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What are Tourism Whistler (TW) Fees?

If you own a property located in the Benchlands, Whistler Village, or the Whistler Mountain base at Creekside, you will notice on the listing data sheet there are TW fees. To categorize these properties, we say that they are “on Resort Land”. This terminology does not relate to First Nations or Aboriginal Lands. It was a term created by the council of the day back in the eighties and has stuck.

When Whistler started major developments in the eighties, the municipality realized that it needed to spend marketing dollars to encourage tourists to come to Whistler. Therefore the TW fees were developed for those who owned property on resort land. There was an additional fee for those properties that chose to activate their nightly rental zoning.

The annual TW fee is now administered by Tourism Whistler. There is a modest annual fee for residential ownership and a higher, but still modest annual fee for those renting out their property on a nightly basis.

Tourism Whistler Member Assessment

The following information was taken from the Tourism Whistler website. In addition, the following information was taken from the Tourism Whistler Assessment Fees.

Payment for Tourism Whistler Assessment fees are due in full by March 31st of each year. Invoices are sent out in February to provide enough time to arrange payment. The annual dues can be spit into 10 equal monthly payments, by enrolling in TW’s Monthly Installment Plan. This monthly payment option is available as an automated, pre-authorized plan through your Canadian bank account only.

The Residential Member Use Declaration Form is required every year by March 31st. Owners can notify Tourism Whistler of any changes to their usage throughout the year that may affect their Member Assessment fees, however, changes to fees after March 31st may be subject to administrative fees.

All owners are required to pay common fees while those owners making their properties available for nightly/short-term rentals are required to also pay commercial fees.

Calculation of TW Fees

Marion’s note: the following is a simplified version so that you get an appreciation of how TW fees are calculated. The rates below are from January 2024 and will change.

Common Fees (Residential Accommodation)

  • 1 Bedroom = 2 billing units
  • Each common unit is $50.93 + GST per year
  • $50.93 x 2 billing units is $101.86 + $5.09 =$106.95 per year

Commercial Fees (Nightly Rental Accommodation)

Commercial Fees: This portion of the fees is used to market, promote, and sell Whistler. Commercial fees are added to the common fees for all Members who use their properties for commercial purposes (i.e. a Commercial Space, or have the property available for nightly/short-term rentals as Tourist Accommodation for more than 14 nights cumulatively in a calendar year); and/or whose property falls under a Phase 2 covenant; or whose property falls under a Phase 1 covenant and is located in the “Town Centre”.

  • 1 Bedroom = 2 billing units
  • Each commercial unit is $215.51 + GST per year
  • $215.51 x 2 billing units is $431.02 + $21.55 = $452.57 per year

Statement of Adjustments

When you buy a Whistler property that is located on “resort land” the Buyer’s lawyer takes into account the Tourism Whistler fees. This is important because the TW fees stay with the property. If the Vancouver lawyer does not know anything about TW fees, they may not be taken into consideration. Another reason to retain a Whistler lawyer.

If you think I would be a good fit to work with you and your family, and you are not already working with a Whistler realtor, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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