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Kadenwood, Kadenwood Drive, Whistler

Kadenwood is an area of luxury detached houses, each with some level of ski-in/ski-out access to Whistler Mountain. Moreover, the development was built at the highest point on Whistler Mountain available for houses, meaning that Kadenwood offers seclusion and privacy. In addition, this privacy is protected as there are two ways to access Kadenwood, one is by car via Kadenwood Drive and the other is by riding the private Kadenwood Gondola. The best part is, this gondola is fun to ride, and it also serves to quickly and conveniently connect Kadenwood residents to the heart of Creekside.

Active Listings of Houses and Land

Many buyers in Whistler who own on the side of Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain, would sell. However, when pressed, they claim “…where would I go?” That comment speaks to the value of a ski-in/ski-out house in Whistler.

exterior back view of 2909 kadenwood drive

2909 Kadenwood Drive

  • 7 bedrooms
  • 6.5 bathrooms
  • House 5,074 sq. ft.
  • Built 2018
  • Land 14,200 sq. ft.
  • $9,695,000 CAD
  • MLS R2817818
  • Listed by Engel & Völkers


2925 Kadenwood Drive ALP

2925 Kadenwood Drive

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 9 bathrooms
  • House 7600 sq. ft.
  • Land 16,800 sq. ft.
  • $18,000,000 CAD
  • MLS 2805206
  • Listed by Rennie & Associates Realty


2947 High Point Drive ALP

2947 High Point Drive

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 6.5 bathrooms
  • House 6,149 sq. ft.
  • Built 2009
  • Land 20,128 sq. ft.
  • $19,500,000 CAD
  • MLS R2806358
  • Listed by Whistler Real Estate Company


2950 Heritage Peaks Trail ALP

2950 Heritage Peaks Trail

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 8 bathrooms
  • House 8,601 sq. ft.
  • Built 2018
  • Land 44,040 sq. ft.
  • $19,699,000 CAD
  • MLS R2840837
  • Listed by Engel & Völkers


Vacant Land:

2926 Kadenwood Drive Lot ALP

2926 Kadenwood Drive

  • Land size 13,677 sq. ft.
  • House build 4,000+ sq. ft.
  • $3,995,000 CAD
  • MLS R2733369
  • Listed by Engel & Völkers


2915 Ancient Cedars Lane ALP

2915 Ancient Cedars Lane

  • Land size 19,994 sq. ft.
  • House build 5000+ sq. ft.
  • $4,980,000 CAD
  • MLS R2857028
  • Listed by Whistler Real Estate Company

If there is no link on the active listing above, please search for the property on WhistlerListings.com. This is the principal website for all Whistler Real Estate Agents and their listings. Click the following link to view any other Active Ski-in/Ski-out Listings of luxury houses. Again, that page features properties listed by all Whistler brokerages so this is the site to check for ski-in/ski-out detached house listings in Whistler.

Market Update

When starting your initial search for Whistler real estate, it is important to understand the current market conditions. I understand that you may not be ready to contact me. In the meantime, I encourage you to study the sales and listing statistics on the Market Update page on this site. The statistics are compiled by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) In addition, the monthly Whistler Real Estate Market Update video is a great way to stay informed in less than 99 seconds.

Location of Kadenwood

Kadenwood was developed back in 2002. At that time, it was marketed as being 1000 feet above the valley floor, the development highest up Whistler Mountain. Whistler is noted as being 670 meters or 2,200 feet above sea level. The result is that Kadenwood starts at 3,200 feet above sea level.

Location of Whistler Mountain Video

I recorded this video in March 2021, hanging the GoPro out of the tiny gondola “window”. I have loved this view for many years and it really does show the secluded location of Kadenwood.

Distance from Whistler Village Video

Kadenwood is in a location you have to be looking for. In other words, you need to know that it is your destination, or you would have a hard time finding it. Kadenwood is located by driving through the residential neighbourhood of Bayshores. From there the route is a scenic mountain road which is a lovely drive in summer and a beautiful drive in the snow.

One of the questions buyers always asks is “How close is Kadenwood to Whistler Village?” To answer that question I recorded a video of me driving from Kadenwood to Whistler Village. Spoiler alert it is 10 minutes by car. It is only a 5-minute drive to the start of Kadenwood Drive. Then, it is another 5-minute drive up to the neighbourhood.

