There has been little change in the March 2020 Whistler real estate news compared to last month. Please watch my Whistler Market update video below for an explanation in under 99 seconds.

Real estate prices are determined by supply and demand. By comparing the number of listings for sale against the number of sales in a given month, we arrive at the sales to active listings ratio. This ratio determines whether the Whistler market is in a seller’s market, a balanced market, or a buyer’s market.

Buyer’s Market for Detached Houses in March 2020

Analysts say that downward pressure on home prices occurs when the ratio dips below 12% for a sustained period.  The sales to active listings ratio for detached houses was 7% in February 2020. Therefore in this segment we have been in a buyer’s market for a sustained period. In theory, the longer the house is listed, the more the price needs to be reduced to sell.

Graphs and charts showing the stats for Whistler real estate market

Market Update page has more March 2020 Real estate statistics, charts and graphs also provided by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

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Ground Floor Condo at 229 Greystone Lodge at 4905 Spearhead Place

view looking down Merlin's Run on Blackcomb Mountain

If you are looking for a condo which is on the ground floor at street level, and has no stairs, 229 Greystone Lodge should be worth considering. No waiting for the elevator, there is one elevator in the Greystone Lodge. In addition, no need to take the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator to arrive.

The location of the Greystone Lodge is considered ski-in ski-out. It is not as ski-in ski-out as the Aspens, or the Woodrun, but then, those condo buildings are basically on the slope. However, the short schuss to and from the Greystone Lodge is an easy schuss and perfect for all abilities.

The condo is at the front of the building, which, in my opinion is a quiet location. The parking for the Greystone Lodge is off Spearhead Drive. The traffic you will hear will be from vehicles coming to and from the Woodrun. Keep in mind, that most visitors choose the Greystone and the Woodrun, because they can park the car and not use it again, until they leave. From the Greystone Lodge it is an easy walk to the the Upper Village stores and restaurants. Heading further along to the Whistler Village, may turn out to be something you do on occasion.

Listing Details

  • Offered at: $949,000
  • Size: 737 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Parking: underground
  • Built: 1990
  • Strata fees: $499/month
  • Property taxes: $3,045 (2019)
  • Ski-in Ski-out
  • Walk to Whistler Village
  • Zoned for nightly rentals
  • Listed with RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate

Photo Gallery

3D Tour

This listing realtor has commissioned a 3 dimensional tour. Please click on the 229 Greystone 3D Tour to view.

Ground Floor Plan For Condo

Floor plan of the one bedroom ground floor unit

Ground Floor Location Within The Greystone Lodge

The listing agent has added on the comment that “…the gardens and the planters are lovely in the summer…” The patio at #229 overlooks the gardens at the front, and it is quite sheltered from the view of anyone who is looking at the Greystone. While this is a bonus, for me, the convenience of the ground floor location is the main benefit.

location of the ground floor unit at the front of Greystone Lodge

Greystone is Zoned for Nightly Rental

The nightly rental and GST conversation, is one best done in person. Realtors must refer every buyer to seek advice from their accountant, and that is usually after the buyer has decided on the property of choice. So, if you are not working with an agent, please call me, I am here to help you find your Whistler home.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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Marion Anderson, *PREC

*Personal Real Estate Corporation
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Residential Zoning for Ski-in Ski-out Townhome at 37-2544 Snowridge Circle

The look of recycled wood, adds a texture to the interior design

The owners at 2544 Snowridge Circle appreciate the ski-in ski-out access of this location, and they also appreciate the lack of tourists. With a residential zoning it means that nightly rentals are not permitted in this development. Snowridge Townhomes are the only properties in Whistler which are ski-in ski-out and residential. However, I feel they don’t get much credit for this accolade. If this location were zoned for nightly rentals, there is no doubt that the properties would sell for more and would sell quicker.

Paying More For Rental Income Properties

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Land for Sale at 3818 Sunridge Place

image showing the boundaries of this lot

The photograph above tells the story of land for sale at Sunridge Place, Whistler. However, it doesn’t tell that real estate for sale, walking distance to Whistler Village is rare. Due to the gradient of the land, there is potential for a larger build than one would expect on a 12,000 sq. ft. lot. The listing realtor has quoted a 5,000 sq. ft. build. From the photo gallery below, you can tell that the neighbourhood of Sunridge is something quite special. For more information on this location, please click through to the Sunridge Plateau page on this site.

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Mountain House with Lap Pool At 3824 Sunridge Drive

Few houses in Whistler have the space for a 54 ft. indoor pool, the length of which can actually give you a good workout. 3824 Sunridge Drive offers you that option. There are several other houses for sale in Sunridge right now, but none with a lap pool. 3827 Sunridge Drive has an oversized dip pool, more for family fun than doing laps.

When you own a mountain home like 3824 Sunridge Drive you get to enjoy the ski resort lifestyle that Whistler offers. Off Lower Olympic Run on Whistler Mountain there is a traverse that leads to the north end of Sunridge. From there, a ski-in trail to Sunridge Drive. This house is two houses over from that ski-home access. More on the ski access below.

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If you are following the Whistler real estate market, the February 2020 news will be of no surprise to you. In summary, not much of a change from the last 12 months. Sellers are still pricing too high for the current market conditions. In fact when I look at all segments of the Whistler real estate market, it is staggering how many overpriced properties there are in Whistler.

