Luxury Home Sales Statistics

Whistler Luxury Home Sales Statistics

Whistler luxury home sales statistics is an interesting page. Designed for those who are considering the purchase of a detached house in a ski-in/ski-out location. The sales in each location are listed on this page and provide a wealth of data. For an update and an overview on the Whistler real estate market, including the ski-in/ski-out market, have a look at the Whistler real estate Market Update page. 


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I have separated all the ski-in/ski-out property into three categories: luxury homes, townhouses and condos. Please click on the following links to view the:

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Luxury Ski Home Sales Statistics

The following statistics were pulled directly from the Whistler Listing System (WLS).  WLS is the real estate site where all Whistler real estate agents post their listings.

This report shows you the the number of real buyers who purchased a luxury, detached house which was ski-in/ski-out. The numbers don’t reflect how few ski-in/ski-out homes come on the market each year. In addition, it proves how many real buyers there actually are out there.

$3-3.9M $4-4.9M $5-6.9M $7-7.9M$10M+

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Luxury Home Sales by Location

The Whistler ski-in/ski-out luxury home sales statistics show the sales in the areas which are featured on this website: Kadenwood, Sunridge PlateauHorstman Estates, Snowridge Crescent, Summit Lane, and Taluswood. For a concise version of what these locations have to offer, check out the Ski-in/Ski-out Luxury House Locations page.

Kadenwood Luxury Home Sales 2002-present

AddressBed/BathHouse size (sq.ft.) Land Size (sq.ft.)Date SoldSold PriceListing Broker
2901 Kadenwood Drive7/87,50020,99603-202113,990,000E&V
2924 Big Timber Court5/65,00016,44703-20217,850,000WREC
2919 Ancient Cedars Lane4/5.57,500 35,93701-202115,500,000E&V
2934 Heritage Peaks Trail5/85,365 29,40312-20207,450,000E&V
2919 Heritage Peaks Trail7.5/7.56,20015,29012-20207,550,000E&V
2952 High Point Drive 7/6.55,45018,40603-20207,615,000E&V
2939 High Point Drive5/6.55,36015,71502-20206,980,000E&V
2927 Heritage Peaks Trail5/5.54,64515,81209-20196,600,000E&V
2909 Kadenwood Drive6/5.55,10014,20004-20186,500,000E&V
2931 Big Timber Court6/75,00021,95904-20187,575,000Thorn
2970 High Point Drive7/8.56,60020,03802-20189,500,000Thorn
2957 Kadenwood Drive5/4.54,00018,84102-20186,500,000WREC
2927 Ancient Cedars Lane4/5.56,08520,989 11-20177,075,000Thorn
2935 Big Timber Court6/7.57,50021,33808-201710,000,000Thorn
2927 Ancient Cedars Lane4/5.56,08520,989 02-20177,250,000Thorn
2933 Kadenwood Drive5/75,40029,407 11-20165,750,000Sutton
2923 Heritage Peaks Trail5/75,60018,20911-20165,140,785Thorn
2963 High Point Drive5/75,00015,823 07-20166,383,500WREC
2951 High Point Drive5.5/6.55,00020,343 05-20166,800,000WREC
2939 High Point Drive5/6.55,60015,17504-20164,395,000WREC
2927 Heritage Peaks Trail5/64,64615,791 02-20164,750,000Thorn
2952 High Point Drive7/6.55,00018,406 02-20166,200,000Thorn
2972 Kadenwood Drive4/5.55,00015,93009-20143,600,000WREC
2952 High Point Drive7/75,00018,40606-20146,000,000Thorn
2935 Big Timber Court4/65,00021,31311-20135,000,000WREC
2963 High Point Drive5/75,00015,82311-20124,280,000Thorn
2941 Kadenwood Drive4/3.54,00036,16805-20113,600,000RE/MAX
2931 Big Timber Court6/6.55,00021,95911-20105,250,000Thorn
2945 Kadenwood Drive6/7.55,00035,00003-20074,300,000S to S
2951 High Point Drive4/6.55,00020,343 12-20064,900,000WREC
2939 High Point Drive4/65,00015,71512-20064,285,000WREC
2947 High Point Drive5/6.55,00020,12812-20064,870,750WREC
2972 Kadenwood Drive4/5.55,00015,89812-20064,225,000WREC
2931 Big Timber Court6/6.55,00021,95912-20055,600,000S to S
2945 Kadenwood Drive6/7.55,00034,67402-20022,100,000WREC
2931 Big Timber Court6/6.55,00021,95901-20021,600,000WREC

