Location of Ski-in/Ski-out Detached Houses

Location of Ski-in/Ski-out Detached Luxury Houses in Whistler

There is a lot to learn about the location of ski-in/ski-out, detached houses in Whistler. The not so good news, is that there are only five locations which offer that criteria. The good news is that each of those five locations are featured on this niche site.

No new developments are planned as Whistler is built to capacity. This has resulted in low supply and high demand. What I am noticing now, is the lack of desire for detached house owners to sell their ski-in/ski-out, luxury home. Not only has the house increased in value since the purchase date, the options to upgrade are limited, just as they are for you, the buyer. Whenever I ask an owner of such a property if they would consider selling, the response is typically, “…where would I go?” Valid point.

Therefore, when you are looking for a ski-in ski-out detached house in Whistler, you may not end up with exactly what you envisioned. However, starting your search with a ski-in/ski-out criteria is a great place to start looking.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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The following links will take you to the page for each location, and I encourage you to explore each location regardless of whether there is a property listed for sale, or not. The reason being, it is as important to determine which location suits your needs, as it is which house suits your needs. In essence, this website is the start of your education process and at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

1) Horstman Estates – Blackcomb Mtn.

2) Kadenwood – Whistler Mtn.

3) Snowridge – Whistler Mtn.

4) Summit Lane – Blackcomb Mtn.

5) Sunridge Plateau – Whistler Mtn.

Locations Maps

The first map shows the location of Horstman Estates, Summit Lane and Sunridge. All of these locations are within walking distance to Whistler Village.

This second image shows the location of Snowridge Crescent and Kadenwood on Whistler Mountain at Creekside. Snowridge is a 5 minute walk to Creekside and Kadenwood involves riding the Kadenwood Gondola down to Creekside, which would only take 5 minutes.

Access to the Slopes, Lifts and Village

It is important to recognize that the figures below are approximate, and not a science. If there have been 64 sales of houses in Kadenwood, obviously, the size of the house and the lot size are not standardized, thank goodness. Upon request, I can send you the detailed information if you are not already working with a real estate agent.

LocationMountain/VillageSki-in ski-out accessClosest run to get to the liftNearest Lift for uploading
Horstman EstatesBlackcomb Mtn. near Whistler Villageski-home trail into Horstman LaneMerlin's RunBlackcomb Gondola
KadenwoodWhistler Mtn. at Creeksideski-in ski-out trails around the developmentPeak to CreekWhistler Creekside Gondola
Snowridge CrescentWhistler Mtn. at Creeksideski-in ski-outDave Murray DownhillCreekside Gondola
Summit LaneBlackcomb Mtn. near Whistler Villageski-in ski-outMagic RunBlackcomb Gondola
Sunridge PlateauWhistler Mtn. near Whistler Villagesome ski-in ski-out access at the very top of Sunridge Plateau. Most of the houses have access to a ski-home trail. Olympic RunWhistler Village Gondola, Fitzsimmons Chair, or Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola

House size, Lot Size and Zoning

The information for this chart was taken from WhistlerListings.com which is the primary site for all Whistler real estate agents. It is also the best site to check for new listings. Tourist Accommodation is another way of saying that the zoning allows for nightly rentals. Just because the zoning allows for rentals, does not automatically mean that owners are willing to rent out their home. It is a matter of personal preference.

DevelopmentHouses sizes sq. ft.Lot sizes sq. ft.Zoning
Horstman Estates2,600-5,500+ 2,650-17,000Residential
14,000-30,000Residential/Tourist Accommodation = nightly rentals allowed
Snowridge Crescent2,536-4,2202,536-10,500Residential/Tourist Accommodation = nightly rentals allowed
Summit Lane4,500- 5,000strata lot which is large enough for the foot print of the house

Residential/Tourist Accommodation = nightly rentals allowed
Sunridge Plateau4,500-7,500+ 5,000-15,000Residential

Next Steps

May I suggest you have a look at each of the pages which may be of interest to you. At any time please call me if you have any questions, but only if you are not already working with a Whistler real estate agent…there is no point having two agents. Talking of dual agency. The Real Estate Council of British Columbia effectively banned dual agency in June 2018. This means that one agent represents the seller, and I represent you, the buyer.

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