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Ski-in To Estate Home At 3827 Sunridge Drive

3827 Sunridge Drive Front exterior

The ski-in trail off Whistler Mountain stops next door to this estate home at 3827 Sunridge Drive. Although the listing realtor has used the term “estate home”, I want to be clear, the house is not on an estate lot. Sunridge Plateau has large lots, but nothing near an acre. Should you be looking for a magnificent home in the mountains, then this one is calling your name. If you are looking for an estate lot, there are some, but none which are ski-in ski-out.

Looking at the photo gallery below, it is easy to see that this house was built in a style which one would call traditional. Back in 2002 when this was built, this architectural style was very much in vogue. The use of heavy stone masonry, huge cedar timbers and lots and lots of wood work. Even the kitchen was built to last a lifetime. If you drive around Sunridge you can spot the houses from that era, when quality was king. In summary, Sunridge is a development of very expensive, high quality houses, and as such is an area worth considering.

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Close to the Kadenwood Gondola 2952 High Point Drive

One of Two Outdoor Fireplaces 2952 High Point Drive, Kadenwood

The location to the Kadenwood Gondola becomes a priority when deciding on 2952 High Point Drive over a brand new house on, for example, Heritage Peaks Trail. I encourage my clients to consider the mobility and ability of each family member both on and off the slopes when contemplating the purchase of any real estate in Whistler. This is especially true for ski-in ski-out property. One house in from the intersection of High Point Drive and Kadenwood Drive, it is a very short walk to the Kadenwood Gondola station. This bodes very well with your guests, as they can easily make their own way to the gondola without you having to drive them anywhere. It is a very convenient, year-round location.

Video 2952 High Point Drive In Winter

This video is on YouTube and is courtesy of Real Tours Vancouver. it shows the property in the depths of winter. There is a summer video further down this blog post.

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Does The Strata Have Influence Over A Bare Land Strata Lot?

First of all, let’s answer the question, what is a bare land strata? On the registered bare land strata plan, there will be no buildings shown within the lot lines. In addition, the strata plan, will have the words bare land strata on the plan. Sounds simple, and it is, but remember that to find out you always check the registered strata plan. For example, Kadenwood, Sunridge, Horstman Estates and houses in the Snowridge Crescent development are all bare land stratas. The houses in the Ridge and the Heights at Taluswood, are not. Below is Phase 1 of the Kadenwood strata plan. No buildings shown on this registered bare land strata plan.

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Luxury Townhouse At The Lookout For Sale On Whistler Mountain

Exterior show showing double car garage

More specifically, the Lookout on Whistler Mountain is the location of a luxury townhouse for sale. There are two listed for sale right now, and I am writing about Unit 6. I love to show property up in Taluswood, which is the location of the Lookout, the Heights and the Ridge. Buyers typically decide very quickly whether this location is perfectly remote, or too remote. It rarely takes a second trip for them to decide. For me any decision is progress.

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For Sale 406 Le Chamois Condo With Full Kitchen

This should be a very short blog. One message to get across is that 406 Le Chamois condo with a full kitchen, is listed for sale. That kitchen includes a four burner stove top with an oven. Unless you are familiar with Le Chamois, you may not appreciate my enthusiasm. Allow me to explain. Le Chamois was developed without kitchen facilities in the studio and one bedroom condos. Over the years, some owners in Le Chamois decided that they would like to have a modest kitchen, and some requested a stove and oven be added. The request had to be submitted by the owner and approved by the strata council.

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Ski-in To A Renovated 3 Bedroom Townhouse In Mountain Star

This fully renovated 3 bedroom townhouse should make you re-examine your wants versus needs list. For non-residents, this is especially relevant. It can be a challenge to undergo a renovation from afar. I expect you were wanting a ski-in ski-out townhome, however owning in Mountain Star means that you can ski or ride home, and it is only a very short stroll to the access path which leads to Merlin’s Run on Blackcomb Mountain. Please see my video below. The listing realtor has described the property as ski-in ski-out, that is how close the access trail is to Mountain Star.

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Sunridge House For Sale Walking Distance to Whistler Village

Slightly separated dining room with amazing mountain views

One way to describe 3855 Sunridge Court is as a timeless, luxury house for sale which is walking distance to Whistler Village. It may not sound it, but this is a rare property indeed. There is a handful of real estate in Whistler which can be described as a luxury, detached home within easy walking distance to the village. All this without crossing the highway. Actually, most of the properties which fit that description are in Sunridge. I chose that description rather than raving on about the magnificent mountain views from every room in the house. When buyers are considering the purchase of a luxury home in Whistler, they are typically expecting a mountain view, although this mountain view is remarkable. In addition, there is an expectation that the property looks as though it is worth the $8.9M price tag. There is no one who would look at these photos and not see what a stunning house this is. My job is to tell you what you don’t see. So let’s talk about location to the village.

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Under $1000/sq. ft. House Is Priced For A Renovation At 3807 Sunridge Place

Walls of windows allow an abundance of light

Are you ready to renovate in order to get what you want? Still looking for a detached house at a really good price? Then please call me about 3807 Sunridge Place. This is an opportunity for someone looking for a house which is within 15 minutes walking distance to Whistler village. This 6,000 sq. ft. home has lots of potential. Ski-in off Lower Olympic run on Whistler Mountain and end up in Sunridge Place. There are several benefits to this property.

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Ski-in To Contemporary and Luxury Living Close To Whistler Village

3800 Sunridge Place floor to ceiling windows which open on to the deck giving a greater space to entertain

Ski-in to 3800 Sunridge Place, a perfect example of the best of Whistler real estate’s contemporary and luxury mountain living. It is also close to Whistler Village. Located at the end of the ski-in trail off Lower Olympic run on Whistler Mountain. 3800 Sunridge Place offers an enviable location which is a private, yet convenient.