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Sunridge Plateau Luxury Home Sales 1998-present

AddressBed/BathHouse Size sq. ft. Land Size sq. ft.Sold Price
Date SoldListing Broker
3855 Sunridge Court5/6.55,40022,7137,700,00003-2021E&V
3850 Sunridge Court6/7.505,56510,215 6,800,00010-2020WREC
3807 Sunridge Place5/5.55,94113,1864,900,0002020E&V
3824 Sunridge Drive7/6.57,10512,8317,075,0002020E&V
3828 Sunridge Drive6/97,41519,29011,000,0002019E&V
3832 Sunridge Drive5.5/4.55,00015,263 5,500,0002017WREC
3802 Sunridge Place6/75,3725,5004,408,0002017THORN
3822 Sunridge Drive5.5/76,05010,355 6,000,0002016WREC
3807 Sunridge Place5.5/5.55,00013,186,3,999,9992016WREC
3851 Sunridge Court44.54,70515,468,3,950,0002016THORN
3828 Sunridge Drive6/77,50018,0425,600,0002015THORN
3824 Sunridge Drive7/6.57,09312,8315,100,0002014WREC
3816 Sunridge Place5/85,50011,5853,399,0002013THORN
3803 Sunridge Place6/95,,00012,5044,400,0002012THORN
3805 Sunridge Place5/54,40011,7723,550,0002012THORN
3815 Sunridge Place5/6.55,50010,8154,475,0002011THORN
3851 Sunridge Court4.5/4.54,95015,4655,300,0002007WREC
3827 Sunridge Drive6/7.57,50012,50813,6250002007S to S
3805 Sunridge Place5/54,40012,4765,250,0002006S to S
3817 Sunridge Drive5/6.55,00012,508 4,000,0002005S to S
3815 Sunridge Place5/6.55,50010,8155,400,0002005S to S
3828 Sunridge Drive6/77,50018,0005,150,0002003RE/MAX
3826 Sunridge Drive5.5/95,00013,0245,000,0002003WREC
3825 Sunridge Drive3/3.52,7502,050,0002002RE/MAX
3824 Sunridge Drive5/6.57,07512,8754,800,0002000RE/MAX
3830 Sunridge Drive8/8.55,0009,6624,100,0002000RE/MAX
3807 Sunridge Place5/5.55,60013,180 3,775,0002000RE/MAX
3820 Sunridge Drive4.5/6.5641910,6407,900,0002000RE/MAX
3830 Sunridge Drive8/8.55,0009,6622,400,0001999WREC
3824 Sunridge Drive5/6.57,07512,8753,480,0001999RE/MAX
3851 Sunridge court4/4.54,95015,465915,0001999RE/MAX
3802 Sunridge Place6/6.56,0009,795642,5001999RE/MAX
3828 Sunridge Drive6/77,50018,000925,0001999RE/MAX
3824 Sunridge Drive5/6.57,07512,8752,550,0001998RE/MAX

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Horstman Estates Luxury Home Sales 1998-present

AddressBed/BathHouse Size (sq. ft.) Land Size (sq. ft.) Sold PriceDate SoldListing Broker
4937 Horstman Lane4.5/4.54,10211,8195,795,0002020WREC
4941 Horstman Lane7/5.54,70012,8954,950,0002019E&V
4961 Horstman Lane5/75,0909,0159,000,0002019WREC
4945 Horstman Lane4/3.54,64416,4153,888,0002017WREC
4958 Horstman Lane7/65,42817,136 6,500,0002017Thorn
4949 Horstman Lane3/3.53,99715,6413,700,0002017Sutton
4934 Horstman Lane5/5.54,4954,500,0002015WREC
4953 Horstman Lane7.5/5.54,90814,9543,000,0002013Thorn
4934 Horstman Lane5/4.54,49517,8004,000,0002010Thorn
4917 Horstman Lane4.5/34,20011,4853,100,0002010WREC
4957 Horstman Lane4.5/64,01111,4634,000,0002010Thorn
4922 Horstman Lane4.5/3.52,5357,6253,800,0002008Sutton
4937 Horstman Lane4/4.54,1354,400,0002007WREC
4926 Horstman Lane4/4.53,0008,0703,557,0002007S to S
4918 Horstman Lane5/42,6502,610,0002006Sutton
4965 Horstman Lane4.5/33,0008,1262,400,0002004RE/MAX
4926 Horstman Lane4.5/4.53,0008,0703,300,0002004RE/MAX
4942 Horstman Lane4.5/5.54,06011,6144,209,3782001WREC
4942 Horstman Lane4.5/5.54,06011,6141,900,0002000WREC
4934 Horstman Lane4/4.54,49517,8003,350,0002000RE/MAX
4926 Horstman Lane4.5/4.53,0008,0701,465,0001999WREC
4958 Horstman Lane6/4.55,4002,700,0001999WREC
4918 Horstman Lane5/42,6501,375,0001999WREC
4917 Horstman Lane4.5/34,2001,300,0001999WREC
4941 Horstman Lane5/3.54,4511,325,0001998WREC
4953 Horstman Lane7/55,5002,750,0001998RE/MAX

