Property Taxes

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How are Whistler Property Taxes Calculated?

The Resort Municipality of Whistler’s annual property taxes will be noted on the listing data for each property. These taxes will probably increase every year based on the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) budget increases. The BC Assessment occurs annually and the owner is notified in early January of any increase and decrease in the assessed value of their property. The value is based on the sales in the area in the previous year. Click the link for more insight into BC Assessment.

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March 2024 Market Update

Sellers Indicate Strong Spring Market

March 2024 saw Sellers bringing on new listings and pricing their properties for a strong spring market. Sales from January to February increased by 55% to align with pre-COVID numbers. From January to February, new listings increased by 70% to align with COVID numbers. Listing realtors and sellers listed properties at a price that reflected a future increase in demand for March and April. In other words, new listings were priced slightly higher than recent sales, indicating seller confidence in the Whistler real estate market. Time will tell.

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GST: Change of Use

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Change in the Use of Your Property May Trigger GST

From the Government of Canada’s website, “Changes in the Use of Your Property: When there is a change in use of a property you have, you may be considered to have sold all or part of your property even though you did not actually sell it. The following are some sample situations:

  • “You change all or part of your principal residence to a rental or business operation
  • “You change your rental or business operation to a principal residence
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Tourism Whistler (TW) Fees

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What are Tourism Whistler (TW) Fees?

If you own a property located in the Benchlands, Whistler Village, or the Whistler Mountain base at Creekside, you will notice on the listing data sheet there are TW fees. To categorize these properties, we say that they are “on Resort Land”. This terminology does not relate to First Nations or Aboriginal Lands. It was a term created by the council of the day back in the eighties and has stuck.

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BC Assessment

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The Purpose of BC Assessment

BC Assessment’s business is to provide a stable and predictable base for real property taxation in British Columbia. The corporation determines ownership and tax liability and classifies and values each property in British Columbia. In other words, the BC Government is legally required to know the value of all the properties within the Province. However, it does not directly affect your property taxes.

How Are Properties Assessed?

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