At some point in your search, I expect you will consider ski-in ski-out luxury townhomes close to Whistler Village. This is a natural part of searching for a slopeside property in Whistler. However, it can be a disappointing process. The top developments have built the townhouses with no neighbour above or below, plus a garage to store equipment. In essence, these two factors significantly narrow the search. When you add in the third criteria of walk to Whistler Village, we are down to three developments.

Having sold real estate in Whistler since 2005, I understand that three developments are good odds of finding you a property. However, you may need to view other developments just to be sure of your options. That too, can be part of the buying process.

My role is to help you understand your options. Then, we can hone in, on the development that suits you best. I can help you become less disillusioned with your options, because you will fully understand that you cannot own what is not for sale.

Map of Ski-in Ski-out Luxury Townhomes Close Whistler Village

Map showing the location of Luxury townhouses ski in ski out close to whistler village

Pinnacle Ridge

This is a sought after development by anyone wanting ski-in ski-out. However, because the first phase was built in 1988, some of the townhouses do not have a lot of light as these developments are surrounded by tall fir trees. In addition, sunlight was not a recognized need back then. I have shown PR to several buyers, and sunlight, lack of a view and the cost/sq. ft. are of concern, unless they have ski-in ski-out at the top of their list. 

Cedar Ridge

These are typically the least expensive of the three developments. One of the owners in Cedar Ridge purchased two townhouses side by side. Then they knocked the end unit down and rebuilt it from the foundation. The exterior strata design was maintained but the interior had a new floor plan. Needless to say that after that experience they were not interested in selling.

Snowy Creek

There are a lot of owners in this development who have renovated their properties. Some buyers get put off by the closeness of each of the neighbours, instead of considering the location and the ability to walk to and from the village. The walk is on flat pavement too, which has to be considered another bonus. The sales below do not recognise the private sales which happened in SC, and the prices in 2018 were closer to $5M.

Click on the link to view a Map of ski-in ski-out detached houses in Whistler. Like this post, I created a map which automatically shows you your options. Happy to interpret these maps for you.

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The recent rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

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Ski-in Ski-out House Close to Whistler Village

Whistler real estate offers very few ski-in ski-out houses for sale on Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb Mountain. Yet, you may be determined to purchase close to Whistler Village. If so, there are basically 10 ski-in ski-out detached houses in the Benchlands which are within walking distance to the village. Some clients are still encouraged by this. Unfortunately, I have to shatter their dreams and explain, yes there are 10 or so, but they are not for sale. In addition, the owners of these properties can basically write their own cheque, because someone always has the budget to pay for what they are selling…if they ever sold it, that is.

shows the location of houses which are ski-in ski-out and close to WHistler Village

Luxury Whistler House with Ski-Home Trail

You have a far better chance of securing a detached house with a ski-home trail off Blackcomb Mountain. The good news is that there is a decent selection of houses which have been renovated, and houses which have been maintained in their original condition. Please note, the latter of this group are typically in excellent condition. The reason there are no upgrades is usually because the owner does not stay in the house enough to warrant spending money to upgrade. Besides, it can be a real pain to renovate from afar.

The map below showing ski-in real estate opens up some good options. These locations are suited to those who want to feel close to all the action of the village.

map showing location of houses which have a ski-home trail off Blackcomb Mountain

Ski-In Ski-Out House Close to Whistler Creekside

The map below of ski-in ski-out real estate in Whistler Creekside. This shows a better selection of luxury houses which are in a ski-in ski-out location on Whistler Mountain. Snowridge Crescent is appealing to most because it is within walking distance to the Creekside shops. In addition, there is a very convenient path which unveils itself when the snow starts to leave.

Up in Taluswood there are a total of three detached houses at The Ridge and The Heights. These properties are rarely listed for sale. It is an even longer shot that one of the two houses would ever sell. Which leaves us with Kadenwood. This development has its own gondola which operates to transport owners and guests from Creekside up to Kadenwood.

How Often Do You Walk To And From Whistler Village?

In closing, when you look at these maps, ask yourself and your family the following questions:

  • How often you would actually go into Whistler Village?
  • What would you go into Whistler Village for?
  • Would you actually walk to and from Whistler Village if you lived in Sunridge Plateau or the north end of Blackcomb Way?
  • Are you fully aware of the very convenient Whistler bus service?

It is a big decision to purchase any piece of real estate. However, when there is limited inventory, and you are torn between a ski-in ski-out detached house and the proximity to Whistler Village, this can be a very difficult decision. That is why I am here to help you. I have helped several buyers weigh their options and come to a decision that works for their family. To view your options, check out the active listings of all luxury ski homes in Whistler, regardless of the listing brokerage

I know I can help you too, so call me, and let’s get this process started.

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house on the slopes of whistler mountain

It is a rare event when a house is listed for sale on the slopes of Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain. 2578 Snowridge Crescent is an opportunity to own a piece of Whistler and be proud of your real estate estate decision. Real estate in Whistler has increased dramatically over the past 5 years. The fact that no more property is being built on the slopes, makes 2578 great investment sense.

I have viewed this house several times, and everytime I am so impressed with the slopeside location. Granted there are always potential upgrades identified when viewing any house, and 2578 is no exception. However, in the light of day, no changes are really necessary.

Whistler Village or Whistler Creekside

Many buyers want to be close to Whistler Village, and are side-tracked by what else is available. Most buyers can get easily wrapped up in what they want, what they need versus what is for sale.

A classic example of this is location, and it comes down to Whistler Village versus Whistler Creekside. Ask any local, or ask anyone who has owned and enjoyed a second home in any part of Whistler and they will tell you that Whistler Village is not for everyone. Of course it would be wonderful if this home was close to Whistler Village, but it is not. The words of the song which say “…love the one you are with…” have a deeper meaning when it comes to 2578 Snowridge Crescent.