Kadenwood Drive Video

The road up to Kadenwood starts in the neighbourhood of Bayshores which is just south of Creekside. This would be a good time to watch the Kadenwood Drive video and experience the journey up the first stage of the Drive. Kadenwood Drive is a municipal road and is not part of the Kadenwood strata. However, the strata have a contract with the snow-clearing company for Kadenwood Drive.

This means that the Kadenwood strata council have a direct line to the snow-clearing company and has arranged an early visit from the snow plough to clear the only road leading into Kadenwood. If it were left to the municipality, the snow clearing of Kadenwood Drive may not be a top priority over some of the other, more populated neighbourhoods. Driving this road in winter is typically a slow drive but a safe one if you follow the speed limit. It also helps that the snow is cleared from the road around 7 am, as this was a priority.

Google Map of Kadenwood

A word of caution with the Google Map. Google has not passed over since 2019 so what you see on the Google Map below, is not accurate. For ski-in/ski-out trails please scroll further down.

Civic Address Map

The civic map provided by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) shows the civic address of each of the strata lots. However, please remember that this is a municipal map and not the Registered Strata Plan which will show the actual boundary of the development. Also, this map shows you what is around the area, but it is a flat map and does not take into consideration the topography.

Creekside Map

Creekside has a lot of history in Whistler as it was the first location for the village. Since then it has become a secondary village for those who live at the south end of Whistler. The Kadenwood gondola travels between the base of Creekside and Kadenwood, so it is important that you understand all that Creekside offers you.

Kadenwood Gondola Video

The Kadenwood Gondola was a very functional addition to the neighbourhood, not to mention an incredible addition to its marketing strategy. Kadenwood was the first residential area in North America to have its own gondola. I have been asked by some buyers as to what would you use it for. First of all, let’s assume that the residents can already cope with the ski-in/ski-out trails, so that leaves the use of the gondola for going to and from Creekside. Whether a trip to Creekside is to get out of Kadenwood and back to a sense of reality, to pick up groceries, or go to a cafe or restaurant, riding the gondola is a really neat way to get to Creekside within 5 minutes. Also, you can drive to Creekside from Kadenwood, in less than 10 minutes so riding the gondola is not essential.

Street View

The purpose of recording the street view video was to show you the neighbourhood of Kadenwood. The goal was to give you an overview so that you can get your bearings on what street is where. I would suggest you watch the street view video prior to the ski-in/ski-out videos, as this may give you a good overview of the neighbourhood.

There were so many beautiful photographs of Kadenwood that I wanted to share with you. Here are a few of my favourite photographs of this wonderful neighbourhood.

Kadenwood homes in the mountains

Kadenwood views to the west

Kadenwood view from Heritage Peaks Trail

Kadenwood views up Whistler mountain

Kadenwood view up to the Peak of Whistler

Kadenwood Heritage Peaks Trail

Kadenwood wide ski-in trail

Kadenwood homes in the mountains

Kadenwood views to the west

Kadenwood view from Heritage Peaks Trail

Kadenwood views up Whistler mountain

Kadenwood view up to the Peak of Whistler

Kadenwood Heritage Peaks Trail

Kadenwood wide ski-in trail

Ski-in/Ski-out Trails

Ski Trail Map

The trail map below was created to show you the location and direction of the ski-in/ski-out trails. The ski trail cutting through some of the lots is an accurate depiction, but the actual location of the ski trail on each lot is approximate. Therefore, whilst you can rely on this map for the location of the trails and their direction, that is all you should rely on them for. There are other versions of trail maps on the internet, but I guarantee you that the map below is accurate. It may be useful to have this map close by when you watch the ski-in/ski-out videos.

Google Map Ski Trail

In conjunction with the Trail Map above, this will give you a sense of the scope of ski-in ski-out real estate for sale in Kadenwood.

Ski-in Ski-out Trails Video

This video discusses the ski-in/ski-out access trails throughout Kadenwood. I made this video back in 2019 and then in 2020, I filmed the ski-in/ski-out trails for each street in Kadenwood. I have posted all of these videos below, and there is no set order to the videos below it all depends on which area you are interested in.