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Street View Of Sunridge, Whistler

View of mountains from sunridge whistler

I decided it was time to make a street view of Sunridge video as Google has not flown over Whistler since 2002. The Google Map makes it look like there is still a lot of land available for development. I assure you that Sunridge is almost fully developed. Hopefully, by watching this video you will get a sense of the development. It is a long video, so put the kettle on and get comfy!

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2915 Heritage Peaks Trail Land for Sale in Kadenwood

Kadenwood map showing ski-in ski-out locations

When you are browsing the listings of Whistler real estate, looking for land for sale, Kadenwood should jump out at you. Whether or not you want ski-in ski-out access to Whistler Mountain, you are probably looking for privacy. In addition, peace and quiet maybe on the list. Kadenwood is less than 15 minutes from Whistler Village, which is the hub of everything Whistler. From the hustle of the village to the serenity of the mountains all within a short drive.

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Mountain Views From 2919 Heritage Peaks Trail, Kadenwood

2919 Heritage Peaks Place view from living room deck with gas firepit

If you are looking for a house with an amazing view then consider 2919 Heritage Peaks Trail in Kadenwood. This brand new house has been built at a high point of the Heritage Peaks area and as such it is above the neighbours. I have shown several houses in this location within Kadenwood to buyers, and this one stands out because of the panoramic view. The view is expansive from the decks and you can see the Tantalus Range to the south and Sproatt and Rainbow Mountains over to the west. Not every home in Kadenwood has this panoramic view.

Video of 2919 Heritage Peaks Trail House and Location

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View Lot for sale in Whistler 2928 Big Timber Court

Standing on Big Timber court and looking out over the lot to the Tantalus Range

Before I tell you the features and benefits of 2928 Big Timber Court, Kadenwood, let me give you some background. Over the summer I hiked the trails of Kadenwood again to see if anything had changed that I should be aware of. That effort always makes me appreciate the Kadenwood houses and their unique ski-in ski-out locations. Have a look at the video entitled Kadenwood Ski Trails. In the video I speak about the ski access trails which run in, through and out of Kadenwood. Some houses have a better ski-in ski-out access than others. Which leads me to this post on a lot for sale in Kadenwood. Finding land for sale in Whistler which is ski-in ski-out is rare as it has all been sold. Most of the lots you see for sale are being resold, that means they are not being sold by a developer.

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Buying Whistler Real Estate as a Non-Resident of Canada

view of the streets of kadenwood showing the parking lot and lots of trees

Every year or so I receive the latest news for non-residents buying in Whistler. It also covers selling a Whistler property. This information is supplied by Don Nisho, of Manning Elliott, Vancouver. It is a must read for any non-resident as the information is valuable to set the tone of what to expect. There is not much to this post, as the information is all linked to the Manning Elliott documents. I have taken the liberty to cross of what does not apply in Whistler. Wait ’til you see the taxes that non-residents pay to buy in Vancouver versus Whistler, yikes!

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Sunridge Plateau Ski-in Ski-out Access

This video about Whistler’s Sunridge Plateau ski-in ski-out access is essential for anyone considering this neighbourhood. Google has not sent a satellite over Whistler for almost 20 years. Therefore, when you look at my Google Map of Sunridge, it looks underdeveloped. I assure you it is almost fully developed. Keep reading this page for information on a ski-in ski-out lot for sale in Sunridge as of the time of writing this post.

Which Areas in Sunridge Plateau have Ski-in Ski-out Access to Whistler Mountain?

If you are reading this blog prior to watching the video, I will get straight to the point. The only area in Sunridge or Sunridge Plateau as it is also called, is at the very top of the development. On the last stretch just before the road comes to an end there are a few private driveways which veer off Sunridge Drive. These properties are above the traverse that comes off the Olympic Run on Whistler Mountain. This means that those fortunate residents are high enough up to be able to ski or board down toward that traverse. By schussing along they can make their way from their house, back on to Whistler Mountain’s Olympic Run. From there, it is a short schuss down to the Whistler Village Gondola, the Blackcomb Gondola and the Fitzsimmons Chair.

Google Map of Ski Access Trails of Sunridge

In the above video I refer to the Google Map of Sunridge which show the ski-in trails off Whistler Mountain. These trails end at the north end of Sunridge and also at the south end of Sunridge. There are no ski-out trails for those houses on Sunridge Drive or in Sunridge Place because they are too low down to catch the traverse off Whistler Mountain, I mention in my video. Here is a link to the Google Map Ski Access trails into Sunridge, or click on the full screen icon at the right hand side of the grey bar.

Ski-in Ski-Out Vacant Land For Sale in Sunridge

Are looking for a ski-in ski-out, brand new, detached house, which is walking distance to Whistler Village? This may be an opportunity for you. There is a vacant lot at the top of Sunridge. Although it is not listed, I understand that the owner may still be interested in selling. The vacant land was previously listed for $6.9M. Please call me if you are not working with a realtor.

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The recent rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

Click the following link for more information on the Market Update for Whistler real estate. Statistics courtesy of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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Marion Anderson, *PREC



I have written a lot of posts about Kadenwood. However, this effort to show you the Kadenwood Ski Trails which run in, through and out of the development have been a challenge. I have now solved that challenge by creating a Google map of Kadenwood ski trails. It is important to notice the directional arrows on the map. Have a view of this short video that explains why understanding the ski-in ski-out trails of Kadenwood is important. However, it is only the first step in understanding Kadenwood. That is when it is time to call Marion Anderson, (604) 938-3885 to help you find your Kadenwood home.

