on to Trails end Lane. However, the part of the trail which could be a concern for any beginner is the path to Creekside. Have a look at the video and you will see what I mean. If you are an intermediate skier or boarder, any part of this trail will be most enjoyable.

Google Map Of Trail’s End Lane

Google last flew over Kadenwood around 1999 when Trail’s End Lane was just a twinkle in the developer’s eye. Looking at the Google map, it is difficult to determine which ski-in ski-out trails will lead your home on Trails End Lane. Telling clients about the ski trails proved to be difficult for me, as I could tell they were not imagining what I was seeing in my mind. That’s why I decided to shoot these Kadenwood videos, to help my clients understand what a wonderful location Kadenwood is. However, certain areas have a better ski-in ski-out access than others, and that is where I can help you. If you are not working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me.

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