Trail’s End Lane Ski-in Ski-out Video

The Trail’s End Lane video shows the main route off the Lower Peak to Creek run onto Upper Kadenwood Trail. The residents on Trails End Lane possibly have one of the best ski-in/ski-out locations in Kadenwood. In addition, they are positioned high above any neighbours below them, which means that they have magnificent unobstructed, mountain views to the south and west.

High Point Drive Ski-in Ski-out Video

The ski-in/ski-out trail leading to High Point Drive is shown from Upper Kadenwood Trail, however, you can also come via Lower Kadenwood trail which bypasses the Kadenwood Gondola station. However, apart from the houses located at the top of High Point Drive, you will be walking to all the other homes on High Point Drive.

Heritage Peaks Trail Ski-in Ski-out Video

All of the houses on Heritage Peaks Trail are a short walk to the path which connects this area to the ski-in/ski-out trail. When you can see the entrance to the ski-in/ski-out trail from your front door, that to me is a very short walk. The ski-in/ski-out trail which runs through Kadenwood passes Heritage Peaks Trail before it heads down to Creekside. The advantage of this area is the unobstructed views for most of the lots, and also that nobody is coming into Heritage Peaks Trail unless they live in that area. In essence, the enclave could be called secluded.

Kadenwood Drive Ski-in Ski-out Video

This video shows you the ski-in/ski-out route for the houses at the north end of Kadenwood. These homes have a ski-in/ski-out trail running past the back of their house. In addition, they have a stunning view across Whistler and views of all the neighbouring mountains and lakes. Please note, Kadenwood Drive is a long and winding road. If you are considering a property closer to the south end of Kadenwood, have a look at the Heritage Peaks Trail video (above). In that video, the access point to the ski-in/ski-out trail is noted. The trail is next to the bridge on Kadenwood Drive which would be your best access point.

Ancient Cedars Lane Ski-in Ski-out Video

You may start off this video by recognizing the route through Trail’s End Lane, but that is where the similarity ends. The ski-out trail leading home to the houses on Ancient Cedars Lane is a sweet path to ski as your last run of the day. Starting off your day from any house on Ancient Cedars Lane, it is a short walk to the ski trail leading down to Kadenwood Drive. In addition, that trail is also a lovely gradient making it an enjoyable run for everyone to start their day. At the end of that trail, it is a walk across the road and then click into your skis or strap on the board and it’s off to Creekside and upload on the Creekside Gondola. In summary, the ski-in/ski-out access for Ancient Cedars Lane is top-notch.


Scroll horizontally to view and sort the data: To sort by year sold, click on that heading for a chronological setting. To view the sold price, swipe to the left.

