HEIGHTS-Whistler Mtn.

The Heights, 2324 Taluswood Place, Whistler, B.C.

The Heights at 2324 Taluswood Place is located at the top of Nordic Drive. Buyers seem to quickly determine whether, or not they like the location. This is a quiet area which gives the sense of being remote, however you are only 6 minutes away from Whistler Village or Creekside by car. When it comes to views, you might get a beautiful vista to the south, but you may also find yourself surrounded by fir trees.

There are a lot of positives about the Taluswood location.  It is ideal if you want to get away from the noise and bustle of the Village, and people in general.  In addition, if you want an upscale townhouse with a private hot tub, double car garage and spacious decks, then the Heights, the Ridge or the Lookout, would also be a great choice

Table of Contents

  • Active Listings
    • Market update
  • Location
    • Location on Whistler Mountain: video
    • Drive from Whistler Village: video
    • Google map
    • Civic address map
    • Creekside Map
    • Drive To Creekside: video
  • Street View Video
    • Photo gallery
  • Ski-in Ski-out Trails
    • Trail map showing ski-in/out trails
    • Ski-in ski-out trails: video
    • video
  • Sales
    • Comparable Sales
    • Revenue
  • Strata
    • Site plan
    • Floor plans
    • Strata plan
    • Fees
    • Parking
    • Storage
    • Zoning: nightly rental
  • Questions
    • Buying process
    • FAQ
    • Representation

Active Listings

Once a year a half-duplex may be listed for sale in the Heights. Meanwhile, once in a lifetime one of the chalets may be listed for sale. Therefore, it is important to be ready to pounce when the time is right. It is equally important not to get caught up in what you think you want, but come to terms with what is being offered.

  • no active listings

Click the following link to view the Active Ski-in/Ski-out Listings posted by all Whistler brokerages. You will also see everything else posted for Whistler ski-in/ski-out real estate on that page. If there is not a link, best to check out the property on WhistlerListings.com

Market Update

When starting your initial search for Whistler real estate, it is important to understand the current market conditions. If you are not ready to connect with a Whistler realtor and would prefer to do your own homework, I encourage you to study the sales and listing statistics on the Market Update page on this site. The statistics are compiled by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) In addition, the monthly Whistler Real Estate Market Update video is a great way to stay informed in less than 99 seconds.


Located at the top of Nordic Drive, there is no bus service up to Taluswood, so you will be depending on your car, or taxi. In addition, Taluswood is too high up Whistler Mountain to walk down the mountain or down Nordic Drive to catch the bus. You might do it once, but not regularly. The bus service does run along Eva Lake Road in the Nordic neighbourhood, but it really is too far to walk to or from the bus stop.  In addition, there is no sidewalk on Nordic Drive so walking up and down is not recommended, and never in winter.

Location on Whistler Mountain

The following video was recorded from the Creekside Gondola and it shows you the location of the Heights in the Taluswood area.

Drive From Whistler Village

One of the first questions about Taluswood is, how far is it from Whistler Village? In the video below I drive from Whistler Village along the highway to Nordic. Then it is up Nordic Drive to Taluswood. Along the route, the entrance to the Ridge, the Heights and the Lookout are shown.

Google Map

When you look at the Google map below you should be able to view the ski-in ski-out trails. The ski home access trail off Whistler Mountain which services the Heights also services the Lookout as they are in the same area of Taluswood.

Civic Address Map

The civic address map shows you the location of the Heights within Taluswood location in Nordic. However, please note that the map does not show you the topography. Therefore the location of The Heights is above all it’s neighbours, so there is great potential for a mountain vista.

Creekside Map

Although this is an old map of Creekside, it is all we have to work with, and the changes since it was created around 2015 are minimal. The main players are still in this location.

Drive Taluswood to Creekside

Although deemed remote, Taluswood is a 6 minute drive by car to Creekside. Interestingly it takes about the same time to get to Whistler Village. In other words, it would be a personal decision as to whether you drove to Creekside or the Village. Ease of parking at Creekside over the Village might be the deciding factor.

Street View Video

This video was taken in February after a snowfall, thereby making the Heights look extra special.

Photo Gallery

These photographs will hopefully help you get a sense of the style of architecture in the Heights. The backdrop of Whistler Mountain adds to the appeal of the Heights as a slope-side location.

