Unauthorized Accommodation


Unauthorized Accommodation Rental Suite

The topic of buying a Whistler property with unauthorized accommodation is expansive. Unauthorized means that the space was not identified in the original plans which were submitted to the municipality to obtain a permit.

This post is going to focus on unauthorized accommodation in the form of a rental suite. A rental suite within a residential property (house) is common in Whistler. The definition of such a suite might be: “A suite is a separate living area contained within a dwelling unit functioning as a self-contained suite, typically complete with its own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.” They are colloquially known as in-law suite, mortgage helper, nanny suite, non-conforming suite, and other similar descriptive names.

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GST Buyer Information


Is G.S.T. payable on Whistler Real Estate?

Another topic which generates a lot of buyer FAQ Whistler real estate questions is the one on the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Please note, this is a huge topic, and one which cannot and should not be explained fully on any realtor’s website. Realtor’s have a basic knowledge, but they are duty-bound to recommend you take professional advice from an accountant or lawyer. Realtors are not GST experts. In the meantime, the following information has been taken from local lawyers, Race and Company’s website.

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November 2021 Whistler Market Update


November 2021 Whistler Market Update in Under 99 Seconds

We continue to experience an unprecedented real estate market in Whistler. Sales to Active Listings ratio at 76% has broken another record. To understand what that means and how a Buyer can navigate this market, view the video below. It only takes 98 seconds, and who can’t spare that to stay informed.

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