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Future Whistler Development for Ski-in Ski-out Property

Are there any approved plans for more Whistler development of ski-in ski-out property? Short answer is no, there are no approved plans, long answer refers to the Official Community Plan (OCP)…spoiler alert, the answer is still no. This OCP was adopted in 1976 and explains the measurement of bed units. Courtesy of the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), the following is their definition of bed units.

Managing Future Growth in Whistler

“A bed unit is a measure of development intended to reflect servicing and facility requirements for one person. The bed unit measurement was introduced in Whistler’s first OCP adopted in 1976. It was a means to manage the future growth of Whistler. A consistent measurement with infrastructure capacity, highway capacity and ski lift capacity. Bed units have become a key reference point for the resort community’s understanding of, and expectations for Whistler’s ultimate size and capacity. 

“The distinction between developed and undeveloped is based on occupancy as of year-end, December 31. Determination of ‘Developed’ is made by the issuance of a ‘Completed’ building permit, which indicates occupancy. Undeveloped units are those that have been committed to by Council (either through rezoning or subdivision applications) but have yet to be constructed or completed.”

Assigned Bed Units

The following is my interpretation. Decades ago, Whistler Resort was developed on paper, with a vision for the future. The development of the OCP was a thorough process, involving the community and council. The RMOW factored in that the infrastructure of Whistler could only cope with so many residents and visitors. The result was the RMOW assigned bed units to each residential and commercial building lot in Whistler. This was documented in the OCP, and termed the “bed cap”. This assured all concerned that there could be no more bed units added into Whistler.

Recently, due to the shortage of housing for the locals who live and work in Whistler, the RMOW created more bed units. However, these units were under the Whistler Housing Authority and were going to be built for the locals who provide services to the tourists.

Challenges to the Bed Cap

The big question has always been, how solid is the OCP bed cap? Over the years, any challenge to the bed cap had always been fiercely argued in the newspaper. The arguments came from both primary and secondary property owners in Whistler. The addition of new development in Whistler for ski-in ski-out real estate, has neither been questioned nor argued, so what you see is what we’ve got.

Vail Resorts Development

A few years ago, Vail Resorts published that they wanted to develop an amusement styled, water park on Blackcomb Mountain. With such a development on Crown Land, Vail Resorts would also be able to request a development permit for real estate from the Federal Government. The main response to this article was from the locals. Their response pertained to housing for the local worker who would operate this attraction. That article was published back in 2017. Since then, I have not heard a peep.

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