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Pinnacle Ridge, 4700 Glacier Drive, Whistler, B.C.

World class Pinnacle Ridge at 4700 Glacier Drive, Whistler is a sought-after development of luxury townhouse and half-duplex buildings. Located on the edge of the Magic Run on Blackcomb Mountain, walking to the slope takes less than 2 minutes from the furthest end of the development. These properties offer ski-in and ski-out, walk to Whistler Village, and are the largest ski-in ski-out townhomes and half-duplexes available on the edge of the slopes in Whistler.

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Active Listings

Don’t be discouraged if there are no active listings. That is when you need a Whistler realtor to help you secure what you are seeking.

  • no active listings.

Click the following link to view the Active Ski-in/Ski-out Listings posted by all Whistler brokerages. You will also see everything else posted for Whistler ski-in/ski-out real estate on that page. If there is not link, best to check out the property on

Market Update

When starting your initial search for Whistler real estate, it is important to understand the current market conditions. If you are not ready to connect with a Whistler realtor and would prefer to do your own homework, I encourage you to study the sales and listing statistics on the Market Update page on this site. The statistics are compiled by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) In addition, the monthly Whistler Real Estate Market update video is a great way to stay informed in less than 99 seconds.


One of the benefits of Pinnacle Ridge is the location to Whistler Village, and the Upper Village. Walking down the Magic Run at the end of the day may be the best and quickest way to get to the Village. Other than doing that, you are driving, calling a taxi or taking the bus. With the bus app you can time your arrival at the stop which is at the entrance to Pinnacle Ridge. When returning home, the bus stop of choice, is just past the entrance to Pinnacle Ridge, about 100 feet away. Plenty of taxis in Whistler, and of course, you can always retrace your route via the Magic Run.

Location on Blackcomb Mountain

A short video recorded from the slower than slow, Magic Chair. The Magic Chair services the beginner run on Blackcomb Mountain, and provides a great view of the location of Pinnacle Ridge.

Distance from Whistler Village

One of the questions buyers have for me, regardless of where they are looking in Whistler, is, how far are we from Whistler Village? The short video which is a driving tour of Glacier Drive, will answer that question for you.

Google Map

More information on the location of Pinnacle Ridge within Whistler is available on the Google Map below.

Civic Address Map

Provided courtesy of the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), this map gives a two dimensional view. Pinnacle Ridge is on the side of the mountain so there are views from most of the half-duplexes and townhomes. However, it all depends on the position of the property you are considering within the development, and also on the fir trees as to how unobstructed the view is.

Walk to Upper Village: video

Walking from Pinnacle Ridge down the front of the Magic Run is possible year round, and is a safer way to travel than walking down Glacier Drive. If your destination is Whistler Village, just continue your walk on to the valley trail, which is past the Blackcomb Gondola. From there, the valley trail is a picturesque route as it crosses the Fitzsimmons Creek. You will be on the edge of the village in less than 5 minutes. In addition, this is a well lit path, so it can be taken until late in the evening.

Street View: Video

Coming soon. In the meantime, view the ski-in ski-out videos.

Photo Gallery

Pinnacle Ridge has a lot of great features and benefits, but it is generally a dark location from the street view. Hence the photographs are dark. I visited Pinnacle Ridge at several times during the day however, there was never an abundance of light on the streets. The reason being the sun being low in the sky during the winter season. When the sun moved to the west around 2pm, then the sun streams into the properties which are facing west and have an unobstructed view. Therefore, it all depends on the location of the property within the development as to the amount of light that will be captured.

Pinnacle Ridge snow scene

Pinnacle Ridge mountain views

Pinnacle Ridge half duplex

Pinnacle Ridge half duplex

Pinnacle Ridge ski in ski out to blackcomb Mountain

Pinnacle Ridge snow scene

Pinnacle Ridge mountain views

Pinnacle Ridge half duplex

Pinnacle Ridge half duplex

Pinnacle Ridge ski in ski out to blackcomb Mountain

Ski-in/Ski-out Trails

There are two distinct ski-in ski-out trails which access Pinnacle Ridge. This means that there are two distinct ski-in and ski-out videos which are best experienced in the videos below.

Ski-in/Ski-out Video for properties #1 to 19

Experience the ski-in and the ski-out trail for townhomes #1 to #19. In addition, I walked in my ski boots, carrying equipment from townhouse #1 to show you the 2 minute, flat walk to the Magic Run on Blackcomb Mountain.

Ski-in/Ski-out Video for properties #20 to #44

A separate video as it is a separate ski-in/ski-out trail which services the half-duplexes and townhouses #20 to #44. In addition, I walked from #20 to the slopes in just under 2 minutes wearing ski boots and carrying my equipment. In essence, this should help you determine how far from the slopes you are with the property you may be considering to purchase.


The sales of luxury half-duplex/townhomes in Pinnacle Ridge, 4700 Glacier Drive, Whistler. Data was imported from the Whistler Listing System. Days on Market (DOM) has been recorded since 2010.
NumberBedroomsBathroomsSize sq. ft.Sold PriceYear SoldDOMListing Broker

Comparable Sales

The sales for other comparable developments are recorded for your convenience on the Luxury Townhouse/Duplex Sales (Sales: Townhouse/Duplex) page on this site. The featured properties are the competitive set. In other words a buyer would consider any of these developments when looking at similar criteria.