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Snowridge Crescent Luxury Home Sales Sales 1998-present

AddressBed/BathHouse Size sq. ft.Land Size sq. ft.Sold PriceDate SoldListing Broker
2572 Snowridge Crescent4/3.53,5557,1506,500,0002020Macdonald
2561 Snowridge Crescent4/32,9707,4794,050,0002019E&V
2587 Snowridge Crescent6/64,2206,1715,425,0002019WREC
2574 Snowridge Crescent4.5/53,5205,9526,350,0002018THORN
2580 Snowridge Crescent5/4.52,8167,6513,895,0002017THORN
2590 Snowridge Crescent6/63,53010,583 6,500,0002017THORN
2578 Snowridge Crescent5.5/4.53,4406,547 3,250,0002016WREC
2572 Snowridge Crescent4/3.53,4757,1504,750,0002015THORN
2562 Snowridge Crescent6/4.52,8709,0221,765,0002014WREC
2589 Snowridge Crescent4/2.52,6516,6401,600,0002013WREC
2587 Snowridge Crescent4/43,3796,1712,150,0002012WREC
2586 Snowridge Crescent5/33,0002,067,3002012
2580 Snowridge Crescent5/52,8162,600,0002012SOTHEBYS
2590 Snowridge Crescent6/5.52,94710,5831,850,0002012RE/MAX
2560 Snowridge Crescent6/43,4009,0252,500,0002011RE/MAX
2593 Snowridge Crescent5/4.52,6682,350,0002010Sutton
2593 Snowridge Crescent5/4.52,6687,0972,400,0002007RE/MAX
2586 Snowridge Crescent5/33,0002,600,0002006S to S
2564 Snowridge Crescent5/63,4006,150,0002005S to S
2585 Snowridge Crescent3.5/3.52,5361,600,0002001RE/MAX
2574 Snowridge Crescent4.5/53,3685,9523,250,0002001WREC
2574 Snowridge Crescent4.5/53,3685,9521,200,0002000WREC
2568 Snowridge Crescent3.5/3.52,679768,0001999RE/MAX
2590 Snowridge Crescent4/3.52,9471,060,0001999WREC
2570 Snowridge Crescent5/43,1001,900,0001999WREC
2593 Snowridge Crescent5/4.52,6681,230,0001999RE/MAX
2586 Snowridge Crescent5/2.53,000990,0001998WREC

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Summit Lane Luxury Home Sales 2000-present

AddressBed/BathHouse Size sq. ft.Date soldSold PriceListing Broker
4878202014,300,000Private sale
4828 201411,000,000Private sale
4868 5/5.542972009-017,100,000S to S
4858 4/4.547612000-03,4,000,000WREC

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Taluswood Luxury Home Sales 1999-present

In amongst the townhouses and duplex buildings up in Taluswood there are two detached houses in The Ridge and one in The Heights. With only three houses in total, the data is so minute, therefore there is no table of sales.

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I have represented several buyers in their purchase of a luxury property. Representation has taken place with properties which were listed for sale, and others which were not listed for sale. However, the end result was the same. the title transferred from the seller to the buyer.

I pride myself with representing my clients before, during and after the transaction. You can read more about me on the Marion Anderson page on this site. If you are not working with a real estate agent please call me. I am happy to provide you with client references.

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