I have walked these trails and taken photos so I am confident in the direction of the blue runs. It really is important to understand your options, before you get too focused in your search. For a better view click on the link above or on the icon with the four corners, it is in the top right of the gray bar.

Everyone has a different tolerance to the meaning of ski-in/ski-out. There is no doubt that I can tell you the best locations to suit your tolerance to walking instead of schussing. The marketing efforts of each listing agent, promotes the ski-in/ski-out access for every listing in Kadenwood. In essence, some lot locations are more ski-in/ski-out than others. However, you would be best to call me at (604) 938-3885, as soon as you start your search. I can tell you the benefits of each location on the map of Kadenwood trails.

Kadenwood Information

The Kadenwood page on this site, has received lots of views. Information is added to this page so that you can continue to learn about the area instead of relying on your realtor.

Vacant Land For Sale in Kadenwood

At the time of writing this post, there are two lots listed for sale in Kadenwood. One is in Big Timber Court. After doing all the research on ski-in/ski-out access trails, I am amazed that this property is still available. If you are interested in building in Kadenwood, please call me to discuss your options.

Tourist Accommodation Zoning

All of Kadenwood is zoned as tourist accommodation. This means that you legally have the option for nightly rentals. Right now, there is no vacancy tax in Whistler, so if you buy the house and it sits empty all year, there is no penalty. If the time ever comes where the federal or provincial government puts that tax into effect in Whistler, you are covered. Renting out nightly might be a good option to avoid paying extra taxes.

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The recent rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

Click the following link for more information on the Market Update for Whistler real estate. Statistics courtesy of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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(604) 938-3885
Marion Anderson, *PREC


November 2019 Whistler Real Estate Market News

The following video will give you an overview of the Whistler Real Estate Market News as of November 2019. This means that the statistics are for October 2019, as the November statistics cannot be released until December 1st. The real estate statistics are provided by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV). To see the full, five page statistical report, go to the Market Update page.

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Ski trail from the Lookout

Now, just to be clear, when I mention investment in Whistler, I mean Whistler real estate. Whenever I get an email from someone wanting to invest in Whistler, I always lift the phone and ask them,”…what does investment mean to you?” Investment can mean something different to each buyer. The answer to this question will save both the buyer and myself lots of time. It usually minimizes the pain for the buyer, as he will soon know what he is dealing with so he can make his decision, either way.

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Street View of Kadenwood Neighbourhood

image showing the view from Kadenwood Drive overlooking Whistler and Alta Lake

This is a long video, 15 minutes of a driving tour showing the street view of Kadenwood neighbourhood. For those considering Kadenwood, then this is a must watch. I have taken the time to narrate and point out the ski-in/ski-out access trails around the neighbourhood. The reason I did this video, is because that is the kind of realtor that I am. I go the extra mile…which is quite literal in this situation.

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October 2019 Whistler Houses Sold Over $3M

Snowridge Crescent and Snowridge townhomes

When you have a look at the following chart it is simple to see that there has been decline in the number of houses sold over $3M, YTD in 2019 over 2018. Year to date (YTD) is from January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019.

The sales stats were compiled to help those who were considering a detached house, which was ski-in/ski-out on Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb Mountain. Those detached houses used to be sold around $3M back in 2014 when I started this website. Now, those houses start at $5M, but the statistics are committed to a $3M starting price.

YTD Ski-in/out
House Sales
House Sales
House Sales
YTD 201951015$109,513,000
YTD 201852429$146,433,000
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September 2019 Whistler Real Estate Market News

The following video will give you an overview of the Whistler Real Estate Market News for September 2019. The real estate statistics are provided by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV). To see the full, five page statistical report, go to the Market Update page. The statistics are linked to the REBGV and they are automatically updated, usually by the 5th of the month at the latest.

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Buying Whistler Phase 1 Condo

Swimming pool at the Aspens

Are you considering the purchase of a Whistler Phase 1 condo? Perhaps in the Aspens? Phase 1 means that the property is zoned for nightly rentals. Can statistics help you determine when to buy real estate? Let’s take an example of a client looking for a one bedroom, Whistler Phase 1 condo. They have narrowed the search down to the Aspens on Blackcomb Mountain. The clients don’t want to buy at the top of a down market, and of course they want to feel as though they are getting value for their money. So, can statistics help them with their decision. Let’s have a look at the video.

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image of the two cabins of the kadenwood gondola

There is something about the Kadenwood Gondola which sets the tone for the Kadenwood neighbourhood. It is pretty obvious that when a development has its own gondola, those properties are owned by highly successful individuals. Owners who expect privacy, ski-in ski-out access, mountain vistas, and huge, brand new homes. In addition, because time is precious, they want quick access to all Creekside has to offer…and why not!

Riding the Kadenwood Gondola

This video will take you on a the Kadenwood Gondola so that you can see for yourself that it is a 5 minute journey. In addition, notice the proximity to the Creekside Gondola. Traveling by gondola is a great way to stay warm on a winter’s day, until you get to the Red Chair and then it is time to get going!

