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Whistler Real Estate Market

This page covers the status of the real estate market in Whistler with links to Buying for residents and non-residents of Canada. The market conditions determine whether it is the best market to buy or sell.

Non-Resident Buying Whistler Real Estate

If you are a non-resident Buyer, do yourself a favor and read the following pages that were written especially for you.

  1. Non-resident: Buying
  2. Non-resident: Buying Process
  3. Non-resident: Finance and Funds
  4. Non-resident: Owning
  5. Non-resident: Taxes and Fees
  6. Non-resident: Selling
  7. Non-resident: FAQ

Canadians Buying Whistler Real Estate

If you are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada, these pages are for you:

  1. Buying Process
  2. Taxes and Fees on Whistler Real Estate

Monthly Market Update: video

Each month I record a Whistler Real Estate Market Update video. This means that in less than 99 seconds each month, you can stay informed on the market. Below is the current month’s market update.

Canadian/Vancouver Real Estate Market: video

Looking for more information on the Canadian real estate market with a focus on British Columbia? I recommend you subscribe to the YouTube channel of Steve Saretsky. Steve is a Vancouver Realtor, Housing Analyst/Consultant, and Canadian Real Estate/Finance Blogger. Steve is widely considered a thought leader in the industry with regular appearances on Bloomberg, CBC, The Vancouver Sun, and various other media outlets. Here is the link to subscribe to Steve’s Monday Newsletter, which is always worth a read.

Now back to more on the Whistler real estate market…

Market Update by Segment

The following graphs are provided by the Greater Vancouver Realtors Board, of which all Whistler real estate agents are members. These interactive charts are automatically updated daily. Run your cursor over the line graph to see the numbers recorded at the end of each month. If you are viewing the graphs on the phone, they are not responsive, so please scroll to view the complete graph.

1) Detached House Market Update

Detached House Sales

Detached House Listings

Detached House New Listings

Detached House Sales to Listings Ratio

Detached House HPI

2) Townhome Market Update

Townhome Sales

Townhome Listings

Townhome New Listings

Townhome Sales to Listings Ratio

Townhome HPI

3) Condo Market Update

Anything called a condo is lumped together in this segment, so it is no where near exact, but it should give you a sense of the activity in this segment.

Condo Sales

Condo Listings

Condo New Listings

Condo Sales to Listings Ratio

Condo HPI

Next Steps

Buying real estate in Whistler, whether ski-in/ski-out or not, is a smooth process when working with an experienced Whistler real estate agent who follows the rules. Everything in real estate, except for writing the contract and the negotiation is a process. Experienced realtor, and skilled negotiator, Marion Anderson will work with you directly from start to finish. No assistants are involved.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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