Sales of luxury detached houses and vacant land in Kadenwood, Whistler. Data was imported from the Whistler Listing System. Days on Market (DOM) has been recorded since 2010.
sq. ft.
sq. ft.
2946Heritage Peaks Trail45,5204,740,1582023236WREC
2984Trail's End Lane67.5750048,43717,250,0002022149E&V
2901Kadenwood Drive78750020,98912,650,000202132E&V
2915Heritage Peaks Trail43,8082,850,00020210FSBO
2919Ancient Cedars Lane45.5750035,95115,500,000202136E&V
2923Heritage Peaks Trail56.5561318,1918,690,0002021338WREC
2924Big Timber Court56500016,4687,850,0002021126WREC
2946Heritage Peaks Trail45,5304,300,000202131WREC
2980Trail's End Lane5.56737547,89814,475,000202133E&V
2905Kadenwood Drive13,8852,350,0002020276WREC
2913Kadenwood Drive66.5584516,8998,400,000202081WREC
2919Heritage Peaks Trail7.57.5620015,2847,550,0002020116E&V
2928Big Timber Court27,8782,690,000202049E&V
2929Kadenwood Drive66.5585517,33011,250,0002020201WREC
2932Ancient Cedars Lane79632617,6529,322,932202096WREC
2934Heritage Peaks Trail58536529,3857,450,0002020211E&V
2939High Point Drive56.5536015,7156,980,000202012E&V
2952High Point Drive76.5545018,4067,615,000202068E&V
2927Heritage Peaks Trail55.5464515,8236,600,0002019206E&V
2909Kadenwood Drive65.5510014,2086,500,0002018E&V
2931Big Timber Court67500021,9587,575,0002018442Thorn
2957Kadenwood Drive54.5400018,8366,500,0002018136WREC
2970High Point Drive78.5660020,0209,500,000201877Thorn
2905Kadenwood Drive13,8851,495,00020179SWCR
2926Kadenwood Drive13,9932,000,00020170WREC
2927Ancient Cedars Lane45.5608520,9897,250,0002017289Thorn
2927Ancient Cedars Lane45.5608520,9897,075,0002017169Thorn
2932Ancient Cedars Lane17,6521,980,0002017147WREC
2935Big Timber Court67.5750021,33810,000,00020170Thorn
2938Heritage Peaks Trail18,6212,120,000201765Thorn
2946Heritage Peaks Trail45,5302,300,0002017413WREC
2974High Point Drive29,3852,650,0002017230Thorn
2978High Point Drive29,2773,200,00020177WREC
2986High Point Drive29,9233,800,0002017104RE/MAX
2905Kadenwood Drive13,8851,065,000201637WREC
2909Kadenwood Drive14,2081,125,000201637WREC
2919Heritage Peaks Trail15,2841,150,00020161Thorn
2923Heritage Peaks Trail57560018,1915,140,7852016692Thorn
2927Heritage Peaks Trail56464615,8234,750,000201669Thorn
2928Big Timber Court27,8781,550,000201611RE/MAX
2932Ancient Cedars Lane17,6521,875,0002016203Thorn
2933Kadenwood Drive57540029,3855,750,0002016175SWCR
2938Heritage Peaks Trail18,6211,690,000201642Thorn
2939High Point Drive56.5560015,1754,395,0002016118WREC
2950Heritage Peaks Trail44,0231,450,00020163Thorn
2951High Point Drive5.56.5500020,3436,800,00020161736WREC
2952High Point Drive76.5500018,4066,200,000201652Thorn
2961Kadenwood Drive29,7083,050,0002016128Thorn
2963High Point Drive57500015,8236,383,500201621WREC
2964Kadenwood Drive12,0551,375,000201645WREC
2968Kadenwood Drive15,6071,100,0002016136WREC
2976Kadenwood Drive32,2912,750,0002016117Thorn
2978High Point Drive29,2771,925,00020165WREC
2982High Point Drive29,9232,895,0002016357WREC
2986High Point Drive29,9232,995,000201672WREC
2989Trail's End Lane27,4472,900,00020161042Thorn
2925Kadenwood Drive16,899945,0002015661WREC
2934Heritage Peaks Trail29,3851,250,0002015857Thorn
2970High Point Drive20,0201,350,0002015843Thorn
2974High Point Drive29,3852,200,000201546Thorn
2984Trail's End Lane48,4372,000,0002015776Thorn
2986High Point Drive29,9232,150,0002015366WREC
2952High Point Drive77500018,4066,000,0002014227Thorn
2972Kadenwood Drive45.5500015,9303,600,0002014327WREC
2988Trail's End Lane56,8322,000,0002014450Thorn
2928Big Timber Court27,8781,100,0002013252SWCR
2935Big Timber Court46500021,3135,000,0002013344WREC
2942Heritage Peaks Trail34,0131,400,0002013160Thorn
2978High Point Drive29,2772,500,000201343Thorn
2980Trail's End Lane47,8981,761,905201319Thorn
2923Heritage Peaks Trail18,1911,000,00020122WREC
2946Heritage Peaks Trail45,5301,645,625201253WREC
2963High Point Drive57500015,8234,280,0002012310Thorn
2968Kadenwood Drive15,6071,175,0002012139WREC
2931Ancient Cedars Lane17,6521,000,00020111FSBO
2937Kadenwood Drive61,3531,600,000201114FSBO
2941Kadenwood Drive43.5400036,1663,600,0002011917RE/MAX
2943High Point Drive27,9862,200,0002011260WREC
2964Kadenwood Drive12,0551,065,0002011134WREC
2982High Point Drive29,9232,207,94420114FSBO
2917Kadenwood Drive15,930650,0002010749Thorn
2931Big Timber Court66.5500021,9585,250,0002010879Thorn
2949Kadenwood Drive18,2981,155,5002010179PLAY
2953Kadenwood Drive16,1461,269,5002010148PLAY
2957Kadenwood Drive18,836885,0002010WREC
2915Ancient Cedars Lane20,0201,298,5002009Thorn
2927Ancient Cedars Lane20,9891,675,0002008PLAY
2929Kadenwood Drive17,3301,750,0002008WREC
2932Ancient Cedars Lane17,6521,550,0002008PLAY
2915Ancient Cedars Lane20,0201,525,0002007WREC
2919Ancient Cedars Lane35,9512,300,0002007WREC
2923Ancient Cedars Lane20,1281,750,0002007WREC
2943High Point Drive27,9862,275,0002007WREC
2945Kadenwood Drive67.5500034,9824,300,0002007S to S
2917Kadenwood Drive15,9301,350,0002006S to S
2939High Point Drive46500015,7154,285,0002006WREC
2947High Point Drive56.5500020,1284,870,7502006WREC
2951High Point Drive46.5500020,3434,900,0002006WREC
2972Kadenwood Drive45.5500015,9304,225,0002006WREC
2928Big Timber Court27,8782,250,0002005S to S
2931Big Timber Court66.5500021,9585,600,0002005S to S
2935High Point Drive23,0352,400,0002004WREC
2955High Pointe Drive12,7011,850,0002004WREC
2959High Point Drive12,4861,750,0002004WREC
2967High Point Drive20,1282,050,0002004WREC
2976Kadenwood Drive32,2912,250,0002004WREC
2925Kadenwood Drive16,8991,650,0002002WREC
2928Big Timber Court27,8782,550,0002002WREC
2931Big Timber Court66.5500021,9581,600,0002002WREC
2933Kadenwood Drive29,3852,100,0002002WREC
2935Big Timber Court21,3132,000,0002002WREC
2937Kadenwood Drive61,3532,900,0002002WREC
2941Kadenwood Drive36,1661,700,0002002WREC
2945Kadenwood Drive67.5500034,9822,100,0002002WREC
2949Kadenwood Drive18,2981,650,0002002WREC
2953Kadenwood Drive16,1461,950,0002002WREC
2905Kadenwood Drive13,8851,000,0002001WREC
2909Kadenwood Drive14,2081,000,0002001WREC
2913Kadenwood Drive16,8991,350,0002001WREC
2917Kadenwood Drive15,9301,550,0002001WREC
2924Big Timber Court16,4681,600,0002001WREC
2926Kadenwood Drive13,9931,450,0002001WREC
2929Kadenwood Drive17,3301,650,0002001WREC
2935Big Timber Court21,3131,700,0002001WREC
2957Kadenwood Drive18,8361,750,0002001WREC
2961Kadenwood Drive29,7082,700,0002001WREC

