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Cedar Ridge, 4705 Glacier Drive, Whistler, B.C.

Cedar Ridge, 4705 Glacier Drive, Whistler, BC, has always been in demand with both buyers and renters. Ease of access to Village Run and then a short schuss and you have the choice of three lifts for uploading to either Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain.

There is also an opportunity for owners to renovate or rebuild and incorporate the majority of the decks and the space over the garage. For an end-unit this is an additional 500 sq. ft. and for a non-end unit, approximately 250 sq. ft.  Some owners have down wonderful renovations that also maximize the interior ceiling height giving a greater sense of space.

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    • Drive from Whistler Village
    • Google map
    • Civic address map
    • Walk to Whistler Village: video (coming soon)
  • Street View: Video
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  • Ski-in/Ski-out Trails
    • Site plan showing ski trails
    • Ski-in/ski-out videos
  • Sales
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  • Strata
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    • Extension floor plans
    • Strata plan
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Active Listings

Cedar Ridge listings, like most luxury half-duplex and townhouse listings come to market every two to three years.

  • no active listings.

Click the following link to view the Active Ski-in/Ski-out Listings posted by all Whistler brokerages. You will also see everything else posted for Whistler ski-in/ski-out real estate on that page. If there is not a link, best to check out the property on WhistlerListings.com

Market Update

When starting your initial search for Whistler real estate, it is important to understand the current market conditions. If you are not ready to connect with a Whistler realtor and would prefer to do your own homework, I encourage you to study the sales and listing statistics on the Market Update page on this site. The statistics are compiled by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) In addition, the monthly Whistler Real Estate Market Update video is a great way to stay informed in less than 99 seconds.


Ease of access to Whistler Village is the attraction to this location. At the end of your day on the slopes join your neighbours, and walk down Village Run into Whistler Village. When the snow has gone, that route is even easier.

Location on Blackcomb Mountain

This video was recorded from the Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola which runs above the north end of Cedar Ridge. There is not a lift which runs parallel to the slope-side location, so the view from this gondola is the only one available.

Drive From Whistler Village

Cedar Ridge is only a couple of minutes from Whistler Village by car, when it is the middle of the day. Since Glacier Drive is the main road to reach the slope-side parking lots, you would want to avoid the time of day when the slopes close.

Google Map

Click on this Google Map to show you the location of Whistler Village to Cedar Ridge.

Civic Address Map

This civic address map shows provided by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) shows you location of Cedar Ridge on Glacier Drive. This map does not do justice to the slope-side location of Cedar Ridge.

Street View: Video

This video takes you on a drive around Cedar Ridge to show you the street view, or layout of this ski-in ski-out development.

The roads running through Cedar Ridge do not get an abundance of sunlight. In winter, with the sun lower in the sky, it was tricky to get sun on Cedar Ridge for my photographs. The same situation occurs with Pinnacle Ridge which is located across the road at 4700 Glacier Drive.

Cedar Ridge Typical single car garage

cedar ridge layout of development

Cedar Ridge view of Building 1

Cedar Ride back of 24-27

cedar Ride side view of end of building

Cedar Ridge Ski-in ski-out at #1

Cedar Ridge Typical single car garage

cedar ridge layout of development

Cedar Ridge view of Building 1

Cedar Ride back of 24-27

cedar Ride side view of end of building

Cedar Ridge Ski-in ski-out at #1

Ski-in/Ski-out Trails

The benefit to Cedar Ridge residents is that the Village Run leads into Mountain Square in the heart of Whistler Village. There you have the choice of uploading on the Whistler Village Gondola or the Fitzsimmons quad chair both servicing Whistler Mountain. In addition, the Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola services Blackcomb Mountain. In summary, you have a great selection so that you can choose the shortest line for the weather conditions.  No other ski access trail leads to Whistler Village apart from this Cedar Ridge trail. 

Ski-in/Ski-out Trail Map

There are three trails to/from Cedar Ridge to ski-in/ski-out of Village Run on Blackcomb Mountain. These trails accommodate the layout of the development. Each of these trails are simple and they are not steep. However, if a beginner was intimidated, the trails are wide enough to side-slip on to the run. Coming in to Cedar Ridge, side stepping up the trail is a viable option.

Ski-in/Ski-out Trail Video

With three access points connecting Cedar Ridge to the slopes of Blackcomb Mountain, there have to be three ski-in/ski-out videos. In 2020/2021 season I was able to capture two of these, leaving the last one for the 2021/2022 season.

Ski-in Ski-out Trail for Townhomes #1 to #11

The sun hits this road first within Cedar Ridge. In addition this route may be used by the residents of Cedar Hollow, which also breaks down the icy film on the road. The access from outside #1 down the path and on to Village Run, is the easiest tail.