Revenue and Nightly Rates

Pinnacle Ridge is zoned for nightly rental and your property will generate top dollar for you every year. This is simply because of the number of bedrooms and the number of beds which can fit into one of these 3-6 bedroom properties. Renting a 4-6 plus bedroom property has to be done well in advance of arrival. Therefore, you are guaranteed the renters are destination travellers, staying for at least a week. In other words, not a group from Vancouver for the weekend.

Typically, longer stays reduce the cleaning costs as the turnover is less each month. However, when you have to pay over $5M for a Pinnacle Ridge property many owners decide not to rent it out. To help you with this, there are specialty rental management companies which offer a specialized service. This service ensures the renters are monitored, and that the property owners have peace of mind that your property is being well looked after.


The 44 strata lots of Pinnacle Ridge were developed in three phases starting in 1988.

  • Pets are allowed in Pinnacle Ridge
  • There is a garbage area on-site
  • A private hot tub at each townhouse at the owner’s discretion and maintenance
  • Expansion and renovation plans encouraged by the strata
  • Storage is within your own strata lot

Site Plan

When you study the strata plan of phase 1, 2, and 3 you may wonder about what seems like the lack of planning. It is as though the developer was jumping about. In addition, when you drill down into the Registered Strata Plan (below), and look at the size of each of the buildings, and the size of floor plans there is a distinct lack of uniformity. For example, both sides of the duplex of #20 and #21 are different. In summary, this means that there is no unit type with a directory for Pinnacle Ridge, nor are there any original floor plans from the developer.

Floor Plan Examples

The floor plans below should give you an idea of the layout of the half-duplexes and townhouses of Pinnacle Ridge. Due to the tremendous increase in value, these properties have mostly been extended or at least renovated since they were built. Click to link to a Pinnacle Ridge floor plan samples pdf.

Pinnacle ridge floor plan half duplex with lower floors

Pinnacle Ridge tall half duplex no basement

Pinnacle Ridge floor plan end unit with lower levels

Pinnacle ridge floor plan middle unit with loft

Pinnacle ridge middle townhouse floor plan

Pinnacle ridge floor plan half duplex with lower floors

Pinnacle Ridge tall half duplex no basement

Pinnacle Ridge floor plan end unit with lower levels

Pinnacle ridge floor plan middle unit with loft

Pinnacle ridge middle townhouse floor plan

Expansion Plans for Pinnacle Ridge

The strata council at Pinnacle Ridge prepared, with an architect, an outline of how each strata lot can be expanded and what can be incorporated into each property. Unfortunately, this is not readily available information. In essence as a strata lot:

  1. the expansion can incorporate the space of the decks which were determined in the original strata plan.
  2. for some buildings being built on the downward slope, a sub-basement floor was needed for the foundation. The sub basement is another area for expansion.
  3. some townhomes, especially the half-duplex buildings those were built with a hot tub room. For obvious reasons, the owners may want to use that space and move the hot tub outside.

The strata is very cooperative and as I was told by the strata manager, once one person has been given approval, it is then difficult to say no to others. The strata owners want to develop and enlarge their townhomes, especially if they are doing the renovation for resale.

Registered Strata Plan

Pinnacle Ridge was built in 3 phases. Cross reference the site plan (check table of contents) with the Strata plan to ensure you have the correct information.

1) Strata Plan Phase I SL 1-20  

2) Strata Plan Phase II Strata Lots 21-31  

3) Strata Plan Phase III Strata Lots 32-44


Like all the developments in this Luxury Townhouse/Duplex category, the strata costs are at a minimum. The reason being, there is no underground parking garage, no communal hot tub or swimming pool. Therefore, the strata fees cover the maintenance of each strata lot exterior, and the common area costs which include but are not limited to:

  • landscaping
  • snow removal
  • garbage and recycle removal
  • insurance
  • common property hydro


Each half-duplex and townhouse in Pinnacle Ridge has a single car garage. In addition, some, but not all strata lots have an adequate garage pad which can also be used for parking. The garage is typically too small now for the huge SUV’s which adorn Pinnacle Ridge. Thankfully, most have a garage parking pad, and there are several visitor parking spots throughout Pinnacle Ridge. At the peak ski weekends it is important to remember how many cars will be trying to find a parking spot which the vehicle may not move from for days.


There are always sellers in Pinnacle Ridge who are contemplating upgrading to a house. This means that although they may not list the property, they may be interested in responding to your offer. Taking this route is a specialized process of buying, and it is not for the faint of heart. I have successfully done this several times, and I am here to help you. With no dual agency in Whistler, one agent represents the seller, and I represent you, the buyer.

Dual Agency

If you are starting out and want to understand what the process is for buying a property in Whistler, have a look at the Buying Process page on this site. Print off the pages for a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide.


One question that should be raised, is how will you, the Buyer be protected during and after the transaction? The BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) is the governing body for real estate agents. They require The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (DORTS) form be reviewed at the beginning of the relationship with that first communication. Please click through to my recent post on Representation to understand how Agency Representation by your real estate agency benefits and protects you.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler real estate agent, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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