Comparable Sales

To view the sales of luxury homes in the other ski-in/ski-out locations in Whistler, click through to the Luxury House Sales (Sales: Houses). Please note, there are only five locations in Whistler that offer a detached house with ski-in/ski-out access to either Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain. All five locations are featured on this site.


A 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. brand new, or new-ish, house in Kadenwood marketed as ski-in ski-out has the potential to earn significant revenue. There are companies that specialize in renting and managing this type of property. Some property management companies publish the nightly rate for such a property. Other companies keep all this as part of an overall package. Either way, there is a demand for a Kadenwood rental.


Kadenwood is a bare land strata development with 60 strata lots. In essence, this means that what happens on your lot is your full responsibility. However, the common area within the strata boundary includes roads, ski-in/ski-out trails, green space and the Kadenwood Gondola. In summary, the maintenance and operation of the private gondola, the grooming of the ski-in/ski-out trails, and snow clearing of the full length of Kadenwood Drive are the joint responsibility of the owners of said 60 strata lots.

The strata corporation has an agreement with the Resort Municipality of Whistler, who “own” Kadenwood Drive from Bayshores up to the Kadenwood development.
In essence, this agreement allows the strata corporation to hire its own snow-clearing company to clear the roads. The agreement specifies that the road must be cleared early in the morning. This was a great decision because it does not leave residents at the mercy of the municipal snow-clearing efforts.

Site Plan

Simplified version below:

Developer’s Site Plan

The site plan below shows the original developer’s site plan. This is a good plan to see the size of the houses allowed on each lot. Since 2010, the date on this plan, a developer joined the local council and explained to the council that by ignoring all the basement space, in houses throughout Whistler, they were missing out on extra tax dollars from this space. With houses built on a gradient, there is always foundation/basement space. The council then passed a ruling or bylaw about houses being able to develop below street level space and add it to the sq. ft. which was already determined for the lot. Therefore, the sizes you see on this plan may be a minimum. Some Kadenwood homes add on 500 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. of additional space to add to the size.

