March 2023

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March 2023 Whistler Market Update

The March 2023 Whistler real estate market update reported that the sales to active listings ratio continued to move between a balanced and a seller’s market landing on the cusp of a Seller’s Market in February 2023.

Stay informed on the Whistler real estate market by watching this 90-second video.

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Deposits Are Serious Business

The Legal Update 2023 BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) course featured a section on deposits. The course showcased the importance of treating deposits as serious business. There have been significant legal cases that have set precedents regarding deposits being forfeited by the Buyer. In summary, the days of “trying an offer” thinking that you can get out of it, during the subject removal period, or just walk away and not pay the deposit are long passed.

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Home Buyer Rescission Period

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What is the Home Buyer Recission Period?

The Home Buyer Rescission Period was developed by the British Columbia Financial Services Authority (BCFSA). The BCFSA is the governing body for BC real estate agents. The HBRP was implemented in response to the multiple offer situations in 2020-2022. During that frenzy, buyers were writing overpriced offers with no subjects, and then upon acceptance of their offer, regret set in as there was no “easy” way out of the transaction. The HBRP is also known as a non-negotiable, “cooling off period”.

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