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view from the top of kadenwood drive over to the mountains

Since Google has not passed by to provide a Google Maps street view of Kadenwood Drive, Whistler, I decided to take this on myself. The reason I wanted to do this, was to help those who are considering the purchase of a brand new house which is ski-in ski-out. Now, that may sound simple: let’s find a brand new home , which is 5,000 sq. ft. plus and it has to be ski-in ski-out. In essence, it is simple, it is Kadenwood and nowhere else in Whistler.




image showing the view from Kadenwood Drive overlooking Whistler and Alta Lake

This is the first in a series of videos about Kadenwood. My first video is focused on two points. Firstly, what do the Kadenwood strata fees cover? Secondly, how effective is the strata council? Kadenwood is a 60 strata lot development, 1000 ft up on Whistler Mountain and it is accessible by its own gondola. There is also a scenic road which is a five minute drive up to the Kadenwood Development. I will feature that road on an upcoming Kadenwood video. In the meantime, let me tell you how the strata council manage the monthly fees.

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Look at the floor to ceiling windows of 2934 Heritage Peaks Trails in Kadenwood

The location of 2934 Heritage Peaks Trail in Kadenwood makes it a true ski-in ski-out property. From this property, the access trail to and from Whistler Mountain starts and ends at the back door of the house. Watch my video as I explain, and show you the actual location of this brand new build, and the ease of accessing the trails. There are not many homes in Kadenwood, or Whistler with this ease of trail access.




4914 Horstman Lane is located in Horstman Estates on Blackcomb Mountain. Buyers call me when searching for a ski-in ski-out, detached house walking distance to Whistler Village. Unfortunately, I am the one who crushes their dreams. I have to tell them that Horstman Estates is not ski-in ski-out, it is only ski-in. There is a wide ski-home trail off Blackcomb Mountain which means that in order to get to the slopes you would either walk, drive or take the bus. Considering the bus ride is a direct 3 minute ride away, you should always consider the privacy of Horstman Estates. This lovely property is at the entrance to Horstman Estates, and to me that is a benefit. Please watch the video and see it you agree.

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At some point in your search, I expect you will consider ski-in ski-out luxury townhomes close to Whistler Village. This is a natural part of searching for a slopeside property in Whistler. However, it can be a disappointing process. The top developments have built the townhouses with no neighbour above or below, plus a garage to store equipment. In essence, these two factors significantly narrow the search. When you add in the third criteria of walk to Whistler Village, we are down to three developments.

Having sold real estate in Whistler since 2005, I understand that three developments are good odds of finding you a property. However, you may need to view other developments just to be sure of your options. That too, can be part of the buying process.

My role is to help you understand your options. Then, we can hone in, on the development that suits you best. I can help you become less disillusioned with your options, because you will fully understand that you cannot own what is not for sale.

Map of Ski-in Ski-out Luxury Townhomes Close Whistler Village

Map showing the location of Luxury townhouses ski in ski out close to whistler village
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Ski-in Ski-out House Close to Whistler Village

Whistler real estate offers very few ski-in ski-out houses for sale on Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb Mountain. Yet, you may be determined to purchase close to Whistler Village. If so, there are basically 10 ski-in ski-out detached houses in the Benchlands which are within walking distance to the village. Some clients are still encouraged by this. Unfortunately, I have to shatter their dreams and explain, yes there are 10 or so, but they are not for sale. In addition, the owners of these properties can basically write their own cheque, because someone always has the budget to pay for what they are selling…if they ever sold it, that is.

shows the location of houses which are ski-in ski-out and close to WHistler Village


house on the slopes of whistler mountain

When a house is listed for sale on the slopes of Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain, it is a rare event. Granted, it is more rare on Blackcomb Mountain. 2578 Snowridge Crescent is an opportunity to own a piece of Whistler and be proud of your real estate estate decision. Real estate in Whistler has increased dramatically over the past 5 years. The fact that no more property is being built on the slopes, makes 2578 great investment sense.

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whistler Mountain image

The Disclosure of Representation of Trading Services Form (link updated October 2019) is a mandatory form in BC. Courtesy of the BC Council of Real Estate. The form content has to be explained by the realtor, so that you are comfortable signing it. The form basically binds the realtor to you, but does not bind you to the realtor. Typically, I get into the details of the form and the buyer makes a hand motion indicating they are ready to sign it.

I look at this form as the start of a form-filled experience of buying or selling Whistler real estate. It is important to ensure that the correct form is signed at the appropriate time in the transaction, and I am all over that!

The following is an article courtesy of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) of which Whistler is a member.

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Luxury Ski Home On Blackcomb Mountain

4673 Blackcomb Way Exterior

Sounds like a dream “Ski home from Blackcomb Mountain”, and to most it will be. However, this luxury ski home on Blackcomb Mountain has a wide ski trail which ends basically at the front door. In addition, the house is in a private setting which is only a short walk to Whistler Village. With 6 bedrooms, and 5.5 bathrooms, this 5,200 sq. ft. house at the end of Blackcomb Way is one of three houses in a private enclave. All three houses are zoned residential, with no allowance for nightly rentals.

Ski Home Trail to the Front Door

Skiing home after a day on the slopes is very easy as there is a wide trail off Blackcomb Mountain that leads to home. The trail that takes people past Horstman Estates and on to Horstman Lodge, then Treeline, and finally into this private enclave.

Access to Blackcomb Mountain

Getting to the slopes is very simple, the bus stop on Blackcomb Way is less than 100 yards from the front door. This location means that it is very convenient to get to Whistler Village and a 5 minute bus ride to get to the slopes. The bus runs every 15 minutes and it is a complimentary bus service for the area. This means you can hop on and off the bus, and you do not need to buy a ticket.