For those considering the purchase of the few remaining lots in Kadenwood, the architect would calculate this additional space for your house. For those considering the purchase of a house in Kadenwood, the below street-grade space will have been documented on the architectural plans and a copy of those will be on file at the RMOW.

Size of Build

The image below was from the original developer’s package. To determine the minimum size of the build permitted, jump to the table below. Cross-reference the house size on each strata lot with the key to the build size on the right. You are looking for a brown, blue or yellow house shape. The strata lot size table below has the minimum size of the build.

The size of the build permitted on each lot has increased since 2010. This increase was the result of the RMOW council of the day deciding that in order to legalize the basement, or foundation area used as a basement, anything below street grade did have a value to the build. The benefit to the owner is that the build size on this developer’s plan can be increased. The benefit to the RMOW is that more tax is collected each year due to the increase in house size.

Strata Lot/House Size

This table should help you check the strata lot number against the civic address and also to see the size of the lot as registered on the strata plan below.

Scroll horizontally to view and sort the data: To sort by acres, click on that heading for a numerical setting. To view more data, swipe to the left.

Table of Kadenwood strata lots each with their civic address and size as per the strata plan. Plus the minimum build permitted on each strata lot. The build information was taken from the developer's plan. It does not include the below-grade basement allowance.
NumberStreetStrata Lot Minimum House Size/BuildSq. Ft.AcresHectares
2905Kadenwood Drive1400013,8850.3190.129
2909Kadenwood Drive2400014,2080.3260.132
2913Kadenwood Drive3500016,8990.3880.157
2935Big Timber Court45000
2917Kadenwood Drive55000
2931Big Timber Court6500021,9580.5040.204
2928Big Timber Court7750027,8780.6400.259
2924Big Timber Court8500016,4680.3780.153
2926Kadenwood Drive9400013,9930.3210.130
2925Kadenwood Drive10400016,8990.3880.157
2929Kadenwood Drive11400017,3300.3980.161
2933Kadenwood Drive12500029,3850.6750.273
2937Kadenwood Drive13750061,3531.4080.570
2941Kadenwood Drive14400036,1660.8300.336
2945Kadenwood Drive15500034,9820.8030.325
2949Kadenwood Drive16400018,2980.4200.170
2953Kadenwood Drive17500016,1460.3710.150
2957Kadenwood Drive18400018,8360.4320.175
2961Kadenwood Drive19750029,7080.6820.276
2967High Point Drive20500020,1280.4620.187
2963High Point Drive21500015,8230.3630.147
2959High Point Drive22400012,4860.2870.116
2955High Point Drive23400012,7010.2920.118
2951High Point Drive24500020,3430.4670.189
2947High Point Drive25500020,1280.4620.187
2943High Point Drive26750027,9860.6420.260
2939High Point Drive27500015,7150.3610.146
2935High Point Drive28500023,0340.5290.214
2931Ancient Cedars Lane29500017,6520.4050.164
2927Ancient Cedars Lane30500020,9890.4820.195
2923Ancient Cedars Lane31500020,1280.4620.187
2919Ancient Cedars Lane32750035,9510.8250.334
2915Ancient Cedars Lane33500020,0200.4600.186
2932Ancient Cedars Lane34500017,6520.4050.164
2934Ancient Cedars Lane35500016,0380.3680.149
2952High Point Drive36500018,4060.4230.171
2964Kadenwood Drive37400012,0550.2770.112
2968Kadenwood Drive38500015,6070.3580.145
2972Kadenwood Drive39500015,9300.3660.148
2976Kadenwood Drive40750032,2910.7410.300
2930Heritage Peaks Trail41750031,1070.7140.289
2934Heritage Peaks Trail42500029,3850.6750.273
2938Heritage Peaks Trail43500018,6210.4270.173
2942Heritage Peaks Trail44750034,0130.7810.316
2946Heritage Peaks Trail45750045,5301.0450.423
2950Heritage Peaks Trail46750044,0231.0110.409
2915Heritage Peaks Trail47750043,8081.0060.407
2919Heritage Peaks Trail48500015,2840.3510.142
2923Heritage Peaks Trail49500018,1910.4180.169
2927Heritage Peaks Trail50500015,8230.3630.147
2901Heritage Peaks Trail51500020,9890.4820.195
2980Trails End Lane52500047,8981.1000.445
2984Trails End Lane53750048,4371.1120.450
2988Trails End Lane54750056,8321.3050.528
2989Trails End Lane55750027,4470.6300.255
2986High Point Drive56750029,9230.6870.278
2982High Point Drive57750029,9230.6870.278
2978High Point Drive58750029,2770.6720.272
2974High Point Drive59750029,3850.6750.273
2970High Point Drive60500020,0200.4600.186