2578 Snowridge Crescent Follow-up

Before you write-off this location, call me for a conversation. Legally in Whistler, the listing realtor is representing only the seller, so it would be prudent to call me as your Buyer’s agent. I can let you know your options, and from there you will have the information you need to decide if you want a house at Whistler Creekside, or a townhouse with walking distance to Whistler Village.

2578 Snowridge Crescent is listed by RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate.

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whistler Mountain image

The Disclosure of Representation of Trading Services Form is a mandatory form in BC. Courtesy of the BC Council of Real Estate. The form content has to be explained by the realtor, so that you are comfortable signing it. The form basically binds the realtor to you, but does not bind you to the realtor. Typically, I get into the details of the form and the buyer makes a hand motion indicating they are ready to sign it.

I look at this form as the start of a form-filled experience of buying or selling Whistler real estate. It is important to ensure that the correct form is signed at the appropriate time in the transaction, and I am all over that!

The following is an article courtesy of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) of which Whistler is a member.

Realtors are asking you to sign?

You’re casually talking about the housing market with a REALTOR® you’re interested in working with when the conversation shifts to your personal financial situation.

The Realtor stops the conversation and politely asks you to sign a form called “Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services” (DORTS) before they can continue.

This may seem a little sudden, but it’s perfectly normal. In fact, this means this Realtor is following the rules the BC government put into place in 2018.

Having professional representation is important when you’re looking to buy or sell a home.  Realtors are required to inform you, up front, about your representation options. This is what the DORTS is for.

When do you need to sign a DORTS?

Realtors can share factual information about the properties they list for sale. They can also give factual information about the real estate market at large.

You need to sign a DORTS if you wanted to discuss with them:

  • personal information;
  • your financial situation;
  • why’d you’d like to buy or sell; or 
  • any other information that could affect a real estate negotiation.

Realtors can only discuss this information with someone they represent, or with someone who understands they’re not being represented and what that entails.

What does a DORTS do?

This document explains what your options are when it comes to representation and ensures you acknowledge that you understand these options.

It outlines the advantages of working with a real estate professional and what their legal obligations are to you if they provide you client (agency) representation.

It also details the pitfalls you can encounter if you decide to be unrepresented (no agency) in a real estate transaction.

Read through the form carefully, and speak with the Realtor, to fully understand the types representation available to you.

If you choose to continue unrepresented, a Realtor will ask you to sign a form called the Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties. This form outlines that you understand you’re unrepresented and what that entails.

Ultimately, if you’re unsure about the situation, just ask. Remember, Realtors are professionals that deal with these issues every day – they’re there to help!

What’s “agency”?

When you decide you want representation, you’ll form an “agency” relationship with your Realtor. This means your Realtor is legally duty-bound to protect your interests. For example, an agent has fiduciary duties of loyalty, confidentiality, and disclosure to a client.

Once you establish agency, your Realtor becomes your agent and a professional advisor. They can:

  • help you adopt a sound negotiation strategy based on industry knowledge and experience and can negotiate on your behalf;
  • help you market your home and/or buy a home and become a link with other Realtors to locate homes that meet your needs;
  • handle the different contracts and paperwork involved in a transaction;
  • recommend other professionals, such as certified home inspectors, lawyers or notaries, insurance agents, home movers, or contractors; and
  • help you analyze the market to find the right home at the right price – or help you get the most from your sale.

More information

Still looking for more information? Talk with your Realtor or review the Real Estate Council of BC’s website at
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Just Listed 2578 Snowridge Crescent

Snowridge Crescent and Snowridge townhomes

Yes, it is true, 2578 Snowridge Crescent, a home on the slopes of Whistler Mountain is currently listed for sale. For all those buyers looking for a home on the edge of a ski-slope, this is your opportunity. The location is also a short walk down to Whistler Creekside, so it is a great year-round location. This is especially true if your family is into mountain biking, as uploading happens from Creekside.

If you can get over not being close to Whistler Village, then this house may suit your needs. For most locals, we prefer the quieter area of Creekside, but for those who are not as familiar with Whistler, the lure of the Village is still a big factor when buying property.

  • $6,200,000 listing price
  • 3 bedroom and den main house
  • 2.5 bathrooms in main house
  • 2 bedroom suite
  • 2 bathrooms in the suite
  • House size 3,400 sq. ft.
  • Bare land strata lot size 6,547 sq. ft.

Comparable Locations Closer to Whistler Village

Summit Lane is the only location closer to Whistler Village which offers houses on the slopes. Those houses rarely, if ever get listed for sale. When pursuing a home on Summit Lane for my client, the owner of one of the homes there responded with “…where we would go?” Thought provoking indeed, as there is nothing better for them as a ski-in ski-out location in Whistler.

The houses on Summit Lane will cost a buyer $15M to well over $20M. When you compare 2578 Snowridge Crescent, you could be getting in at the low point of the real estate market. Summit Lane, did not start out costing $15M. It is still all about supply and demand.

Suite for Guests

The house has been built with a two bedroom suite which is connected within the house and also with a door to the exterior. I recently visited Australia, and while in Sydney, we stayed in our friends’ one bedroom suite. I was very impressed with this sort of arrangement. It gave us freedom and flexibility but when we wanted to connect, it was as simple as going next door. No padding around in the middle of the night with jet lag, we could get up and put the kettle on at whatever time we chose. It reinforced for me that keeping a suite for guests was an excellent addition to a property.

More Information on Snowridge Crescent Houses

2578 Snowridge Crescent is listed by RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate. I have prepared a page on the development at Snowridge Crescent. The page has past sales and shows the excellent access to the Dave Murray Downhill on Whistler Mountain.

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The recent rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

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