Private Location

Apart from schussing home to your door, the best part of this location has to be the privacy. With privacy comes peace and quiet, as no nightly rentals are permitted in this enclave. All three properties are zoned residential.

Sales Activity in the Benchlands

By now, if you follow my blogs, we all appreciate that there are a limited number of luxury ski homes. There are very few homes which have either ski-in and/or ski-out access. Therefore, the owners of this luxury ski home on Blackcomb Mountain have listed it for $14,888,000. Their neighbour, one of the other two houses, had his property listed for sale for $14,999,000 in 2017, when the market was at its peak. However, that house did not sell, and is now off the market. To understand the current market conditions, read of my blog commenting on the luxury sales statistics for 2018 over 2017.

  • listed with Engel & Volkers Whistler
  • current listing price: $14,888,000 CAD
  • original listing date: December 2018
  • bedrooms: 6
  • bathrooms: 5.5
  • built: 2002
  • size: 5,200 sq. ft.
  • lot size: 24,800 sq. ft. (0.57 acres)
  • property taxes: $22,299 (2019)
  • GST: exempt

Photographs of 4673 Blackcomb Way

Floor Plan 4673 Blackcomb Way

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The recent rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

Click the following link for more information on the Market Update for Whistler real estate. Statistics courtesy of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

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Whistler Luxury House Sales in 2018 Compared to 2017

View From the Balcony 20-2300 Nordic Drive

Whistler Luxury House sales in 2018 compared to 2017 either with or without ski-in and ski-out access dropped by 34%. This drop was the same in volume sales dollars, and in the number of transactions. From the chart below, 2017 definitely was the peak of the market. In addition, 2017 was a sellers market, with 2018 being touted as a balanced market.

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If you you look at the numbers in the bracket, they show the number of ski-in ski-out luxury houses which were sold in each year. It doesn’t surprise me that there were less sold in 2018. The inventory was so limited in ski-in ski-out homes that it would really take a lot to part with your Whistler home. I approached owners to ask if they were thinking of selling. The typical response was “…where would I go?” If you own a home with ski-in ski-out access you own the best property in Whistler. There is always going to be someone who wants a lovely home, with easy access to and from the slopes.

The Vail Effect

I was contacted by more American buyers this year, than in the past ten years. Yes, there has always been one or two US buyers each year, but this year there were many more. I put this down the marketing power of Vail Resorts, featuring Whistler Blackcomb as the jewel in their crown. The best part of working with American buyers is that they are knowledgeable about the ski product. In addition, they always appreciate the value of ski-in ski-out property…I like them a lot!

Views on 2019

The luxury home market is one that is difficult to predict as the product over $7M is not as liquid as a townhouse priced at $1.5M. This is obvious as there are a lot more buyers in the other end of the market. One thing I do know, is that the sellers still believe in the value of their Whistler property, regardless of the market conditions. Sellers take the approach that they have a property of value, and if you want it, you will have to pay them what they want for it. You need an experienced, Whistler realtor, like me should you decide to purchase at this level. It really takes a lot to negotiate with this type of seller.

Click on the following link for the Whistler Market Update.

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The recent rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

Click the following link for more information on the Market Update for Whistler real estate. Statistics courtesy of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

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Whistler Development

bedroom image

Future Whistler Development for Ski-in Ski-out Property

Are there any approved plans for more Whistler development of ski-in ski-out property? Short answer is no, there are no approved plans, long answer refers to the Official Community Plan (OCP)…spoiler alert, the answer is still no. This OCP was adopted in 1976 and explains the measurement of bed units. Courtesy of the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), the following is their definition of bed units.

Managing Future Growth in Whistler

“A bed unit is a measure of development intended to reflect servicing and facility requirements for one person. The bed unit measurement was introduced in Whistler’s first OCP adopted in 1976. It was a means to manage the future growth of Whistler. A consistent measurement with infrastructure capacity, highway capacity and ski lift capacity. Bed units have become a key reference point for the resort community’s understanding of, and expectations for Whistler’s ultimate size and capacity. 

“The distinction between developed and undeveloped is based on occupancy as of year-end, December 31. Determination of ‘Developed’ is made by the issuance of a ‘Completed’ building permit, which indicates occupancy. Undeveloped units are those that have been committed to by Council (either through rezoning or subdivision applications) but have yet to be constructed or completed.”

Assigned Bed Units

The following is my interpretation. Decades ago, Whistler Resort was developed on paper, with a vision for the future. The development of the OCP was a thorough process, involving the community and council. The RMOW factored in that the infrastructure of Whistler could only cope with so many residents and visitors. The result was the RMOW assigned bed units to each residential and commercial building lot in Whistler. This was documented in the OCP, and termed the “bed cap”. This assured all concerned that there could be no more bed units added into Whistler.

Recently, due to the shortage of housing for the locals who live and work in Whistler, the RMOW created more bed units. However, these units were under the Whistler Housing Authority and were going to be built for the locals who provide services to the tourists.

Challenges to the Bed Cap

The big question has always been, how solid is the OCP bed cap? Over the years, any challenge to the bed cap had always been fiercely argued in the newspaper. The arguments came from both primary and secondary property owners in Whistler. The addition of new development in Whistler for ski-in ski-out real estate, has neither been questioned nor argued, so what you see is what we’ve got.

Vail Resorts Development

A few years ago, Vail Resorts published that they wanted to develop an amusement styled, water park on Blackcomb Mountain. With such a development on Crown Land, Vail Resorts would also be able to request a development permit for real estate from the Federal Government. The main response to this article was from the locals. Their response pertained to housing for the local worker who would operate this attraction. That article was published back in 2017. Since then, I have not heard a peep.