Strata Plan

Kadenwood was developed in four phases. The Registered Strata Plan LMS4695 shows the development in each phase. Keep in mind, that the four phases are not as relevant now as all the lots were sold by the developer. By 2022 only 20% of the lots remain as vacant land, and each lot is privately owned.


The operation of the Kadenwood Gondola is the biggest expense for the strata lot owners. the strata fees include:

  • operation and maintenance of the Kadenwood Gondola
  • grooming of ski-in/ski-out trails
  • snow removal
  • landscaping
  • common area hydro
  • insurance


The strata roads created within the development are narrow, they are not the width of municipal roads. That means there is no room for cars to be parked on the side of Kadenwood roads. However, with new house construction, the tradespeople have about 20 cars per house, and these do line the streets, during construction hours. Keeping the streets cleared of excess cars does make the neighbourhood look low-density, which it is, plus the roads must be clear so that the snowplough can do its job at 6 am.

There is a large parking lot near the gondola station, which is dedicated to the residents of Kadenwood who have to display a parking decal. There is no overnight parking in this gondola parking lot, as this would prevent early snow clearing. The parking lot needs to be cleared of snow before the lift opens around 8 am. The predatory towing company patrols Kadenwood at will, and they will tow any car without the proper pass.

Zoning for Nightly Rentals

All houses in Kadenwood have zoning to allow for nightly rentals. However, not all owners in Kadenwood participate in nightly rentals, most prefer to keep their property as a residence. Any experienced, rental management company will closely monitor your guests to ensure that everything is in order before, during and after the rental. For more information, the zoning for Kadenwood is explained in the RTA11 for Residential/Tourist Accommodation, provided by the Resort Municipality of Whistler.



Does every house in Kadenwood have access to a ski-in ski-out trail?

Yes. But, some houses are closer to the ski-in and the ski-out trails than others.

Are all the Kadenwood ski-in and ski-out trails the same gradient?

No. Each trail is different in width and gradient.

Are the Kadenwood ski-in ski-out trails groomed?

Yes. Kadenwood owners pay for a regular trail grooming service, and they own a Piston Bully groomer specifically for that job.

Does the Kadenwood Gondola run in winter and summer?

Yes. However, there are times in the off-season the gondola does not operate.

How long does it take to get from Kadenwood to Creekside?

5 minutes by car. 3 minutes by Kadenwood Gondola

How long is the drive from Creekside to Whistler Village?

5 minutes by car. There is also a regular bus service.

Can non-residents buy real estate in Whistler?

Yes. Whistler is exempt from any restrictions on non-residents buying real estate.

Is Kadenwood residential or zoned for Tourist Accommodation?

With the Tourist Accommodation (TA) zoning, Kadenwood owners have the option of renting out their property on a nightly basis. Only a few owners take advantage of this zoning. With home values increasing, new owners rarely rent out their multi-million dollar homes.

Next Steps

Buying real estate in Whistler, whether ski-in/ski-out or not, is a smooth process when working with an experienced Whistler real estate agent who follows the rules. Everything in real estate, except for writing the contract and the negotiation is a process. Experienced realtor, and skilled negotiator, Marion Anderson will work with you directly from start to finish. No assistants are involved.


Explaining Representation to a Buyer or Seller at the first introduction is a mandatory requirement. Since there is no dual agency in BC the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services Form (DORTS) is essential for the Buyer or Seller to understand what their designated agent’s obligation is to them. DORTS binds the agent to the client but does not bind the client to the agent. In addition, Home Buyer Recission Period (HBRP) would be discussed at that time.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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