Heights front row with double car garage and snow

Heights road looking north

Heights end looking up to Whistler mountain

Heights back row view of Whistler mtn

Heights back row

Heights ski in trail leading from the heights to Nordic Drive

Heights front row with double car garage and snow

Heights road looking north

Heights end looking up to Whistler mountain

Heights back row view of Whistler mtn

Heights back row

Heights ski in trail leading from the heights to Nordic Drive

Ski-in Ski-out Access

The Heights is not a long development so all properties are within easy walking distance to the ski-in and the ski-out trails.

Trail Map

The Trail Map of the Heights was taken and adapted from the developer’s original package. The red dotted lines are the ski access trails connecting the Heights to and from Whistler Mountain. By looking at the plan and then watching the ski-in ski-out videos you should get a good sense of this lovely, low density development.

Ski-in Ski-out Trails: Video

Make yourself comfortable before you start this video, it is a long one because it is packed with details. The video invites you to move to the start of the ski-out trail portion, reason being that the ski-in trail for the Heights is the same as the Lookout.


The sales of luxury half-duplex/townhomes in the Heights, 2324 Taluswood Place, Whistler. Data was imported from the Whistler Listing System. Days on Market (DOM) has been recorded since 2010.
NumberBedroomsbathroomsSize sq. ft.Sold PriceYear SoldDOMListing Broker
232.518081,608,000201615O of T
1832.518991,545,0002007S to S

Comparable Sales

The sales for other comparable developments are recorded for your convenience on the Luxury Townhouse/Duplex Sales (Sales: Townhouse/Duplex) page on this site. The featured properties are the competitive set. In other words, a buyer would consider any of these developments when looking at similar criteria.


The Heights is predominantly a winter rental. There is less reason to rent in the Heights in summer. However, with the larger layout some families may prefer the location. In addition, the market for mountain biking is ideal for the Heights as riders can bike in and bike out. Another benefit would be the double car garage which would provide secure storage for expensive bikes.

The good news for the Heights is that you can use any rental management company you wish. Another option for you would be to self-manage your townhouse, should you have the motivation.


The Heights was built in 2000 and there are 24 half-duplex/townhouse units, called strata lots, with 3-4 bedrooms. In addition, there are two detached, 3 bedroom and den chalets. Whether you own a detached house or a half-duplex in the Heights you are the proud owner of a double car garage and a private hot tub.

  • private hot tub
  • double car garage
  • one dog or one cat permitted
  • new roof in 2017
  • exterior painted in 2017

Site Plan

The site plan also shows the unit type which corresponds to the floor plans below.

Floor Plans

The site plan and corresponding floor plans were taken from the developer’s package. If you need a version to print off, please click Heights site and floor plans.

Heights-G--floor Plan 4 bedroom

Heights K 3 bedroom floor plan

Heights M 3 bedroom floor plan

Heights O 4 bedroom floor plan

Heights P 3 bedroom floor plan

Heights S 4 bedroom floor plan

Heights-G--floor Plan 4 bedroom

Heights K 3 bedroom floor plan

Heights M 3 bedroom floor plan

Heights O 4 bedroom floor plan

Heights P 3 bedroom floor plan

Heights S 4 bedroom floor plan

Strata Plan

The Heights was built in one phase, view the Registered Strata Plan LMS4379 for more details on the strata.


This is typical of what the strata fees cover in the strata fees include:

  • annual chimney cleaning
  • fire system maintenance
  • garbage/recycle removal
  • common area hydro
  • insurance and appraisal
  • landscape maintenance and irrigation
  • strata road maintenance
  • snow removal – manual and mechanical
  • window cleaning
  • trail grooming-contribution


Each half-duplex/townhouse has a double car garage. Parking on the road is restricted as the roadway is one long fire lane, and cars will be towed. Therefore, a strategy will be needed when guests are invited. In summary, parking is brutal in all developments in Whistler but especially those with no underground parking.


The Heights are zoned for nightly rentals and it is the owners choice whether to rent out, or not.


If you are starting out and want to understand what the process is for buying a property in Whistler, have a look at the Buying Process page on this site. Print off the pages for a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide.


One question that should be raised, is how will you, the Buyer be protected during and after the transaction. The BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) is the governing body for real estate agents. They require The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (DORTS) form to be reviewed at the beginning of the relationship with that first communication. Please click through to my recent post on Representation to understand how Agency Representation by your real estate agency benefits and protects you.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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