Large Houses on Horstman Estates, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

The purpose of owning in Horstman Estates is principally to have a large, detached house within walking distance to Whistler Village. Thus, enjoying close proximity to all the action, and convenience associated with this locale. Having a groomed ski-out trail from Blackcomb Mountain into the development is a back-up reason for buying in Horstman Estates. The owners in Horstman acknowledge they have a 6 minute warm-up walk, or a 3 minute bus ride to access one of the most famous ski mountains in the world…Blackcomb Mountain.

I would suggest that the people who buy in Horstman Estates intend to use their house outside of the winter season. Therefore, access to everything Whistler offers is of greater appeal than access to winter sports.

It’s a Good Life in Whistler!


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Active Listings of Horstman Estates Houses

I would not describe sales in Horstman Estates as rare, but there are only 33 lots, so if one house is listed on the market every three years…is that rare? The following is the listing of luxury houses in Horstman Estates posted by all Whistler Brokerages:

  • Vacant Land: 4901 Horstman Place: Lot Size – 29,934 sq.ft., $8,500,000. 

Click the link to view Active Ski-in/Ski-out Listings of large, luxury houses and other ski-in/ski-out locations featured on this site. Listings are posted by all Whistler Brokerages. What this means for you, is that you don’t need to trawl around the listing realtors to find ski-in ski-out listings. If there are any, they will be on this site.

If you would like a market update on the Whistler Real Estate Market, and in particular, ski-in/ski-out luxury ski homes in Whistler, please click Market Update.


The Benchlands is an area in Whistler, which was developed in the eighties. Due to its proximity to Whistler Village, and the slopes of Blackcomb Mountain, the Benchlands was designated as prime real estate. Being in a prime location, it was deemed that would be where the tourists would want to rent, so it was zoned for nightly rental. However, please note, Horstman Estates has residential zoning. There is no set boundary for the Benchlands. My suggestion is that it starts at Glacier Drive, though some realtors may say it starts at the bus terminal on Blackcomb Way. It then runs along Blackcomb Way, and up Glacier Drive, Painted Cliff Road, and Spearhead Drive. Horstman Estates and the other townhomes and condos are in the Benchlands.

The layout of Horstman Estates can be seen on the civic map below. The homes have all been built to face west, getting the afternoon and evening sunlight. There is one main entrance to the development, and although the strata plan shows that the developer was astute to add several points of access to Painted Cliff Road, none of these access points are in place. This means that if you are on the upper side of Horstman Lane you are walking to the main entrance to catch the bus or to start your walk to Whistler Village. I would say having only one access to/from Horstman Estates bodes well to the home-owners desire to keep Horstman Estates as private a location as possible.  

Distance From Village

When Buyers are seriously considering Horstman Estates they have two immediate questions. The first is about the ski-in/ski-out access and the second is the distance from Whistler Village. The video below will take you on a drive from the Village Gate Boulevard up to Horstman Estates then back to Lorimer Road. Please see further down for the ski access video.

Google Map

Civic Address Map

This map is courtesy of the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). It was posted to show you what surrounds Horstman Estates, and the civic addresses in Horstman Estates. The map does not show you the ski access off Blackcomb Mountain therefore, this map should not be relied upon for ski access information.

Transit to Whistler Village

Most people who buy in the Benchlands, want to walk rather than drive. They park the car at their house the minute they arrive. From then on, they rely on the free bus service, walk or bike. With e-bikes, cycling up to Horstman Estates, or beyond, is now manageable for all levels. There is a free, village bus service which has a route through the Benchlands running past the entrance to Horstman Estates on the way up Painted Cliff Road, and again on its way down to the village via Spearhead Drive.  Click this link www.bctransit/whistler and look for route 5, the Whistler Upper Village/Benchlands shuttle.

Street View

This video will show you the layout and privacy of Horstman Estates. In addition, I point out the location of the ski-home trail coming in off Blackcomb Mountain.

Ski-out From Blackcomb Mountain Into Horstman Estates

The ski home trail video should give you a sense of whether your family can safely make it home at the end of the ski day via this route. Some listing agents claim that the ski-out trail comes to the back of the property line for each strata lot. That is debatable and should be investigated further on a house by house basis. The image shows you the trail I take on the video.

Horstman Estates has a ski-in trail off Lower Cruiser on Blackcomb Mountain which leads into the designated access to Horstman Estates (see photo above). While there may look like more access points, the terrain has not been specifically cleared for that purpose. In addition, this is an old image, as Google seems to have forgotten about passing over Whistler.

Walk to the Slopes in Under 6 minutes

The 6 minute walk was timed, wearing ski boots and carrying skis and poles. The route started at the entrance to Horstman Estates. Then I walked down Spearhead Drive and turned left at the public path leading to the slopes. The flat public path was located between the side of the Aspens and the back of the Greystone Lodge. In summary, the walk was slow and steady. Now that I have done this walk, I would encourage potential buyers who are considering Horstman Estates, to do the same. Walking would be preferable to loading the car and coping with parking the car. In addition, the walk is a great way to warm up your muscles.

