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Snowridge Detached Houses on Whistler Mountain

Detached houses on Snowridge, Whistler Mountain have a super easy, ski-in and ski-out access. Not only that, but they are within walking distance to Creekside Village. These two features make up the main benefits of Snowridge. In other words, you literally walk across a 20 foot bridge connecting Snowridge Crescent to the Dave Murray Downhill. Then, just point your skis or board in the direction of the Whistler Creekside Gondola for upload. When the snow has gone, rather than pointing your skis or board, you point your bike or your walking shoes.

Buying a multi-million dollar home on Snowridge Crescent is for the dedicated snow-sport family. It is also a private, yet convenient location. Private in the sense that there is one road into the development. Convenient, as you are a 5 minute walk to the stores, services and restaurants of Creekside.

The strata plan for this enclave was registered back in 1988. The building lots were sized around 7,500 sq. ft. The lot sizes dictated the size of each build. Therefore, Snowridge is a cozy development with the focus on the convenient location to Whistler Creekside, and the front row to Whistler Mountain.

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Active Listings

When houses are listed in Snowridge they do stay on the market longer than other houses which are not ski-in/ski-out. Simply because this is a niche product. Some listings expire and are still for sale, or they are sold as an exclusive or sleeve listing. Therefore, if you are interested in this location, don’t be discouraged that there are no active listings.

  • no active listings

If there is no link on the active listing above, please search the property on This is the principal website for all Whistler Real Estate Agents and their listings. Click the following link to view the other Active Ski-in/Ski-out Listings of luxury houses on this site. It features property listed by all Whistler brokerages.

Market Update

When starting your initial search for Whistler real estate, it is important to understand the current market conditions. If you are not ready to connect with a Whistler realtor and would prefer to do your own homework, I encourage you to study the sales and listing statistics on the Market Update page on this site. The statistics are compiled by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) In addition, the monthly Whistler Real Estate Market Update video is a great way to stay informed in less than 99 seconds.


Snowridge is one of the older neighbourhoods in Whistler. There are only 22 houses in this high-end enclave, and every house has ski-in and ski-out access to Whistler Mountain. Some of the houses are closer to the Dave Murray Downhill than others, but all are within an easy walk to the bridge for access.  No doubt that if you are looking for a ski-in/ski -out house, in a convenient location, then this neighbourhood must be top of your list.

The Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler Blackcomb Snow School and their equipment rental shop are all close to the Creekside gondola. There is a trail through the trees at Snowridge to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, which may be of interest if your child is a budding ski racer. After the snow has gone, you will find a path leading down the slope to Creekside. This means you can easily walk or bike down the side of the mountain to Whistler Creekside, and take advantage of the restaurants, bars, shops and grocery store. 

Location on Whistler Mountain Viewed From Creekside Gondola: Video

This video was taken from the Creekside Gondola and it shows you the amazing location and ease of access to Whistler Mountain. Have a look at the gradient of the slope between Snowridge and Creekside. In essence, it is a very nice gradient and more like a blue run on that stretch.

Distance From Whistler Village: Video

This video answers the question of how far Snowridge is from Whistler Village. In essence, it’s a 5 minute drive by car. If you wanted to walk to Whistler Village along the scenic valley trail, it would take you about an hour.

Google Map

This Google map accurately shows you the development of Snowridge Crescent homes. The Development started in 1988 so by the time Google flew Whistler in 1999, this area was well established.

Civic Address Map Showing Snowridge Crescent

This civic map of Snowridge Crescent shows the civic address of each property. In addition, the map shows you what is close to Snowridge. Please remember this is all on the side of a mountain, so it is not flat as the map infers.

Development Site Plan of Snowridge

The developer’s package back in 1988, included the image below. It showed the location and number of each strata lot, and the proximity to the bridge over Whistler Creek.

Map of Whistler Creekside

This is the only map available of Creekside. There have been a few changes in some of the retail stores. However, the changes are minor, and would not affect you relying on this map to understand what is offered in this local hub. There is a great little grocery store in this location aptly named Creekside Market, and it is more than adequate or all your weekly shopping needs.

Drive to Creekside: Video

It is an easy 3 minute drive from Snowridge Crescent to Whistler Creekside as demonstrated in the video below.

Walk The Path To Creekside: Video

Many buyers overlook Snowridge due to the distance to Whistler Village. However, the proximity to Creekside is superb, especially when there is no snow on the ground. The paved path which runs down the front of the slopes, parallel to Snowridge is a great way to walk to and from Creekside and all that it offers. Have a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

Bus to Whistler Village

The bus service in Whistler changes every season, so best check out the schedule at From this location it is route 1 or 2 you are interested in. To get to the bus stop you aim for the intersection of Eva Lake Road and Whistler Road. Another option is at Creekside. For the Creekside option, you just walk 5 minutes down the slopes to Whistler Creekside and there are two bus stops to choose from. When you have had enough exercise, you may want to put your bike on the bus rather than ride it home. All Whistler buses have space for two bikes to be loaded on to the front of the bus. When you run out of daylight or energy this can be a great comfort.

Street View

The drive around Snowridge will give you a sense of the individuality of the owners in this area. In 1988, the developer carved out space for 22 lots each around 7,500 sq. ft. Some lots are positioned in a tight formation, which would never happen today. However, some say that adds to the charm of this location. There will never be another Snowridge as there is no space available on the side of Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain within a 5 minute walk to the Base. Many buyers make the mistake of looking at the house in Snowridge, when it is not about the house, it is about this amazing and unique location.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery below may help you appreciate how different the Snowridge is. Especially when you compare it to the other four ski-in ski-out locations for detached ski-in ski-out houses, featured on this site.

