Non-Resident: FAQ

Non-Residents Frequently Asked Questions on Whistler Real Estate

This page provides you, the non-resident buyer with answers to the most commonly asked questions on Whistler real estate. It is impossible to cover, on this page, all the questions that may be asked when buying, owning or selling real estate in Whistler. If you are a non-resident, it would be important to talk with Marion Anderson, who specializes in helping non-residents buy, own, and sell real estate in Whistler. The following pages will provide a more comprehensive overview.

  1. Non-resident: Buying
  2. Non-resident: Buying Process
  3. Non-resident: Finance and Funds
  4. Non-resident: Owning
  5. Non-resident: Taxes and Fees
  6. Non-resident: Selling
  7. Non-resident: FAQ


Good news for non-residents of Canada. Whistler is exempt from the Federal Government’s ban on foreign investment in Canadian real estate. This means that Whistler is still open for business. Contact Marion Anderson today to start the process of finding the right Whistler property for you and your family.

Can non-residents buy real estate in Whistler?

Yes. Whistler was excluded from the Government of Canada’s ban on foreign investment which is in place until 2027.

Can non-residents buy any type of real estate in Whistler?

Yes. Non-residents can buy any type of real estate in Whistler: residential, tourist accommodation, nightly rental, fractional ownership, land, and commercial.

What’s the challenge for non-residents who are buying Whistler real estate?

Transferring the funds seems to be the biggest challenge for non-residents which can be overcome with careful planning.

Can a non-resident obtain financing for a Whistler real estate purchase?

Yes. An experienced mortgage broker will secure financing for you through Canadian banks.

Will more ski-in ski-out properties be built in Whistler?

No. There are no plans for additional ski-in ski-out real estate in Whistler.

Is there a Whistler realtor who specializes in non-resident buyers?

Yes, Marion Anderson, an experienced Whistler realtor offers pages of information on her website, she is the only one who provides this level of detail. check out her website and decide for yourself.

Does the non-resident buyer need to be in Whistler for the completion date?

No. If there is no mortgage financing you should be able to sign the completion documents from your home country.

Is it a simple process to build in Whistler as a non-resident?

Yes. The local builders have all worked with owners who are renovating, or building from afar. Don’t sweat it.

Who holds the non-resident’s Buyer’s deposit when buying in Whistler?

The Brokerage representing the Buyer will hold the deposit in trust. The deposit is wired directly to that brokerage’s bank account.

Where does a non-resident Buyer send the settlement funds?

Directly to the Buyer’s Whistler or BC lawyer where the funds are held in trust.

Do non-resident Buyers need insurance when it is covered by the strata?

The Buyer needs to buy content insurance and insurance that covers water damage. The strata may require proof that insurance has been purchased annually.

Does the non-resident Buyer need to buy insurance on a bare land strata?

Yes. There must be adequate insurance on a vacant lot to cover anyone hurting themselves. Do not be stingy with insurance.

How easy is it to do a renovation from overseas?

Many owners in Whistler work with a builder to achieve renovations and full builds. It is all in the planning.

If I have Canadian mortgage financing, do I need to be in Whistler to sign the documents?

Yes, there is a good chance the Canadian bank will want you in one of their Canadian branches to sign the mortgage documents. This is determined when you ask the bank for a mortgage.

What are the pitfalls for non-residents buying Whistler real estate?

There should be no pitfalls if you follow the advice of your realtor and lawyer. When there is bank financing, transferring your funds out of the bank may involve you coming to a Canadian branch to release those funds.

What type of properties are for sale in Whistler?


For non-residents, what is withholding tax on rental income?

Non-residents pay 25% of the gross rental income to the Canada Customs Revenue Agency. This could be considered a pre-payment of taxes.

Can the non-resident’s withholding tax be reduced from 25% of gross rental income?

Yes. It can be reduced to 25% of net income after expenses when the non-resident and rental manager sign the NR6 form and get the CRA’s authorization.

Do non-residents collect and submit GST on rental income?

Is GST on rental income deemed income?

No. GST is a tax and is separate from paying tax on income earned.

As a non-resident do I file an annual Canadian Tax Return?

It depends on whether your property is generating revenue. If it is, then yes you do.

As a non-resident, do I need a Canadian accountant?

Yes, if you own a property that is generating revenue, you will need an accountant.


Is selling real estate in Whistler the same for non-residents and residents of Canada?

No. It is a different process for non-residents. The Government of Canada wants to ensure that non-residents pay all their taxes before leaving the country.

What is the tax rate on the capital gain for a non-resident selling Whistler real estate?

The tax rate is 50% of the net capital gain. Effective June 25, 2024 Sellers with a capital gain of more than $250,000, will be taxed on 2/3rds or 66.6% of the gain as income.

What is the best time of year for a non-resident to sell their Whistler property?

After considering the market conditions, selling by October should allow the non-resident time to receive their Compliance Certificate and file their personal tax return by April 30th.

Is there a deadline for the non-resident to receive their Compliance Certificate?

There is no deadline. However, receipt of the Compliance Certificate allows the non-resident to file their personal tax return by April 30th.

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Buying real estate in Whistler, whether ski-in/ski-out or not, is a smooth process when working with an experienced Whistler real estate agent who follows the rules. Everything in real estate, except for writing the contract and the negotiation is a process. Experienced realtor, and skilled negotiator, Marion Anderson will work with you directly from start to finish. No assistants are involved.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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