Bus to Slopes in Under 3 minutes

There is a free bus service which runs through the Benchlands every 15 minutes in winter. This services runs the rest of the year, but not as regularly. There is a bus stop opposite the entrance to Horstman Estates on the corner of Painted Cliff Road and Spearhead Drive. Without exaggeration, this is a 2 minute bus ride from this bus stop to the top of Painted Cliff Road. Once you disembark it is about 200 feet to the ski-out trail which leads you on to Merlin’s run. From there, it is off to the Base of Blackcomb for upload on the ten passenger, Blackcomb Gondola.

The same bus turns around at the top of Painted Cliff Road, and at the entrance to Horstman it turns left on to Spearhead Drive. If you wanted to take the bus to the Base of Blackcomb for upload, or Snow School drop-off, you just need to walk to the bus stop on Spearhead Drive. That is about 200ft from the entrance to Horstman Estates.

If you decided to stay on the bus past the Base of Blackcomb, your next point of interest is the bus terminal. At that location you disembark, and walk towards the Pan Pacific Mountainside. In Mountainside Square, you will have access for upload via the Whistler Mountain Gondola, the Whistler Mountain Fitzsimmons quad chair, or the Blackcomb Mountain Excalibur Gondola. Spoiled for choice!

Sales of Luxury Ski Homes in Horstman Estates

The chart below details each sale in Horstman Estates since January 2014. This information was provided by all Whistler brokerages:

AddressBed/BathHouse Size (sq. ft.) Land Size (sq. ft.) Sold PriceYear SoldListing Broker
4937 Horstman Lane4.5/4.54,10211,8195,795,0002020WREC
4941 Horstman Lane7/5.54,70012,8954,950,0002019E&V
4961 Horstman Lane5/75,0909,0159,000,0002019WREC
4945 Horstman Lane4/3.54,64416,4153,888,0002017WREC
4958 Horstman Lane7/65,42817,136 6,500,0002017Thorn
4949 Horstman Lane3/3.53,99715,6413,700,0002017Sutton
4934 Horstman Lane5/5.54,4954,500,0002015WREC
4953 Horstman Lane7.5/5.54,90814,9543,000,0002013Thorn
4934 Horstman Lane5/4.54,49517,8004,000,0002010Thorn
4917 Horstman Lane4.5/34,20011,4853,100,0002010WREC
4957 Horstman Lane4.5/64,01111,4634,000,0002010Thorn
4922 Horstman Lane4.5/3.52,5357,6253,800,0002008Sutton
4937 Horstman Lane4/4.54,1354,400,0002007WREC
4926 Horstman Lane4/4.53,0008,0703,557,0002007S to S
4918 Horstman Lane5/42,6502,610,0002006Sutton
4965 Horstman Lane4.5/33,0008,1262,400,0002004RE/MAX
4926 Horstman Lane4.5/4.53,0008,0703,300,0002004RE/MAX
4942 Horstman Lane4.5/5.54,06011,6144,209,3782001WREC
4942 Horstman Lane4.5/5.54,06011,6141,900,0002000WREC
4934 Horstman Lane4/4.54,49517,8003,350,0002000RE/MAX
4926 Horstman Lane4.5/4.53,0008,0701,465,0001999WREC
4958 Horstman Lane6/4.55,4002,700,0001999WREC
4918 Horstman Lane5/42,6501,375,0001999WREC
4917 Horstman Lane4.5/34,2001,300,0001999WREC
4941 Horstman Lane5/3.54,4511,325,0001998WREC
4953 Horstman Lane7/55,5002,750,0001998RE/MAX

To view the sales of luxury homes in the other ski-in/ski-out locations in Whistler, click through to the Luxury House Sales

Strata Horstman Estates

Horstman Estates is a bare land strata. That means that each strata lot owner pays a small, monthly strata fee. In a bare land strata, the strata corporation, meaning the home owners, are only responsible for the items covered by the strata fee. The responsibility of the strata corporation stops at the lot line for each strata lot.


A bare land strata has the lowest strata fees as the strata fees cover the common property which includes:

  • snow removal
  • landscaping
  • road maintenance
  • ski-home trail grooming and maintenance
  • common area hydro
  • common area insurance
  • pets allowed

Strata plan

View the Registered strata plan VAS2482 and cross reference the civic address with the strata lot numbers shown in the image below.


Parking is not encouraged on either Horstman Lane or Horstman Place, each house has been built with a number of parking spots which is meant to accommodate you and your visitors. The reality is that when a major renovation is underway, there will be vehicles belonging to the tradespeople parked on the road.


Horstman Estates is a residential neighbourhood, without zoning for nightly rental. However, if you wanted to rent out your house on a month-to-month basis, you can do that however, you may need to advise the strata council.

Questions About In Horstman Estates

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