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. The recent rules effective June 15, 2018 have banned dual agency, so it is prudent to contact a Buyer’s Agent like me, for more information. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor.

Click the following link for more information on the Market Update for Whistler real estate. Statistics courtesy of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

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Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

Snowridge Crescent and Snowridge townhomes

Luxury home marketing has always been taken seriously by Marion Anderson of Sutton Group – West Coast Realty, Whistler. Every real estate agent wants to represent the luxury home buyer and seller. However, what can you do to ensure that you are working with an experienced real estate agent? The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) designation is a good way to tell.

Certified Luxury home Marketing Specialist logo

Luxury Home Marketing Designation

The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) designation must be earned. It assures affluent buyers and sellers that real estate professionals have the knowledge, experience, and unique skills to meet their needs. Members of The Institute of Luxury Home Marketing who hold the CLHMS designation have documented performance in the TOP 10% of their residential markets. They have successfully demonstrated their expertise in the luxury home and estate market.

Million Dollar Guild Status

The Million Dollar GUILD™ status is recognized as an achievement in luxury markets around the world. This designation assures high-net-worth-individuals that they have chosen the best real estate professional. By achieving GUILD status the agent is remarkably knowledgeable, and experienced. In addition, the agent has the unique skills necessary to meet and exceed expectations for today’s most discerning luxury buyers and sellers.

Luxury real estate professionals achieve GUILD recognition after having completed the luxury home sales and marketing training. In addition, the agent must become an Institute Member, earning the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ designation. All of that is topped off with documented performance in the multi-million dollar residential market.

I have proven experience in working with the buyer who is used to first class service. Happy to provide you with references. Have a look at my bio page, Marion Anderson and then please contact me at your convenience. I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction.

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Real Estate Closing Process

Whistler Creekside Gondola storage and summer biker

How Does the Vendor’s Mortgage Get Removed From Title?

For Whistler real estate, the real estate transaction closing process is not complicated, however it is a process which takes time. Recently, upon closing a transaction, the lawyer acting for the buyer sent them a copy of the “new” title. The Buyers names were on the title, in addition, so was the vendor’s mortgage. Naturally, this alarmed the buyers as the lawyer had not fully explained the process to them. Although there may be other steps to this process this outline will give you a sense of the basic process:

  • Upon closing, the Buyer’s lawyer (BL) sends the money from the sale, as per the adjustment document to the Seller’s Lawyer (SL).
  • SL then sends the money outstanding to the Bank which held the vendor’s mortgage. This is accompanied by a Discharge Document (DD). The Bank has up to 90 days to sign the DD. Bank returns the signed DD back to the SL usually with 45 to 60 days.
  • Upon receipt, the SL files the signed DD with the Land Title Office (LTO).  LTO filing happens within a few weeks, and when it does, they send notification to the SL that the DD has been filed. Any mortgage held by the vendor should now be removed from the title.
  • Finally, the SL can notify the BL who orders a current copy of the title from the LTO and sends that to the Buyer. In addition to having the Buyer’s name and address on it, the title will be free from any encumbrances. Just as it says in the Contract of Purchase and Sale.

For more FAQ on purchasing Whistler ski-in ski-out real estate, please read the FAQ Buyer’s Page.   

I am here to help you before, during and after the transaction. Please contact me if you are not working with a realtor. 

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Suite Rental Income To Qualify for Mortgage in Whistler

Whistler building department

House Suite Can Be Factored Into Your Mortgage Application, With Restrictions.

Using suite rental income to qualify for a mortgage in Whistler is a process. It starts with finding a house with a legitimate suite which the lending institution will accept as authorized accommodation. Some real estate agents in Whistler refer to unauthorized accommodation, as non-conforming, or illegal space. I prefer to use the term provided by the Real Estate Council of BC, which is unauthorized accommodation.

What is Unauthorized Accommodation?

The building plans are presented to and approved by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). Through due process everything on those plans would be deemed authorized space. The suite must be in the original building plans. If the suite was added after those plans were approved, the suite would be referred to as unauthorized accommodation.

One of the most common area for change is adding on a suite, or adding on a second suite. The Seller must divulge that there is unauthorized accommodation on the Property Disclosure Statement (PDS). Which is why the BC Council of Real Estate requests that buyer views the PDS before writing the offer. In addition, viewing the property’s file from the building department of the RMOW would also be advantageous. However, most listing agents do not have the RMOW documents on-hand when they rush to list a property, rarely is the PDS completed. So, the buyer could have written an offer and then once the plans arrive, find out that there is unauthorized accommodation. The listing agent may tell us what is unauthorized space, but it really should not be relied upon. We are better to do our own research.

Whistler Mortgage Broker Comments

I asked Karen Garrett of Dominion Lending, Whistler, how easy it was to get financing on a house with a suite. Karen responded “The banks are very strict about lending against unauthorized space. If the contract states something like ‘buyer is aware the suite is non-conforming and illegal’ then it is more likely the lender won’t allow the suite to be factored in to the financings.”

To avoid a misunderstanding, the buyer’s agent should be adding the unauthorized accommodation clause to the contract. This clause states “The Buyer is aware that the property contains unauthorized accommodation and has been informed of the consequences of such ownership and the potential loss of income should the rental use be discontinued.” A clause like that will surely raise the question of “what is unauthorized?” from the lending institution.