Ski Trail for Townhomes #12 to #15

Video coming in 2022

Ski Trail for Townhomes #16 to #27

This trail winds its way around townhouse #16, and most of it is on the flat, so carrying your equipment will be required.


The sales of luxury half-duplex/townhomes in Cedar Ridge, 4705 Glacier Drive, Whistler. Data was imported from the Whistler Listing System. Days on Market (DOM) has been recorded since 2010.
NumberBedroomsBathroomsSize sq. ft.Sold PriceSoldDOMListing Broker


Comparable Sales

The sales for other comparable developments are recorded for your convenience on the Luxury Townhouse/Duplex Sales (Sales: Townhouse/Duplex) page on this site. The featured properties are the competitive set. In other words, a buyer would consider any of these developments when looking at similar criteria.


Cedar Ridge is an easy sell to anyone wanting to rent a ski-in ski-out, 3-4 bedroom townhouse with a private hot tub. Those are the three main criteria which sell Cedar Ridge. The easy access to Whistler Village by walking down the ski run at the end of the day. In addition, taking the bus or a taxi means that car hire is not necessary. Most large townhouses with four or more bedrooms are typically a destination rental. Meaning that Cedar Ridge would be for the international traveller staying in Whistler for more than 5 nights. These travellers book in advance so the rate in September is higher than the rate a few days out from arrival.

The single car garage is attractive in the summer season when mountain bikers invade Whistler with very expensive bikes. Even the popularity of the e-bike means that storage is a consideration when renting.

There are no restrictions on your choice of rental management company. In addition, you can self-manage your townhouse, if you have the motivation. For nightly rental rates on this property and other ski-in/ski-out properties, it is best to search the internet. Whistler Premier, Whistler Platinum and Whistler Wired are worth checking out to see their advertised nightly rate for the winter season.


Built in 1988, the property has mostly 3-4 bedroom townhouses each with a similar floor plan. There are two, 5 bedroom townhouses which were originally built for the developers of Cedar Ridge. This brings the number to 27 units (strata lots). The strata council is similar to a Home Owner Association.

Site Plan

Very simple floor plan layout for this Cedar Ridge site plan. Basically, all the townhomes except for #1 and #15 had the same original floor plan. However, that was back in 1988. Many of the floor plans have been altered over time.

Floor Plans

The floor plans below were taken from the developer’s original designs. The link will provide a Cedar Ridge site and floor plan pdf. Most started off with a version of the original floor plan shown below.

Cedar-Ridge-Floor Plan for all units

Cedar-Ridge-Building-1 floor plans

Cedar-Ridge--Building 2,3, floor plans

Cedar-Ridge--floor plans Building-4

Cedar-Ridge--floor plans Building-5,6,7

Cedar-Ridge-Floor Plan for all units

Cedar-Ridge-Building-1 floor plans

Cedar-Ridge--Building 2,3, floor plans

Cedar-Ridge--floor plans Building-4

Cedar-Ridge--floor plans Building-5,6,7

Expansion Floor Plans

Many years ago, the strata council initiated expansion plans for Cedar Ridge. These expansion plans incorporated extending the structure out over deck space and out over the top of the flat garage. Being a strata, the extension cannot encroach on common property. The townhomes which have capitalized on the extension space can be spotted by looking at their entrance. The original entrance had a design flaw, as the snow comes off the roof on to the path leading to the front door. The townhomes which have been extended and fully renovated have redesigned the entrance to make it less treacherous.

Strata Plan

The Registered Strata Plan VR2299 is the plan which was determined before the shovel went in the ground to create Cedar Ridge.


Strata fees include snow-clearing, landscaping and garbage removal. What the strata fee covers will be documented in the strata documents.


A single car garage, is a huge bonus in any Whistler accommodation. This space allows for the owner to store skis, boards and a variety of bikes. The space directly outside each garage can be used to park your car as it is also provides access. However, the spaces on either side could be used for communal parking. Have a really good look at the exterior space around the garage and ask yourself if another car could park there…if the answer is yes, it is possibly designated at visitor parking. Best to confirm the parking with the strata, as it is not registered in the Bylaws.


There is limited storage inside the townhouses. In other words no massive crawl space for all the extra stuff. The lack of storage makes the single car garage valuable when owning the property, when renting it out, and when selling it.


Cedar Ridge is zoned RM53 which allows for nightly rentals. The zoning document was provided by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) .


If you are starting out and want to understand what the process is for buying a property in Whistler, have a look at the Buying Process page on this site. Print off the pages for a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide.


One question that should be raised, is how will you, the Buyer be protected during and after the transaction. The BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) is the governing body for real estate agents. They require The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (DORTS) form to be reviewed at the beginning of the relationship with that first communication. Please click through to my recent post on Representation to understand how Agency Representation by your real estate agency benefits and protects you.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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