Snowridge Crescent the bridge to the Dave Murray Downhill

Snowridge Crescent different house styles

Snowridge Crescent mountain views to the west

Snowridge Crescent mountain views

Snowridge Crescent bridge to Whistler Mountain and the slopes

Snowridge path to whistler mountain

Snowridge Crescent the bridge to the Dave Murray Downhill

Snowridge Crescent different house styles

Snowridge Crescent mountain views to the west

Snowridge Crescent mountain views

Snowridge Crescent bridge to Whistler Mountain and the slopes

Snowridge path to whistler mountain

Ski-in/Ski-out Trail: Video

This enclave of houses has a 20 ft. bridge connecting these homes to the Dave Murray Downhill on Whistler Mountain. Walk over the bridge and you are on the slopes. The Dave Murray Downhill (DMD) is a black diamond run. In Whistler we have green, blue and black rated runs. We do not have double black diamond rating. From mid-mountain to Snowridge would not be considered a double black, for those who are used to that rating. However, it is not an easy blue run. Therefore, most beginners download to Creekside at the end of the day. To start your day, getting from Snowridge to Creekside is a nice gradient, and that portion would considered a blue run, if that portion was rated by itself. In other words, you may be driving to the Creekside base to pick up beginners until they are confident enough to master the DMD.


Sales of luxury detached houses in Snowridge, Snowridge Crescent, Whistler. Data was imported from the Whistler Listing System. Days on Market (DOM) has been recorded since 2010.
NumberStreetBedroomsBathroomsHouse sq. ft.Land sq. ft.Sold PriceYear SoldDOMListing Broker
2578Snowridge Crescent5.54.5332165476,230,00020219RE/MAX
2572Snowridge Crescent43.5355571506,500,000202093MacD
2587Snowridge Crescent6642206171 5,425,00020190E&V
2561Snowridge Crescent4329707479 4,050,0002019319E&V
2574Snowridge Crescent4.5535205952 6,350,000201838Thorn
2590Snowridge Crescent66353010,583 6,500,0002017155Thorn
2580Snowridge Crescent54.528167651 3,895,000201771Thorn
2578Snowridge Crescent5.54.5344065473,250,0002016149WREC
2572Snowridge Crescent43.5347571504,750,0002015186Thorn
2562Snowridge Crescent64.5287090221,765,0002014111WREC
2589Snowridge Crescent42.5265166401,600,000201326WREC
2586Snowridge Crescent5330002,067,300201263RE/MAX
2590Snowridge Crescent65.5294710,5831,850,000201249RE/MAX
2580Snowridge Crescent5528162,600,0002012163SOTHEBYS
2587Snowridge Crescent44337961712,150,0002012206WREC
2560Snowridge Crescent64340090252,500,0002011461RE/MAX
2593Snowridge Crescent54.526682,350,0002010SWCR
2593Snowridge Crescent54.5266870972,400,0002007RE/MAX
2586Snowridge Crescent5330002,600,0002006S to S
2564Snowridge Crescent5634006,150,0002005S to S
2574Snowridge Crescent4.55336859513,250,0002001WREC
2585Snowridge Crescent3.53.525361,600,0002001RE/MAX
2574Snowridge Crescent4.55336859511,200,0002000WREC
2568Snowridge Crescent3.53.52679768,0001999RE/MAX
2570Snowridge Crescent5431001,900,0001999WREC
2590Snowridge Crescent43.529471,060,0001999WREC
2593Snowridge Crescent54.526681,230,0001999RE/MAX
2586Snowridge Crescent52.53000990,0001998WREC

Comparable Sales

To view the sales of luxury homes in the other ski-in/ski-out locations in Whistler, click through to the Luxury House Sales (Sales: Houses). Please note, there are only five locations in Whistler that offer a detached house with ski-in/ski-out access to either Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain. All five locations are featured on this site.


Strata Plan

When you are considering a particular house in Snowridge Crescent, it is important to look at the Registered strata plan VAS2049. The strata plan provides details on the size of the lots, and what areas are common property. These are very small lots by the standards of today. However, remember, you are not buying in Snowridge to own land, you are buying to have incredible ski-in and ski-out access. The strata lots were small and tight as the developer could make them. The Snowridge Circle strata of townhomes also uses the bridge and they contribute to its maintenance.


With no underground parking, communal hot tub or swimming pool the strata fees are minimal. In summary, the strata fees include:

  • road maintenance
  • snow removal
  • landscaping
  • bridge maintenance
  • common area hydro
  • common area insurance


There is not a lot of excess room for cars in this bare-land strata development. However, the large area in the strata seems to serve as a communal parking lot for the owners should an owner be hosting an evening event. In a strata this compact, you will get to know your neighbours which again adds to the quality of life in Snowridge.


The development was zoned RTA25 by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). This zoning allows for nightly rentals, however it is the owner’s decision whether or not to rent. In summary, with the price of the homes increasing in Snowridge, most new buyers decide against rentals as the return on investment is just not worth the grief.


If you are starting out and want to understand what the process is for buying a property in Whistler, have a look at the Buying Process page on this site. Print off the pages for a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide.


One question that should be raised, is how will you, the Buyer be protected during and after the transaction. The BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) is the governing body for real estate agents. They require The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (DORTS) form to be reviewed at the beginning of the relationship with that first communication. Please click through to my recent post on Representation to understand how Agency Representation by your real estate agency benefits and protects you.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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