How to Spot An Unauthorized Suite

Unauthorized suites are easy to spot. A suite is defined by it’s own exterior entrance. If the entrance is through the main house, that is your first clue. Second clue is the suite does not have a full kitchen, for example, the ‘kitchen’ only has a hot plate, that is not a true suite. Third clue is if there is already one authorized suite factored in for financing. Then you ask to use a second suite in the home. Two suites are not allowed in a Whistler home.

Banks Have An Independent Appraiser

The banks send out an independent property appraiser, hired by the bank to prepare a report on the property you are asking them to finance. This is usually done at the last minute prior to subject removal. So the report will tell them if you have accidentally misled them. These pitfalls should be identified by your real estate agent, before making an offer.

Are you looking for a real estate agent who can help navigate the pitfalls of purchasing real estate in Whistler? Check out the FAQ for Buyers page on this site. Contact me if you are not already working with a realtor.



Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services Form

View from the 'back yard' of 26-4501-Blackcomb-Way-Snowy-Creek

Why it Benefits You to Sign the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services Form

In summary, by signing the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services Form you are binding the agent you have chosen, to honour four legal duties. These duties are: 1)Loyalty, 2)Avoid conflicts of interest, 3)Fully disclose any relevant information, and 4) Protect your confidentiality (indefinitely).

The Real Estate Council of BC is very serious about this form. To the point where the agent has to email each signed copy to their Broker. The Broker then keeps it on file, for future audits. There are massive fines to the real estate agent and their broker by not following this ruling. The fines can be $250,000. Needless to say, that is a game changer for most realtors. 

In summary, this is not a binding document which ties you to your agent. It actually binds the agent to you legally, and to honour the four duties mentioned above.

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

Please click the following link to view the entire Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services Form.  The following is an excerpt which is taken directly from the form.

Disclosure of Representation Form

Another excellent resource is refer to the Real Estate Council of BC’s website at


Dual Agency in Whistler

views from Blackcomb Mountain, whistler bc

Dual Agency in Whistler is Banned

The Superintendent of Real Estate for BC, has banned dual agency in Whistler effective June 15, 2018. This is good, ethical practice for the buyer, the seller and the real estate agent. I may be one of the few agents in Whistler who think this is good practice, possibly because I represent more buyers than I list properties. Regardless, I have a strong obligation to serve my clients real estate needs before, during and after the transaction. The transaction should be all about you. The transaction should not be about the realtor, or the team double-ending the commission.

Specifically, the new rules will prohibit the practice of limited dual agency. The move to single agency is a significant change from the practice over the years when Realtors could represent both sellers and buyers in a transaction. BC is the first Canadian province to implement rules that require Realtors to act only for one party.

This new ruling also means that listing agents won’t be able to bring their own buyers to their listing. The listing agent must choose who to represent, the buyer or the seller, or neither. It is such a serious ruling, that the listing agent can provide a fact sheet, but when the licensee receives or solicits confidential information from the buyer then the listing agent must now ask the buyer to sign a Disclosure of Representation of Trading Services Form. The form clearly states, that an agent can only represent one client. Without the form being explained and signed by both the agent and the potential buyer, the agent is at serious risk of a massive fine, $250,000, and a legal hassle.

In addition, the Real Estate Council of BC has banned any team member or any agent who is related, from acting as a referral agent in the transaction. That way, the listing agent will need to refer the buyer to another realtor or help the buyer as an unrepresented party, which is a recipe for disaster.

Courtesy of the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC)

RECBC has provided the following information on the “Disclosure of Risks Associated with the Dual Agency” document:

“When a licensed real estate professional represents two parties with competing interests in a real estate transaction, it is known as ‘dual agency’. Some examples of dual agency are when one real estate professional represents 1) both the buyer and the seller and 2) two separate buyers who each hope to purchase the same property”

Dual Agency is not Relevant in Whistler

In Whistler, BC, dual agency is not an option. Other remote parts of BC may have the option of a dual agency situation. However, I am not going to go into that on this post since it is not relevant to those who are considering Whistler ski-in ski-out real estate.

Click the link for more FAQ on Whistler real estate which will help you understand the intricacies of buying real estate in Whistler. If you are not working with a real estate agent, please contact me anytime. I am here to help you.

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Sales Process for Buying Whistler Real Estate

signpost on lower Franz's leading to Kadenwood

Sales Process for Buying Whistler Real Estate

Sales Process for Buying Whistler Real Estate is explained on this website on the Buying Process page. The buying process acts as a guideline for buyers who want to know what they are getting themselves before they contact a realtor. I use it as a step by step guideline when I first connect with a buyer. This is a great document to guide a first meeting or first conversation.

The buying process:

  1. Buying Process for Whistler Real Estate
  2. Legal Process for Closing
  3. Closing Costs
  4. Professionals for buying Whistler real estate
  5. Sutton Group-West Coast Realty deposit guidelines

Understanding what happens, and at what stage reduces any surprises. Surprises, or shocks cause stress and tension, which is something I work hard to avoid. Another solid read is the Race and Company Buyer’s Guide for a local Whistler lawyer’s perspective on the sales process for the buyer.

Important documents

There are several documents which must be signed-off on as being read and understood. These documents are Working with a Realtor, Title, Property condition disclosure statement and Revenue statements. However, I always request the strata documents from the listing agent, which hopefully they have ordered! The strata and the Depreciation Report are also very important to understanding what you are buying. 

If you are ready, have a look at the Buying Process. If you are not working with a real estate agent, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Link through to my Marion Anderson bio page for more details on me.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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