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Location of Ski-in Ski-out Townhomes

The location of ski-in ski-out townhome developments in Whistler are best explained on the Google Map below. Then cross reference the map with the corresponding list. Each development is linked to a page full of great information and videos.

Location Key

New Locations for Townhomes

There are no additional ski-in ski-out developments planned, as Whistler is built to capacity for its current infrastructure. With a strong NIMBY component in Whistler, new development outside of the Official Community Plan, is not a reality. This lack of growth has resulted in low supply and high demand.

The Active Ski-in Ski-out Listings page on this site will keep you posted on what is available for sale.


ComplexBuilt# of strata lots# of beds: size sq. ft.
Arrowhead Point1992222 beds: 900 - 1001
3 beds: 1151 - 1216
Mountain Star1998282 beds: 1209 - 1215
2.5 beds: 1196 - 1415
3 beds: 1286 - 1415
3.5 beds: 1350 - 1384
Painted Cliff1993521 bed: 585 - 681
1.5 beds: 640 - 839
2 beds: 905 - 985
3 beds: 1208 - 1350
3.5 beds: 1322

Snowridge Circle1988562 beds: 925 - 1248
2.5 beds: 1164 - 1852
3 beds: 1135 - 1640
4 beds: 1800 - 2651
Stone Ridge1988321.5 beds: 748 - 804
3 beds: 1400 - 1500
3.5 beds: 1447 - 1450

Dual Agency Banned in BC


One question that should be raised, is how will you, the Buyer be protected during and after the transaction. The BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) is the governing body for real estate agents. They require The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (DORTS) form to be reviewed at the beginning of the relationship with that first communication. Please click through to my recent post on Representation to understand how Agency Representation by your real estate agency benefits and protects you.

Next Steps

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